The Curry Coastal Pilot

Curry Cruisers on the right track


Thank you to Tom Lee, president, and the members of our very own Curry Country Cruisers, who not only put on car shows throughout the year to entertain us, but show their support of our community by donating the proceeds of all their hard work to many non-profits in Brookings and Harbor each year.

I feel proud that our organization was invited to attend the ceremony again this year. It was good seeing the different members of the Curry Country Cruisers and also rewarding to hear from spokespersons for the other community organizations who received these much appreciated donations.

We should all give a huge thank you to the members of the Curry Country Cruisers and make an effort to visit their wonderful car shows throughout the year and support them whenever we can.

Frank Muller

Brookings-Harbor Redshirts

Tutors valued at community college


Students have returned to Southwestern Oregon Community College at the Curry Campus. They will soon be understanding their assignments and determining if they need additional academic support in order to be successful in their courses.

Last year our volunteer tutoring program grew from one faithful tutor to seven tutors with expertise in various content areas. These valued volunteers donated many hours toward helping students successfully complete their assignments and passing their courses. Students often expressed their appreciation for our tutors.

If you are interested in helping our students succeed academically, please join our volunteer tutoring group. Contact Kay Jones at 541-813-1672.

Kay Jones, instructor Transitional Education

SWOCC Curry Campus

City turning CCEC into taxing agency


Regarding the apparent attempt of the city of Brookings to impose a franchise fee on our Coos-Curry Electric Co-op, I sent an email to CEO Roger Meader to urge the Co-op to refuse to negotiate such a fee with the city.

In his almost-instantaneous reply, Roger said that CCEC member input regarding this issue is needed. Since the Co-op belongs to everyone who uses it, every Brookings user should contact them via their website, by telephone, or letter to state their opinion.

The attempt by the Brookings city administration to impose a franchise fee would raise every user's electric bill, as CCEC says that they would pass the cost onto us users. The increase also would affect businesses and of course the Pilot.

The city's action essentially would raise taxes upon residents without allowing us to vote upon that, an end-around repudiation of democratic principle, and would transform CCEC into a Brookings tax collection agency.

Jim Hansen


Waterboarding: Worse than death?


When you follow the news reports as close as I do it's difficult to comprehend how everyone can become confused with obvious coverups, but it happens on a regular basis.

The voters of our country are mainly center-right. The mainstream media is 93 percent left and 7 percent right. Dr. Tim Groseclose a professor of American Politics at U.C.L.A. has a new book titled "Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind." If you've heard about media bias but never had it explained to you this is your chance. The doctor explains how the findings leave you, the reader, with no doubt about the prevalent left-wing bias. His findings show that the media bias aids Democratic candidates by about 8 to 10 percentage points in a typical election.

I was questioned about my Leon Panetta quote made over NBC TV News (hardly a right-wing news source) saying yes, some information in finding bin Laden was acquired through waterboarding. I was accused of having false information even after mailing him the quote by Mr. Panetta that an admitted friend requested.

Now that Mr. Panetta has found and killed Anwar al-Awlaki with a drone missile, it's very difficult for the left to pat Panetta on the back because it's the first ever U.S. citizen put on a kill list by our military, then executed to perfection. the Patriot Act and killing a citizen that wants to kill all of you. It's the best part of the Obama regime, especially when you add waterboarding back into the equation.

How do you say no to waterboarding a foreigner but you can kill citizens without a trial in Guantanamo?

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Thanks for helping this stuck hunter


On Monday, Oct. 10, I had gone up the North Bank hunting when the road I was on gave way and my truck was hanging half onto the road only by pumpkin.

You could run your hand under both tires on the driver's side. I would like to thank all the hunters who took my card and called my wife and told her to get a tow truck. And for giving her and the tow truck directions.

And for those of you who couldn't be bothered to help a fellow hunter, you might want to remember that what goes around comes around.

Again, thanks to everyone for all their help.

Mike Cornelius


Send a message to stop wolf killings


Hello, I am writing in regard to the article "Kill order means initial wolf pack may not survive" (Pilot, Sept. 28).

I visited your beautiful state three years ago and I am planning to come again in December of this year.

