The Curry Coastal Pilot

Step up and embrace state law


Concerning Mr. Rhodes concerns about the OPT-IN legislation (Pilot, Oct. 12): First, this proposal does not ask or require the county to do anything the state is not already doing, only to be the first line of the registry to administrate the initial permits and to oversee the compliance of the permit holders.

Mr. Waddle I applaud for at least wanting to discuss what is a sensitive matter with county council and hopefully we can follow this all up at the committee level now being formed for our economic interest and solutions to meet out goals.

This legislation has to get introduced and through February's budgetary session to start the process in the most expedient manner. Our state has supported this program versus the feds on at least two other occasions, backing them off both times.

In 2006 a number of us took a mock check of $904,000-plus into the governor's office and a few years later they took in another emergency action over $245,000. That's over a million and the feds didn't come down on them either.

It's time to step up and embrace state law. Also please remember that in the state of Oregon, marijuana is now Schedule 2 not 1.

Jim Klahr


Build it and take pride in it


In the eleven plus years I have lived here, I have heard this statement from many people who would dismiss the reason some youngsters get into ""trouble": "There's nothing for kids to do here."

Amazed as I am, that with the ocean and mountains and parks and fishing, on and on, the real reason seems to be that there is no bicycle park, no formal place to jump a bike over bumps, etc.

Skateboarders made some noise and got a first-class park and bike riders want their own place.

Here's my suggestion: Round these people up and get them to find a great spot for their bike park and present it to the city. Set them to work building it and maintaining it.

In the process, they might learn to make a good presentation, to manage, to construct and to have pride in something they cherish.

S.J. Hyatt


A showing of love and compassion


I want to thank you, Holly Smith, for caring enough to try to help a helpless and voiceless little buck who was lying in a ditch after being hit (Pilot, Oct. 12). Bless your heart!

It is so touching to hear stories like that. So many people just pass by opportunities in life to give a little kindness. Holly, thank you for letting that little soul know your love and to give him comfort in knowing he was not alone and not to be afraid or frightened anymore.

It has been said that I am too emotional about our greatest gift which are the animals and pets we all know. To me I could think of nothing better to be emotional about. All I can say is that I put my mouth where my heart is, and it looks like I am not alone in that department. Thank goodness for that.

Catherine, of the Gold Beach shelter, you are just full of love for all animals; it doesn't matter, wild or domestic, to me there is absolutely no one else I know who comes up to your standards of caring. You put your heart and soul into every little soul you find or comes to you. There is a special place in heaven for you.

Thank you from my heart to yours again, for your love and compassion that you show every day of your life.

Beverly Duncan


Franchise fee is a tax on residents


Are not city officials hired, elected or volunteers selected to represent the citizens of their community?

How then can our city officials strive to tax us not in our best interest?

It just seems deplorable that our representatives would even suggest taxing us without our knowledge. Last week's article (Pilot, Oct. 5) informed us that the city is already taxing us under the pretense of a franchise fee on our telephone and cable TV. This article informed us that the city can legally charge franchise fees and as long as they stay below 3/5 percent it would not have to be noted on our billing statements.

These types of fees charged to the vendors just get passed on to the consumers. As local consumers we are being taxed by the city without our specific consent or knowledge.

Even though the city can, by law, tax us in this manner, it does not make it right that the city would do so. It comes down to this andndash; trust. If you live outside of the city does it still affect you?

I personally have already lost confidence in government at the federal level and would like to think that things are OK at the state and city levels.

The city as an entity may think that it does not have an adequate income. A lot of people in this community are thinking the same thing about themselves. Look around at the empty storefronts, homes for sale, homes repossessed. I think we all realize things are tough and getting tougher with a depression in our midst.

My thought is, the city should be looking for a way to cut their budget instead of attempting to raise any taxes, hidden or otherwise.

How about a new city motto: Do no harm to your citizens.

Jack Shimmin


A view from Fishhook Peak


My name is Alan Vandiver, I am the District ranger for your local US Forest Service Ranger District.

The Ranger District is about half a million acres of some of the most spectacular country in the nation. Recently, I was doing some work on Fishhook Peak, high above the Rogue River. As I looked down on the forest I started thinking about how fortunate I am to work here; how there are so many hard working people in Curry County and how we need to continue to work together to manage the public lands.

Then I started to think about the large number of people in the forest using their public lands: fishermen, hikers, campers, loggers, hunters, miners, boaters. And the many people who are serving the users: lodge owners, guides, contractors, campground workers, firefighters etc.

