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Obama a murderer and war criminal


The best of a bad lot.

President Obama has finally committed what really should be an impeachable offense: ordering the murder of U.S.-born al Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki. Al-Awlaki had never been credibly accused of any crime.

He was a United States citizen resident in a country against which we have never declared war. He was never arrested, tried or convicted of any crime. He was killed by the cowardly use of a remote-controlled missile. Over 80 percent of the individuals murdered with these weapons are civilians, mostly women and children.

Obama is a murderer and a war criminal. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that anyone in line to succeed him would be any better, and the people who would vote for impeachment or vote in the impeachment proceeding are no better than he is.

William West


Many reason why we love living here


This is why we moved here, thanks!

There are many thank yous that are well overdue.

Sorry it took me so long, but let's start off with our boys andndash; Riley and Brian Whalen, and helper mom andndash; wanting to apologize that we did not give notice of our retirement from delivering your newspaper. School and many other unexpected schedules came full force, so we sincerely are sorry, and thank you for your generous gratuities, and hope you will be taken care of with your new carrier. We are so lucky to have met such amazing people.

Thank you Curry County youth AA and A Football, to the coaches and especially to Board Member "Super Woman" Lisa Eckelbarger whom ran her little legs off to get amazing sponsors for not just the Powder Puff football event but many other matters that make a difference. Besides being a Raider fan, thanks for teaching me more of Junior Football.

Thank you so very much from myself and family to Cal-Ore Life Flight, for your absolute professional conduct, and most of all, for treating me as if I was your own daughter who needed care. Thank you.

My two favorite sisters at Slugs 'N' Stones: Thank you for being such lovely, kind and "kick in the pants" women who always have made me smile, and for the ice cream the boys love.

These are just a few of the many reasons we love living here.

The Whalen Family


Support for VVA will help many veterans


Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 757, Brookings, would like to thank Curry County Cruisers for their donation to our organization.

We will use this money to send socks, T-shirts, meal ticket coupons, phone cards and other needed items to our veterans who are in homes in White City, Roseburg and The Dalles.

The Curry County Cruisers are a wonderful community supporter! On Saturday, we had a very successful fundraiser and want to thank AJ and his crew at Lucky 7 Casino for giving us this opportunity to raise funds for the vets. We would also like to thank the following for providing raffle prizes: Fred Meyer, CandK Market, Vista Pub, Onion Grill, Blue Water Cafe, Pancho's, Salmon Run golf course, Gold Beach Lumber, Celia Stewart, Mary DeArmond, and Sally Laasch. Also, thanks to Jo Atherton for organizing this event.

Sam Vitale, president, VVA Chapter 757

Why one charged, another not?


No charges filed?

I read that there will be no charges filed against Mr. Bickley, a man who fell asleep while driving and killed a Gasquet woman here on the south end of Brookings this last summer (Pilot, Oct. 19).

Because it states that he fell asleep and that he did not have narcotics or alcohol in his system and that this was just a very tragic accident. Wow! Really?

Last year my daughter's friend fell asleep on the way home from Gold Beach and accidently killed a man. She was 17 and had only one year driving experience. She was charged and had to go to court and she had her license taken away for life. She too was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and no, she wasnt on her cell phone either. And yes, this was a tragic life changing accident for her too.

Is it because Mr. Bickley got hurt too in this accident and they feel sorry for him? Is it because my daughter's friend was 17 and they wanted to teach her a lesson? Well Mr. Bickley is 74 years old and he should have lots of driving experience. He should have known to pull over when he got too tired to drive. Who decides whether charges are filed or not?

Well, I hope Mr. Bickley stays in his hometown and doesnt visit Brookings again soon. I wouldnt want anyone else tragically killed because he's too stubborn to pull over when he gets tired.

Krista Holler


More choices at farmers market


To our loyal Wednesday Grange Farmers Market Patrons: We wish to thank you all for your support of the Wednesday Farmers Market at the Grange!

We started off small a few years ago and have grown not only outside but this summer expanded to inside the Grange, providing you with all kinds of goodies! More small farmers are getting involved, bringing more color and choice to the market. And more local crafts We grew it and you came to buy it!

Buying locally grown food has many advantages: Fresh, tasty and full of nutrients plus new and unusual varieties of veggies, tips on cooking and preparing and help with your gardening questions. Money spent local stays local, circulating in our local community.

It might be the end of summer but not the end of the market. We will still be at the Grange through Christmas and not only Wednesday, but Saturday, too!

Kathleen Dickson

Linda Stimson