The Curry Coastal Pilot

Festival turnedout beautifully


Arts Fest: What a wonderful day. This pinch-hit Boardwalk Arts Fest turned out just beautiful.

Why would anyone want to change the location of this beautiful event in the harbor and stick it in the park?

I just wish people would have actually purchased something, I just wonder if any of the merchants made any profit?

Steven Vaughn

Gold Beach

Angry rantsagainst society


Open letter to Clay Dalrymple. First let me say that you and Mrs. Dalrymple must be the angriest folks in Oregon. Your "tag team" letters always seem to be rants against society and educated thinking people.

When you mentioned your source for your opinions, I said, Ah, there's the problem. If you are getting your information from Faux Noise, then you are being barraged by misinformation. If you are not aware, Faux Noise is the voice of the right wing extremists. Faux employees are not allowed to speak about anything but what the right wing permits.

Did you notice Faux was not allowed to report on Rupert Murdoch? HELLO! That's not what one would call "fair and balanced."

Rather than ranting, why don't you give us "your" plan? Be constructive! Slashing spending on anything but the Military Industrial Complex is surely not the way out of the mess we are in. Employment is the answer, not putting more folks out in the streets. Unemployed people cannot spend money.

Mr. Dalrymple, eventually you will have to realize that we are living in a Socialist Society and the trend will continue with population growth. Robots and computers continue to eliminate "working class" jobs. At some point, we need to take our country back from the financial community by sternly regulating and prosecuting corruption. We also have to stop giving "welfare" to the corporations and the wealthy.

De facto President Grover Norquist and the Tea folks are trying to bring our standard of living to an end. Why?

Mike Schrum


Need to know what's going on


I don't understand why we haven't read anything about the so-called "FastandFurious" going on in D.C. in your newspaper.

If I recall, when Nixon broke into that office it was in your paper. We don't have a Coos Bay paper anymore so you and Gold Beach are the major newspapers in Curry County.

I feel that anyone owning a firearm needs to know what Obama is doing or trying to do with our Second Amendment. Two police officers have been murdered due to this and what Nixon did was not near as bad as what Obama has done.

I belive in Curry the D.A. would file charges if a person was to give guns to someone that killed another or had a hand in doing it. The people in Curry really need to know what is going on and you are IT.

Carl C Roten

Gold Beach

Making history hysterical


July of 2011 was historical or hysterical; I think hysterical works.

The Maya believe Dec. 21, 2012, time stops. The man on the corner of Oak and Chetco (101) wears a sign that reads "The End is Near." Little does he know anyone who walks in Brookings or Harbor has their life in their hands.

Our president told seniors they might not get their Social Security checks and Democrats said Medicare was in dire straits. What about now? AARP decided to change sides again and they were wrong again. AARP is looking out for AARP. I think the only department of the government that makes more money than AARP is the IRS. I am all for changing the tax code and I want millionaires to pay taxes. A lot of the millionaires I know are Democrats, so that's good for us Independents who like things to be equal.

The tea party came out a winner in July; that's a good thing andndash; keep on truck'n. I looked up the definition of "end"; for all of you who got rid of your possessions I hope you can get them back. For those of you that climbed the mountain, winter's coming. I hope all of you gave your money to the food bank.

If the end comes, chances are you will never know it.

Clifton Siemens


Suppressing ideasof others


What's wrong with these facts? Senator John D. Rockefeller IV (D-WV) has indicated publicly that FOX Network News should not exist, asking the FCC to end FOX News. Rockefeller chairs the Commerce, Science and Transportation committees.

Senator John F. Kerry (D-MA) has indicated publicly that the tea party is evil. Kerry Chairs the Small Business Committee and is a senior member of the Entrepreneurship, Finance, Commerce, Science and Transportation committees.

Minority party House leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has indicated publicly that she fears the tea party. Pelosi is often described as the most powerful woman in Congress.

Not agreeing with others is one thing but calling others evil, not worth existing and/or fearful is as dangerous to democracy as one can be in a democracy; especially in positions of power and law-making.

What's wrong with the thinking of these professional and powerful national political figures is that they do not believe in the Constitution they have sworn under oath to uphold. They express their ideas but want to suppress the ideas of others.

Doug Bewall

Gold Beach

Reverse the tax debacle overnight


It's a remarkable spectacle, for all to see, the left having public tantrums, going all out on raising taxes.

Other than slashing defense, where have the Democrats specifically said they are prepared to cut anything? Does anybody actually believe the guy andndash; who did more to destroy this economy and grow the government andndash; is bringing a "balanced approach?" We want him to stop stealing from us, especially our children. Of course he refuses. All liberals are alike; they want more tax money that they don't pay; that's what they do. It is who they are.

Instead of a mask, they wear a smug superiority. It's a deflection play. As they take they hide behind innocents. For Obama's purposes, it's corporate jet versus kids. It's big oil versus college education. He's pitting groups of Americans against each other, it's a clash of classes, rich versus poor. Us versus them. Those who support children, food safety, medical research, puppies and apple pie versus the rich fat cats. In Obama's world Democrats are for kids and Republicans are for corporate jets.

It's all he's got; he cannot run on his record. He can't say "Elect me, and get four more years of this."

It doesn't much matter what he says now, the American people see the man for who and what he is. What happens when we get a conservative Republican president in the White House and a tea party Republican Congress? Then we start reversing this debacle overnight.

Teri Dalrymple

Gold Beach