The Curry Coastal Pilot

Save county, form charter committee


At the Town Hall meeting in Gold Beach the commissioners asked for input from the public on ideas that could help the county in this difficult time. I believe there is a solution that makes sense.

At the meeting I was talking to former Commissioner Peg Regan. She had an idea that makes perfect sense. The commissioners should send a letter to every former Curry County commissioner, who still lives in Curry County, and ask them to become a member of a Charter Committee along with themselves. There will be no need to educate these people on how and what a county has authority to do. If they form this committee all meetings will be posted and open to the public for input. This committee could use the Charters, from the nine Oregon counties, which already have a Charter, and pick the things that work the best in each county, there would be no need to re-invent the wheel.

The commissioners could also call the Association of Oregon Counties and ask for their help in staffing and research. A Charter would allow us to be more independent. To make our own laws to govern ourselves, and save money by doing things differently than we presently do as a General Law County.

A Charter can only be voted on in a General Election, so the November 2012 election would be the target to get it to you the voters. Lets face it folks, we can't even have public safety for the 60 cents per thousand we now pay. This has to be done if we want to stay a county and not become part of Coos County, where the representation is 80 miles away and the taxes are already double what we pay and they would outvote us on everything.

The federal government is trillions of dollars in debt and frankly they don't care about a 1937 law that says they must give us money earned off our OandC lands. The state has no money to help the counties that are in trouble. We must help ourselves.

Marlyn Schafer

Gold Beach

Not just a dog,a family member


I want to thank the public for all the help that was given in the pursuit of a missing minpin Saturday, Aug. 13.

Several agencies as well as a lot of friends, family, and people that did not even know this family were out looking for this little dog. On Aug. 21, my son and I were out looking for Snoop. We were posting posters, and stopping at yard sales, etc., to put out the word for my granddaughter's little dog. We ran across this lady in our travels that we showed the poster of Snoop to, and she was very kind, and started to explain that she witnessed this other woman hit this little dog on Aug. 13, the day he came up missing. This woman did not even stop. She sent a friend back that shouted to the woman who witnessed this tragic event, "Why did you call the police, its just a ... dog."

Well I just wanted to let this woman know that it wasn't just a dog, he was a family member. Snoop will be severely missed.

Thank you to the nice lady who stayed for the police to come and get him.

Carole Rust, for friends and family of Snoop


Pilot newspaperis a good read!


Did you know that your newspaper is one of my "life lines" for inspiration?

I look forward to Wednesdays and Saturdays, knowing that what's inside those pages will inform, uplift, motivate, and sometimes challenge my thoughts.

My husband and I came from Klamath Falls a little over a year ago, and we absolutely love Brookings.

The newspaper there took all of about five minutes to read, as it generally was full of bad or depressing news and rarely provided food for thought.

I particularly enjoyed today's article under Marjorie Woodfin's Senior Perspective column; it was hearty. The letters to the editor are always interesting.

One letter in today's issue, "Movie brings back memories" by Gordon Clay, stood out.

The local area news articles contain necessary details along with some "from-the-hip" type of coverage. I like that.

Then, there are the colorful pictures printed that make you feel as though you were there.

I am starting to recognize some of the names in your articles due to having a little acquaintance with them.

It gives me a sense of connection, even if just a little.

Keep up the great work, Curry Coastal Pilot. Good begets good.

Sherri King-Barron


Watching our first responders in action


Had the unfortunate opportunity to watch our local first responders in action.

Must say that we were impressed with their level of training, professionalism, and courtesy. From the 911 dispatcher, first officer on scene, fire department under Bill Sharp, Donnie Dotson taking control of the scene, it was an orderly chaos.

We noted Brookings police department,VIPS, Brookings Fire and Rescue, Harbor Fire, Coos Forest, Cal-Ore Life Flight, Oregon State Parks, and several others.

People were running traffic control, trying to keep spectators back, and doing an extraction all without having to wait for direction. Even KURY radio did its part, keeping the public informed and asking them to stay away

It is a good feeling to know that these people, both professional and volunteer, are available to us. We would like to say thank you from us and, until he is able, the man you rescued.

