The Curry Coastal Pilot

Only about a quarter of the households in Brookings-Harbor have students in the school system, but the special Back to School Newsletter in today's Curry Coastal Pilot has lots of information that will be of interest to the entire community.

It starts with Superintendent Brian Hodge's praise for the staff for working hard to do more for students with less resources. That includes more course offerings through online resources, and offers from the community to help with programs that have fallen out of a tight budget.

Speaking of tight budgets, because more than half our students' families are low income, the federally-sponsored meal program offers them both free breakfast and free lunch. All parents have to do is fill out one confidential form per family. Bus schedules will get students to school in time to eat a good meal.

Parents, as well as the community, should note that the end of the school day has changed: Classes at all three schools end between 2:15 and 2:35 p.m. this year.

The influence of the computer age is evident throughout the school preparations. The PowerSchool website continues to be a primary way for parents to get up-to-date information on their student's assignments and progress. And in the supply list, along with paper and pencils, is a requirement for some students to bring a flash drive along for carrying computer files to-and-from class.

Also on the supply lists is evidence of the fight against colds and flu. Tissue and sanitizers are common requests.

So are pleas for help from parents and other volunteers: Join the PTO, volunteer for a site council, get kids to the bus on time; come to the Back to School Breakfast Aug. 30. There are lots of ways to help the schools with their role in bringing up our children; find one that fits your skills, and then offer to help.