The Curry Coastal Pilot

Time for a recallis at hand


I have been amazed at how bold our three commissioners have become in the past many months.

With our county finance in the toilet, these three people seem to think they can do what ever they want .

Maybe its time for a recall. Let's have "David Itzen Waddle down some other Rhodes" and take his buddies with him. Time to cut back on county wages right at the top. With a population of just over 22,000, and many businesses shutting down and too many homes for sale or foreclosed, I really have a hard time believing we need to continue to support three people to manage a county. We have a Planning director, David Pratt, who seems to run a tight ship, and a volunteer planning commission with each member representing every district in the county.

Times are bad, so maybe it is time to change course and drop the three commissioners and use the lower-paid Planning director and the Planning Commission, or ask the citizens of this fine county to elect three volunteers to oversee our county.

Gary Davis


CCEC should reject city franchise fee


Hopefully this letter will address why CCEC should not allow the city of Brookings to negotiate a new contract allowing the city to impose a "franchise tax" on CCEC which would be passed on to the ratepayers.

The current contract between the city and CCEC forbids the city from charging a franchise fee.

This contract is in effect until Dec. 25, 2022. However, the contract does allow for negotiations for changes which is what the city of Brookings has an interest in doing at cost to CCEC member/ratepayers. I view this tactic as an unethical means of creating a tax without voter approval.

Although the city charges a franchise fee to both Charter Cable and Frontier, I would point out a major difference being both are "non-essential" services whereas CCEC is a local monopoly and ratepayers have no other choice for this "essential" service.

In 2007 Curry County asked voters to approve a tax increase. By a 2:1 margin the voters said "No."

In 2008 the city of Brookings asked voters to approve a tax levy. By a 2:1 margin the voters said "No."

In 2010 Curry County asked the voters to approve a law enforcement levy. The voters said "No" 72 percent to 28 percent.

Clearly, the voters in Curry County and the Brookings voters are saying "No" to additional taxes which should lead to the conclusion that the voters are insisting that government live within its current budget.

Property taxes already increase by 3 percent annually which means the city of Brookings gets an increased share annually also.

For all the above reasons, I find it imprudent of the city to attempt this contract change considering the costs to taxpayers and CCEC members in legal fees.

I urge the community to attend the Brookings City Council meeting Oct. 24 at 7 p.m.

Barbara Nysted


Stop the snagging; we're watching you


For the better part of two weeks some of us have observed people up the Chetco snagging and shooting salmon under bridges and lining/snagging salmon at Social Security Bar, the North Fork up-river at both Ice Box and the Steel Bridge.

Almost daily I see people tossing Kastmasters in the Winchuck and those believing they are sly enough not to be seen up the Winchuck and Chetco.

Thank goodness for cameras and videos. I myself have been filming both those committing the crime and their vehicles/license plates, turning them in to OSP.

What these game criminals don't understand is, especially when they cross state lines with illegally taken animals/fish, they are committing a federal crime called the The Lacey Act .

When the Chetco opens we will all see snaggers on the rock across from Social Security, with treble hooks ripping the water, pulling salmon in sideways and backwards.

Take away their licenses, make an example of them.

Do your part. Film them and turn them in: OSP, 541-247-6641; Turn In a Poacher, 800-452-7888. I will be out there and damn proud to do it.

Erik Mann


Unfortunate typo changed letter


When I opened the October 15 Pilot I was pleased to see that you'd printed the letter I sent you about how the Senate vote on the American Jobs Act reflected some of the differences between the Democratic and Republican parties.

However, I was less than pleased to see that you'd introduced an unfortunate (and apparently intentional) typo into my letter. When I pointed out in my letter that a huge majority of the Democratic Senators had voted for the jobs act, while all of the Republican Senators voted against it, that's exactly how I described the Senators in the letter I emailed to you. I didn't call the Republican Senators "Republic Senators," and I didn't call the Democratic Senators "Democrat Senators." However, the Pilot chose to change my word choice from the adjective, "Democratic" to the noun, "Democrat," clearly implying that I had used the incorrect phrase, "Democrat Senators."

Quick grammar lesson: "Democrat" is a noun, and "Democratic" is an adjective. When used to describe a group of Senators, "Democratic" is an adjective, and is the correct usage. This would be much ado about nothing, except for the fact that, historically, opponents of Democrats have used the incorrect phrases, "Democrat Party" and "Democrat Senators" as an insulting slur. The wikipedia page,, explains that the phrase, "Democrat Party" has been used by opponents of Democrats in a negative and hostile fashion since 1940.

In the future, please avoid any possible appearance of an insulting slur by a using these terms correctly.

Linda Bozack


Covering up Holder's racist decision


Many of you are scratching your scalps trying to understand why President Obama has lost his macho demeanor so quickly, and the answer is simple: The mainstream media's constant cover-ups are starting to take their toll.

Obama was never ready for the duties that were thrust upon him or his many inept advisors. The people that Barack picked to surround him are as big a problem as he is. That croud of people is huge, starting with 36 czars. Eric Holder tops the list of incompetent, unqualified, and unknowledgeable people, and the following errors are all his. So if you are unaware of these, than take time to find them out:

andbull;His role in the pardon of Marc Rich under President Clinton was a terrible mistake and heavily criticized at the time by all;

andbull;His ugly and loud accusation that white people have lost their nerve to talk about blacks anymore made me nauseous;

andbull;His refusal to press charges against the Black Panthers in Philadelphia for threatening voters at polling sites;

andbull;Insisting on a trial in New York alongside the Twin Towers for the terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed that armed 9/11 and killed over 3,000 innocent people.

Now his lies to a House judicial investigation about his knowledge of when he first heard about Fast and Furious. If the truth is ever uncovered, in my opinion, you will discover that Holder was not only behind the operation that killed a young border patrol agent but he wanted to pin the blame on the gun dealers working with them. Then hunters would not only be forced to give up their Second Amendment rights but the guns they love.

I think Holder is a criminal and the press has covered up his awful racist decisions that have had the president's approval and encouragement.

Teri Dalrymple

Gold Beach