I am so upset to think your state would "kill" these wolves andndash; I saw many areas where people and livestock do not live. You could transfer this pack to another area where they would not see a person or livestock of any kind. They could survive on the many deer and other wildlife for food.

The wolf has gotten a bad rap for so long. You folks should be happy a wolf population is able to enter your state and live peacefully among you. Boo to whoever made this decision.

Please write to your representatives and say no killings.

Joyce Tavernaro

Tecumseh, Kan.

Obama: Hope fora better day?


Jimmy Hoffa Jr. was on MSNBC complaining about the fact that corporations like G.E. don't pay any taxes. Nothing wrong with that, Mr. Hoffa.

I should add in the fact that G.E. owns MSNBC and tha MSNBC actually got millions of dollars of taxpayer money during the first Obama stimulus package.

Obama wants more money for another stimulus package when the first one did absolutely nothing for the economy. They call this one a Jobs Bill.

Obama and his conspirators want brand new trade deals with South Korea, Panama, and Columbia.

A new trade deal with Columbia? Are you kidding? NAFTA and GATT haven't been big enough disasters for this country?

Do we need a Free Trade deal with Columbia because we don't have enough cocaine coming into this country?

Don't worry about it, the Mexican drug gangs are taking care of that little detail, and they have killed 35,000 people in the last three years.

Obama says the border has never been safer than it is now. If this is what the Democrats call hope for a better day, then they can keep the change.

Joe Thomas


Solution is freeze all taxes and fees


Regarding your headlines on Saturday's paper, and the current discussion of creating a franchise fee on Coos-Curry Electric for the benefit of poor Brookings!

With our national, state and county economy facing deficits and possible collapse of our currency and general economic downturns it seems our city and county officials are opting for more expenditures with additional burdens on the people and small businesses that pay for these public officials and their programs.

Why should all of us using electricity have to pay for grand city plans for Brookings? Why should the county or city pay for alterations of a road to fix some "risky intersection," when it is one company wishing to build a new store? It is the taxpayers that will eventually have to foot the bill. To me this is foolish in the light of our current financial situation.

When is the last time the average worker got a pay raise or the retired people gotten a pension raise? And those in city, county and state government keep on adding more and more attempts to tax us!

A solution to this is: Freeze all taxes, fees and projects until the economy turns around for three years in a row and then consider the Thaw on the freeze!

A look at downtown Brookings and Harbor indicates a lot of empty business places and a lot of empty homes. Do these businesses and homeowners stop paying property tax when they are empty? It would be well if this was so but it is not.

How hard is it to elect a whole new set of officials? Almost impossible! Yet year after year we see the creeping public giant demanding more and more from private people and small businesses. Will this someday collapse?

Douglas Cross


Kind ending to a sad story


I saw this baby/young buck lying in a ditch off of the North Bank while I was horseback riding this morning (Sunday, Oct. 9).

As much as I love hunting and eating deer, I couldn't bear the thought of this little guy suffering andndash; he had been hit by a car. So, a man helped me load the deer into the back of my SUV.

I couldn't find a vet anywhere within a 45 minute drive who would take calls on the weekend for a wild animal (even the on-call vet). Veterinarians are supposed to be animal doctors, but they will not help a "wild" animal? I thought vets went into veterinary medicine because of their love for animals. All animals. Wild and tame. I guess the tame ones just bring in more money. The sad thing is, I would have paid whatever fees were required and then just let them let the little rascal go.

So, I drove the deer to the Animal Control in Gold Beach. Unfortunately, the little guy didn't make it. He was still warm but had no heartbeat when I got there. Catherine, the woman with the wonderfully huge heart who runs the place, took out her stethoscope to verify the poor soul had no heartbeat. I helped Catherine load the deer into a plastic bag.

Even though the deer was dead after we got him in the bag, she said, "I just want to make sure his head is okay because I want him to be comfortable, not that he wouldn't be, because he is already dead, but I am just like that."

Catherine is a breath of fresh air. She has always been pleasant to work with and thanked my husband and me for our efforts. She plans to bury him up-river.

Thank you, Catherine!

Holly Smith