Then I started to think about all the local organizations and groups that contribute to managing the public lands such as the Trash Dogs, watershed councils, sheriff's office and other county departments, Coos Forest Protective Association and many, many more.

I have worked in many areas throughout my career and I am particularly proud of how well different groups are working together in Curry County. The Ranger District is a huge area that serves a lot of people with many important natural resources. There is no doubt in my mind that managing this public land will continue to require a collective effort.

If you are out in the forest and see an issue, please give us a call; if there is a conflict, let's talk our way through it and see if we can figure out a solution. If you would like to contact us, call or visit our office in Gold Beach at 541-247-3600 or at Crissey Field in Brookings at 541-412-6000.

Alan Vandiver

Gold Beach District ranger

US Forest Service

Stagelights open mic a great time


I want to thank Kim Banfield for holding the vision of Stagelights!

My husband and I attended Open Mic at the Events Center last Saturday night and had a great time. We are not performers, but no one seemed to mind our singing along with the songs we knew!

The talent in Brookings continues to amaze me and I'm looking forward to what's coming next. So much better than "Reality TV!"

Bette Moore


Donations helping Gospel Mission


I would like to thank Tom Lee and all the members of the Curry County Cruisers for their wonderful donation in support of the Outreach Gospel Mission. The monies donated have already provided food boxes, in-house meals and logistical support to the OGM ministry. I thank Tom's acknowledgement that OGM is an important part of this community. We here at OGM believe it is as well.

I also want to thank all those who attended OGM's First Annual Harvest Banquet. Whenever something is done for the first time, those moments can be anxious for sure. But with the support of the Trinity Lutheran Church, Chef's Lorraine Swigert and Roger Gilbert, and the serving team from various churches, the banquet was a great success.

And to all those support Outreach Gospel on a daily, monthly or yearly basis, I want to offer my deepest appreciation. Thank you!

Michael J. Olsen,

executive director

Outreach Gospel Mission

Difference between two major parties?


Yesterday (Oct. 11, 2011) the United States Senate voted on the American Jobs Act, which President Obama has been promoting in his recent cross-country trips.

Sadly, this bill didn't pass, in spite of the fact that it included tax cuts for small business owners and middle-class Americans, and would have created more jobs for teachers, cops, firefighters, construction workers and veterans. It would have created nearly two million new jobs. Just what our country and our community need in this tough economic time.

The breakdown of votes on this bill was significant, and part of a trend we've been seeing on much major legislation lately. Here's how the final vote played out: All of the Democrat Senators except for two of them voted "Yes" on this vital legislation, and ALL Republican Senators voted "No."

Is there a difference between our two major parties? This vote reflects the answer, and is well worth remembering in November 2012 when it's time to vote.

Linda Bozack


Rude people in Brookings


Have you missed seeing the lady that so graciously walked all little dogs in downtown Brookings? I have missed her and seeing the dogs very much.

It has been revealed that she has encountered a few very rude people. Some people tell her she is terrible because she walks them for free.

Excuse me? Whose business is it?

One person threatened to call one of the dog owners because he heard something second-hand. People sometimes misinterpret that what she does when she is talking to the dogs in getting them under control. They think she sounds loud and tough.

People ought to realize when you are dealing with five to 13 dogs you are dealing with pack mentality. It is necessary to get the key dogs that started the barking to stop. You must be firm and in control to get their attention. It's nothing more than preventive control. She only walks the dogs for their good health and also for hers.

She loves all of those dogs and I'm sure they love her in return.

Those who have been so rude to her ought to try a little love and compassion in their life. They might not have so much free time to be so rude and inconsiderate of others. They may even become a happier person.

Linda M. Cox


Stop harassment of Tidewater


I was glad to see that Tidewater Contractors finally got their permit to mine gravel at the Old Mill Site.

Now another challenge is brought forward? Really? How many times are you going to play the water card against this company?

The water supply for the city of Gold Beach has been considered and found to be well dealt with. Just because the Gold Beach City Administrator Jodi Fritts seems to only hear the squeaky wheel, does not mean that she should be allowed to hold up Tidewater's permit. Hasn't she been paying attention?

This has been done and done and done! Move on already! At what point does this become harassment?

Tidewater and the county Planning Commission have done their part and more. Now it is time for the homeowners to get used to the idea!

Oregon was founded on the kind of industry you people seem to be trying to kill.

Wendy Riddle