The Curry Coastal Pilot

Social Security Bar a wonderful resource


Social Security Bar. What a beautiful, natural recreational resource that we all have to enjoy.

My three children and I have lived in Brookings for 15 years now, and one of the most favored attributes for us has always been Social Security Bar.

A place to have family barbecue while the children are enjoying themselves swimming, fishing and ATV riding. A place where, in the fall, you can watch the salmon on their way to spawning beds. A place where cherished memories are made. A place where family and friends can get together and enjoy one of Brookings' greatest attributes andndash; the Chetco River.

It sure would be a shame to lose such a resource.

Ken D. Hornecker


Do homework on HPV vaccination


October 24-29 is Red Ribbon Week. The purpose is to increase awareness of the dangers of the illegal use of illegal drugs and of legal drugs. What about the legal use of drugs that should be illegal?

Big Pharma spends billions to convince doctors and the public that they would never produce a drug that was harmful to children. One of those drugs is Gardasil, which the Curry County Health Department is offering free (a savings of $450) for a limited time to women 19 to 26. Is it worth it? Before you take them up on their offer, do some research on your own.

It has been reported that a Gardasil (HPV) injection "helps to protect against two types of HPV that causes about 75 percent of cervical cancer and two types that cause 90 percent of genital wart cases. It also helps to protect against 70 percent of vaginal cancer cases and up to 50 percent of vulvar cancer cases."

Merck's vaccine Gardasil ( has been shown to be detrimental to girls' and women's health. As early as 2007, a review of the National Vaccine Information Center revealed that over 2,200 adverse reactions to Gardasil had been reported. Among them: five girls died, 31 were considered life-threatened, 1,385 required a visit to the emergency room, 51 of the girls were disabled, and 451 of the girls had not recovered as of the end of the study. And now Merck not only wants to start girls as young as 11 on this drug, they are trying to push this cervical cancer vaccine on boys! (

It is essential to do your homework before letting any family member get vaccinated for HPV or any other disease. Go to TheCitizensWhoCare

.org/hpv.html and start your own investigation.

Gordon Clay


Time to put a stop to all this spending


I read where the Federal Reserve is going to give Bank of America a $75,000,000,000 (that's 75 trillion) bailout.

Let's see ... translating that into real time ... let's say a stack of $1 million is 1 inch high.

So, one billion is one thousand million .... a billion dollars makes a stack 1,000 inches high andndash; or, roughly, 83 feet high.

One trillion is one thousand billion. So a trillion dollars will make a stack 83,000 feet high andndash; or, roughly, 15.7 miles high.

So, then, $75 trillion would make a stack around 1,177 miles high.

FYI, 1 quadrillion andndash; yes, theoretically there is such a number andndash; $1 quadrillion would make a stack 15,700 miles high.

I think it's time somebody put a stop to all this spending, before we all end up in the poorhouse.

Chuck Grove


Enough demand for an indoor pool?


I do not know whether or not the group who wants to build an aquatic center consists of "old-timers" or fairly new residents of Brookings/Harbor but I would really like to know how many times they have visited the pool on Ransom Street?

I must admit I have only used the facility about three times and I had only four people using it at the same time. I would be willing to bet that you will never find large groups swimming or just playing Marco Polo. So, I really would like to know why this group wants to spend about $50,000 to have consultants look for a spot for a totally unnecessary aquatic center which probably would be used by members of the group raising the funds.

I truly believe that thousands of dollars could better be to supply the food bank with much needed food to give to those who desperately need it. Or the funds could be used for the Humane Society shelter for food and medication for lost and abandoned animals. "Coats for Kids" is such a worthwhile project, as is school supplies. How about the cancer center, the mission, hospice, and so many worthwhile charities.

I am not Mrs. Scrooge and I enjoy seeing kids and adults having fun. Sooo, why not look into redoing our existing pool into a smaller "aquatic center"?

Gerry Kass


Missing our favorite ladies at restaurant


My husband and I travel through Brookings on a regular basis, and doing so always stay at the same hotel, and always stop to eat at a little place at the harbor.

