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Condone begging and now racism?


Has anyone notice our local corner beggar's sign that she holds now?

You know, the girl at Grocery Outlet, the one with the gold mini-van. She is now holding a sign that says "White Power."

So I guess now, we not only condone corner begging, we also allow racist incitement at our local businesses? Although I have learned that she isn't begging on Grocery Outlet property. That it is actually county property.

But either way I just wanted to share this. I don't know why, I guess I am just feeling aggravated and wanted to "vent" to ... someone.

Tina Kirkpatrick


Donations will buy student instruments


My name is Emmett E. McCutchenne Jr., and I am the Music director at Azalea Middle School in Brookings.

I am writing a heartfelt thank you to the members of our wonderful community for donating violins, to the "Friends of Music" organization for donating $2,000 for the purchase of new violins and violas, and to two anonymous donors for donating a total of $2261.96 for the purchase of new cellos and violins. These instruments will be used for our new class elective, Orchestral Strings, beginning this fall.

At the beginning of the summer we only had three orchestral string instruments to loan out to the 38 students who had signed up for this class. When the "Friends of Music" found out about this, they voted to give our school $2,000. That same evening, a member of their board wrote a check for $261.96 to purchase a new violin. Another member of our Brookings-Harbor community wrote a check for $2000. With those donations our school was able to purchase 12 new orchestral string instruments.

It is truly a blessing for our school district to have the support of community members donating to support music education. Thank you all for your generous donations.

Emmett E. McCutchenne

Music director, Azalea Middle School


Store, customers help feed hungry


Grocery Outlet featured their Independence From Hunger Campaign during the month of July.

They sponsored three local charities that feed the hungry, needy and homebound: The Food Bank, Gospel Mission and Chetco Activity Center's Meals On Wheels.

All during the month shoppers were given the opportunity to purchase food items or give cash donations andndash; and give, they did!

We would like to thank the owners and the employees at Grocery Outlet and all its very generous patrons for the hundreds of fresh and frozen food packages and hundreds in cash. Your very kind donations will help us feed our homebound clients for many months andndash; as well as help stock the Food Bank and Mission shelves.

Brookings has again proven itself a open, giving and bighearted place to live! Many thanks for your generosity.

Kathryn Bernhardt, treasurer

Chetco Activity Center


Why no bicyclesat skate park?


Why is it against the rules for bicyclists to use the skate park?

I suppose it would be because of wear and tear on the cement park itself. But, are you telling me that rubber tires degrade the cement more than composite wheels on skateboards?

Perhaps it's a safety issue thinking that bicyclists might run over the skateboarders?

The other day I monitored the police being dispatched to the park because bicyclists were using it, so I went to the Curry Coastal Pilot's webcam to watch. Sure enough, they were. I didn't a single skateboarder using the park, however.

Now, I'm 70 years old and I really don't care, except that I like seeing the kids outdoors, having some good, healthy, clean fun and not vandalizing something.

Why don't we classify the park as a skateboard/bicycle park?

Kaywood H. Rodgers


Scratch wounds deeply, financially


To the person who put scratches on Mark St. James' Model "A": (The dark and light side of Brookings July 30, 2011) You must be jealous.

You certainly do not realize that even though we have really nice old cars, it has taken years and a lot of hard work to get them that way. Mark and his wife work long hard hours helping people, even saving lives, at Sutter Coast Hospital. The car is his escape, his moment of fun and down time. You have wounded him deeply and financially.

It will cost to fix your damage. Even with insurance, there is deductible, and more often than not, that $500 or $1000 is darned hard to come up with. We love these cars. We are trying to preserve the history of American cars. If you feel sorry for what you did, and want to help make it right, you can send a check (Cashier's Check or Money Order so you can remain nameless) to: Mark St. James C/O Curry County Cruisers P.O. Box 1863 Brookings, OR.

And next time, just LOOK, and appreciate the old cars, and think how you would feel if someone damaged something precious to you!

Ron Townsend

Smith River

for Curry County Cruisers Car Club