Thank you.

Marty Glazebrook

Susan Wimberley


Libya andndash; Have we done a good thing?


While we were all watching the RepubliKK+an obstructionism cause our AA+ credit rating reduction, "rebels" in Libya, aided by NATO, overthrew a long-established dictatorship. .

Now we learn that the new constitution will be based upon Sharia Law. We have just invaded a country in which women could dress as they chose and in which anyone could get a free college education, and we may have created Taliban West.

Next, we learn that the people of Libya own over 120 tons of gold, accumulated by their former dictator and that NATO bombed both their amazing water supply system and the factory that made the replacement pipes to repair it. Will the new government be able to hold on to their gold and to repair their drinking water and irrigation systems? Stay tuned.

I recommend cross-checking the BBC and Al Shazira, since none of our networks can be counted on to report Middle East news objectively.

Time will tell whether we have done a good thing or not.

William West


'Poison drinkers' and 'poison producers'


What is the definition of a GM food?

Genetically modified (GM) organisms have genes from one species forced in the DNA of other species.

Foreign genes may come from bacteria, viruses, insects, animals or even humans. The two major traits for GM crops are "poison drinkers" and "poison producers." The drinkers are designed to survive applications of normally deadly weed killers, such as Monsanto's Roundup. The poison producers have inserted genes in every cell, which produce an insecticide andndash; it splits open their stomach and kills them.

For more information please use the following sites: and www/, and for iPhoneapp: ShopNoGMO

Joyce Tromblee

Brookings Natural Foods Buyer's Club

Stop the bullying, stand up for kids!


Thought for the start of the school year.

The girl you just called fat? Has been starving herself. The boy you just called stupid? Has a learning disability and studies four hours a night.

The girl you just called ugly? Spends hours putting on makeup hoping people will like her. The boy you just tripped. Already gets abused enough at home. The girl you make fun of for never having a boyfriend? Gets sexually abused.

Take a stand! Stop the bullying, teach your kid(s) to speak up and go to the police. Do it for your kids. Stand up for them!

Elizabeth McDonough


Ira brings smilesto a weary world


As we drive Highway 101 worrying about the world, our nation, our state, Brookings, our economy, jobs, there is Ira, waving to you. Doffing his hat, giving you a thumbs-up, and whatever else he thinks of, and you know everything is going to be all right.

You make our day, Ira.

Bless you,

Archie and Pauli LeCoque


(Editor's note: Ira Tozer is a Brookings resident who walks the community's roads for exercise and waves to motorists in an effort to get them to smile.)

I took your advice and left town


Well I took y'all's advice.

I left town and now I'm sittin' here on the beach in sunny San Diego with all the great restaurants andndash; ahh alas andndash; a great meal out with an actual atmosphere.

Adios Brookings!

John Foley

San Diego

Share Christmas spirit with the town


Calling all homeowners: Do you love the holiday season, decorate your home to the max and would like to share your Christmas spirit with the community for just one Sunday afternoon in December?

Once a year Curry County Habitat for Humanity sponsors The Christmas Home Tour. This year it will take place from 4 to 8 p.m. on Dec. 11. We already have several families who are willing to be a part of this very special holiday event, but we still need two more homes in order to make the tour complete. This is a wonderful way to usher in the holiday season, but last year was the first time in eight years that we could not obtain enough houses for the tour. Just three requirements:

andbull;Plenty of parking (for the transit buses);

andbull;Traffic pattern that will accommodate at least 20 people at the same time;

andbull;Needs to be located in the Brookings-Harbor area.

Funds raised will be used for both the "Brush With Kindness" program as well as preparing land for our next build. The tour will begin and end at the beautifully decorated Seaview, where there will be an ongoing silent auction and free gourmet desserts buffet.

The ticket price is still $10. Time is of the essence. Please call me today and I will fill you in on the details. Thank you so much!

Joy Middlebrook, Christmas Home Tour chairman, 541-469-8899