The Curry Coastal Pilot

Caregiver support workshop coming


The Caregiver Support Group is proud to present an Advance Directives Workshop put on by Coastal Home Health and Hospice at Sea View Senior Living in Harbor on Oct. 10 at 2 p.m. For those near Gold Beach, the workshop will be presented on Sept. 22 at 10 a.m at Breakfast At Tiffany's in the Gold Rush Building.

Pre-registration is requested by Sept. 21 for the Gold Beach presentation and Oct. 3 for the Brookings presentation. Call Coastal Home Health and Hospice at 541-247-7084 to pre-register.

The workshop will help people think through their choices of future needs with a KEYConversations Planning Guide. This guide will provide real-life scenarios, medical definitions and discussion questions so we can understand end-of-life treatment options and have an in-depth conversation with loved ones.

The guide also contains Oregon's legal form, the Advanced Directive, which allows people to legally express their wishes if they are unable to speak for themselves.

Learning about this valuable tool for yourself and your family members will make life much better for all of you!

Sign-up soon!

Marihelen Pitts-Campbell,

Caregiver Support Group founder and facilitator


Obama liberalism not computing


In the New York Times, Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg writes, "how perplexing it is that many voters in the developed world are turning away from Democrats, socialists, liberals and progressives.

Greenberg says "This does not compute, when unemployment is high, and the rich are getting richer, you would think that voters of average means would flock to progressives, who are supposed to have their interest in mind and who historically have delivered for them."

We have seen this movie before, the left's most-used tactic has always been the politics of envy. The drive-by media, academia, and the government perpetually use class warfare to attempt to divide and conquer Americans. If you'll just vote for them, they promise to take from the evil rich (the face- less millionaires with corporate jets) and hand the stash over to you. The truth is, for all the lefts claims, they don't care about the needy. All they care about is creating as many government dependents as possible so that they can enlarge their power.

The good news is people are finally waking up, for which we have Obama to thank. According to Rush Limbaugh "Never in the history of the country has so much abject socialism been foisted on a culture and society at such a rapid rate." Never before have so many Americans seen for themselves that their policies don't remotely work. Finally Greenberg asks, "If government is seen as useless, what is the point of electing Democrats who aim to use government to advance some public end?"

That's a tea party point exactly.

Teri Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Opportunity awaits at Christmas Bazaar


Time flies, and the Brookings Harbor Community Christmas Bazaar is already planned out and vendor booths are full.

If someone missed the September 1 call-in date for booth space, Vangie Andreason is still taking names for the waiting list, with a fairly good chance of a few cancellations before the November 12 Bazaar. Call 541-469-2093 for details.

One item for the Bazaar is not yet finalized. Each year, our group has put on a delicious luncheon for the public and the 100-plus vendors. However, our group has gotten smaller and we made the tough decision to turn the luncheon opportunity over to another group this year.

The high school kitchen and its staff have been wonderful over the years to let us utilize that facility, an option still open to another group. If anyone would like to take on this challenge, our chairpeople would be happy to provide experience, advice and even recipes. The menu is not set in stone andhellip; a different group could put on a different lunch and do it another way. If you have an interest in partnering in this event, please contact Vangie at the number above.

By the way, be expecting another exciting Bazaar this year. The vendors signed on have a wonderful array of handcrafted and beautiful items for your shopping pleasure. See you November 12!

Marilyn Shipley for

Vangie Andreason,

Brookings Nite FCE

Brookings Harbor Community Christmas Bazaar chairperson

Pilot stories spark mixed feelings


It was heartwarming to read about the wonderful work Brookings Police Officer Kyle Kennedy is doing training dogs for the very important K9 Corps.

Officer Kennedy has to have a world of patience and caring which I believe is obvious in the success he has had with the previously untrained dogs.

Just when my faith in the goodness of us humans was restored I read the article and letters to the editor about our "community caring person" Commissioner Mr. Rhodes. He is determined to ram an unneeded golf course and golf club down our throats. Why? Why is he going to John Day to present his ideas? What is he going to gain and who are the developers?

Mr Rhodes is an honorable man. Why is he sullying his reputation with his insistence to go against the wishes of practically all of us who live in Curry County and are adamantly opposed to his project? We deserve an honest and open answer.

Thanks for listening.

Gerry Kass