The Curry Coastal Pilot

Outreach clinic fundraiser success


As a volunteer for St. Timothy's Outreach Clinic, I am so grateful to the community for the success of our recent fundraiser.

I would like to mention some of the local businesses and community members who helped us make this such a successful event: A Wild Bird and Backyard General Store, Always in Bloom Florist, Anne O'Dell and Jim Hyslop, Bakery by the Sea, Barbara Conner, The Book Dock, artist Christina Olsen, Country Keepsakes Quilting Shop, Capt. Doug Cairns, F/V Sea Quest, Escape 2 Beauty, Fely's Cafe, Flora Pacifica, Fred Meyer, The Health Shop, artist Horst Wolf, Lucky 7 Casino, MoJoe's, Pam Billington Produce, Ray's, Salon Dulce, The Salty Dog, Sea View Senior Living, The Tea Room, Theta and Vivian Tsu, Visana Yoga, The WellBeing Center, Winchuck Garden Nursery, Wright's Custom Framing, Zola's Pizzeria.

I look forward to seeing all of you again next year at our even bigger and better Second Annual Bash!

Rose Weiss, volunteer,

St. Timothy's Outreach Clinic

Thanks for thefield's face-lift


I would like to take a moment and recognize a couple of local volunteers that have gone above and beyond to support our local youth baseball/softball leagues.

If anyone has noticed, our local Bud Cross fields are being given a face-lift. I want to personally thank Tony Baron for all the time he has dedicated himself to planning upgrades and repairs on the fields. Tony has spent hours working on the fields. Upgrades, such as score boxes, batting cage, bull pens, shed repairs and new outfields are a few of the projects.

Mr. Richard Yock has donated many hours, equipment and revenue to repairing our fields, adding sprinkler systems and more. Thank you, Richard, for your generosity and dedication.

Several local businesses have donated material and labor to all the projects in progress to allow these fields to be safe and appealing for upcoming tournaments.

Gold Beach Lumber, PWL, City of Brookings, Robert Serna, Edwards Roofing are just the few I can recall. I know there are more. Thank you all!

It is great to be in a community that supports our local youth sports.

Jason Testa


Keep church,state separate


Our son, who lives in the Midwest, tells us this story:

In a small homogeneous community most residents were members of one church. A man, not a member of any church, moved in, wanting to open the town's first liquor store. The church members were opposed to liquor and held regular and special prayer meetings asking God to stop the store.

The state granted the license, the store was built and stocked. Three days later the building burned down, destroying the inventory. The fire marshal could not find any accelerates suggesting arson, or electrical anomalies, so said the fire was "an act of God."

The liquor store owner sued the church, swore under oath in court the power of prayer caused God to burn his business. The pastor and deacons swore under oath in court prayers do not have the power to cause God to act.

Every religion claims to know the mind of God. Maybe there is no God. Maybe there is a God who does not choose to yield to supplicants. Maybe God, appalled at the hubris of the pastor and deacons, tried to teach a modern version of, "three times before the cock crows." We will never know.

Keep church and state separate.

R. H. Morneau Jr., retired


The Winnebago must go


Will law enforcement PLEASE! remove the Winnebego parked for weeks along our beautiful coast As taxpayers we demand you do your job whether it be the sheriff, the state police, or our own invisible Brookings P.D.

Or do we need to organize a vigilante gang to combat this eye sore. ... Choose one.

James Hatfield

Gold Beach

Identificationis not racist


Ex-President Clinton recently stated that requiring identification to vote is racist.

Does Clinton really believe the sacred right to vote won on battlefields and the courts over the history of our country that requiring a voter to prove they are in fact a citizen of the United States, and registered to vote in a special place of residence is possibly racist? Identity is required for/to: A library card. A driver's license. Registration to obtain food stamps. Start your child in school. To obtain a passport. To cash a check, ride an intercity bus or board a train or airplane.

The bottom line to Mister Clinton's claim of racism: Mr. Clinton is only one of two sitting presidents impeached in the entire history of the country: He lied under oath in a federal court and further attempted to suppress a validity claim by a harmed young volunteer by saying she was mentally ill! Should anyone listen to an impeached president who has not only lied under oath and attempted to have a harmed person committed to an asylum to protect his lie?

Or, should we view the racist statement by this impeached person as what it really is andndash; an attempt to steal elections by letting corrupt people vote as many times and in as many places as some other corrupt person can drive them on election days.

Doug Bewall

Gold Beach

Rewards balance wiped out


In a public forum letter from the food bank published Sept. 17, 2011, we suggested many ways to help the food bank by residents of our community.

One of the suggestions was to utilize our phone number at Fred Meyer so that our Fred Meyer Rewards Coupon account would have a bigger balance for us to spend at Fred Meyer on products for the food boxes that help feed hungry people in our area.

I am the only person at the food bank who has the rewards coupon and the only one who purchases the products. I keep an accounting of the rewards coupon balance separately from our bank accounting.

On Thursday, Sept. 22, I went to Fred Meyer to use part of the $32.89 balance of our coupon account on products: milk, soup and canned vegetables. To my surprise, there was a zero balance on the coupon card.

Upon inquiry at customer service, the service desk lady telephoned someone at their corporate office who found a charge against the rewards coupon that occurred Saturday, Sept. 17 at 11:18 a.m., and wiped out the balance.

At that time I and some board members were way out Carpenterville Road, collecting items for a yard sale that benefits the food bank. That purchase was $34.44 and our $32.89 was used. This is not the first time this has occurred.

Because of this we have asked Fred Meyer to "disconnect" our phone number from our Rewards Card.

We thank all of the generous individuals, churches, clubs and businesses that donate to us and help keep food on our shelves.

Julie Davis,

executive director

Brookings Harbor Community Helpers

Separating outthe idea of God


Once again school has started, once again a group has gathered to offer prayer on behalf of students and staff, and once again the detractors have voiced their concern that this activity is a violation, or a disturbance of some sort.

I wonder why the easily corrected myth of the separation of church and state continues to be used as an excuse to remove the concept of God from all aspects of our public life. As has been correctly explained on this page, the argument itself is on a par with the excuse that "the dog ate my homework."

There is clearly an overwhelming desire on the part of many to separate the mere idea of God from any sort of public expression. But it's not really a Constitutional or legal issue at all. In fact, it is an urgent plea to remove any evidence that we have a Creator that naturally holds us accountable for our behavior. The idea of absolutes that the knowledge of God carries with it is utterly opposed to the lives of many today.

So the next time the public expression of God becomes an issue, I hope you see beyond the contrived legal issues to the real problem andndash; the principle that God has a claim on our lives by virtue of creation and that the offer of redemption has been made because all men are sinners.

Cam Lynn