We have traveled to Brookings always with the anticipation of seeing our favorite people working at the little place by the harbor.

On our last trip (Oct. 22nd) we were told that our favorite people were gone. The exact words were, "They don't work here anymore." The response was curt, and short. We felt unwelcome, and somehow the atmosphere seemed chilled. It was no longer the warm welcome we always received. We ate, paid our bill, and left.

This is all so very sad in the fact that we no longer have our favorite place by the harbor. The ladies that always treated us with such familiarity are gone. We won't be going back.

Sorry, Brookings.

Haydon Carpenter

Vacavile, Calif.

Thank you, Azalea Coach Sullivan


I would like to recognize and thank Azalea Middle School Football Coach Eric Sullivan for all the time, interest, and effort he put into our team and the players individually this season.

Over the summer Coach Sullivan volunteered his time every day to work with us on speed, agility, football skills and knowledge. He was a friend, a mentor and a trainer to us. He was always. helpful and encouraging. He cared about us, and invested in our lives and success as a football team.

His efforts taught us about teamwork, leadership, character, responsibility, desire, and hard work. He always preached character and overcoming adversity on and off the field. His efforts made us more competitive individually and as a team.

Even though my Azalea football career is over, I know Coach Eric Sullivan will continue to be a coach, mentor and an important person in my life and for the players to come.

Thank you, Coach Sullivan, for helping us become better football players and better people.

Ethan Jones


Revolution needed to avoid disaster?


Ah, yes the politicians are after us again via the Spread the Wealth project.

It's not enough that they want to tax us more, no matter if we're still employed andndash; an increasing rarity these days andndash; or if we're retired and haven't had a Cost of Living increase in three years, they still want more.

But let me ask this: Are all the illegal, unqualified, overpaid czars, not to mention our Congress people who are supposed to represent and serve us going to share their wealth as they are expecting us to share? Well, hardly, but they can vote themselves fat pay raises and exempt themselves from Obamacare, then retire or get voted out of office and live for the rest of their miserable lives with far more than most of us ever see in our lifetimes andndash; all on our money.

It's a safe bet that most if not all members of Congress have not read the portion of the Declaration of Independence in which the crimes of King Georgie III are innumerated to explain the reasoning behind the writing of this amazing document. A couple of the listed crimes: He has made judges dependent on his will alone. He has erected a multitude of new offices, and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people and to eat out their substance. He has obstructed the administration of justice.

King Obama, aka The Anointed One, is acting very much like old King George III. Will another revolution be necessary to get this country turned from its current disastrous course? I hope and pray not.

Doris M. Roepke


Need backup plan for phone outages


In response to your online article about cell and internet outage on 2011-10-24, I have a few comments to add.

Service for telecomm was out as far as south as Klamath near the Del Norte- Humboldt County line. It did NOT come back on for everyone within 5 hours as implied.

I traveled south to find towers working but no service on them. This is a major concern. What if this had been a real emergency; a natural disaster?

There does not seem to be any backup yet for this, like Microwave or such. The ATandT outage north of Willits again in August was another example.

Dwight Winegar

Brookings/Arcata, Calif.

Blessed to have Mrs. Kinney as a teacher


There are few people who have more impact on our children outside of our homes than good teachers.

Who of us can't look back on our childhood and remember our favorite teachers andndash; the ones who pushed us, who inspired us, who encouraged us, who cared about us? What a difference one good teacher can make.

One of the best in my years of schooling was Diane Kinney. It has been 20 years since I sat in her classroom, but I still see her often. My kids love getting the attention she lavishes on them when we see her in Fred Meyer and my nieces and nephews at Azalea adore her.

Mrs. Kinney andndash; Thanks for everything you've done for me and so many others. I just wanted you to know that the thoughts and prayers of the extended Marks' Clan are with you, along with the thoughts and prayers of many others. We pray for your quick recovery and look forward to having you back with us.

We love you and we are blessed to have you in our schools.

Holly (Marks) Hatch