The Curry Coastal Pilot

Perfect example of what's wrong


Clayton Dalrymple, you are the perfect example of exactly what is wrong with the TEA Party.

Just because I can look at the facts that real wages have been declining for the last 30 years, that corporate profits are ballooning as we head into the third recession in 10 years, that corporate heads are bragging that their increased profits are largely due to decreased employee costs, and that my retirement investments still haven't recovered from Dubya's two recessions, and I reach a different conclusion about what kind of leadership the country needs than you reach, does not give you ANY justification for claiming that "Tea party advocates are the true patriots."

Where do you get off claiming that the 97 percent of the country that are not "Tea party advocates" are not patriots?

If "Tea party advocates are the true patriots," Dalrymple, what does that make me? I volunteered during 'Nam, and I still went even though the scales had fallen from my eyes by the time I was sent overseas. I spent 22 years in law enforcement, sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

Just where do you get the unmitigated gall to claim that you're more patriotic than me simply because you're a TEA Party member?

Michael Pitts-Campbell


Great to have jobs, at what expense?


Concerning the recent plans of Commissioner Rhodes to acquire county park and wilderness habitat for private developers to control for the good of the people of Curry County. ...

In Tillamook County there was a port commissioner who was approached by a group of developers called Bunkers Group LLc. which presented the idea that 772 acres of port property should be sold to them to develop a world class golf course and hotel with homes surrounding it. They were to spend 1.5 million on improvements with a total price tag of close to $8 million.

Presentations were made to the Tillamook citizens promising jobs for local contractors and service workers. The commissioners agreed to lease the land to them while their financing came through. Cattle were moved off the land, and dirt was moved by out of town contractors.

Wetlands were to be mitigated and wildlife and fauna were to be preserved after the local people became concerned with the water quality and the local elk herd which grazed on the lands.

The elk were becoming a nuisance, so the commissioner decided to have an open kill in the fields by local huntsman. There was a stay of execution as the public outcry demanded it.

In the end, the Bunkers Group from Arizona was not able to obtain financing for their project, going as far as Korea and then asking that the County FEMA money should be used for their project.

They left owing the Port of Tillamook $194,000 in lease payments and numerous other outstanding bills. The commissioner also left his job and town.

It would be great to have long term jobs for all of Curry County, but at what expense to the beauty of Oregon wildlife and environment. How many more golf courses do we need?

Deborah Crawford

Curry and Tillamook county taxpayer

Restore a fair and equitable tax rate


Your Aug. 6 editorial was right on andndash; our federal government's financial drama is affecting most of us. But, it's not the debt ceiling agreement alone that's responsible for our financial meltdown. As working Americans, we've been watching our buying power decrease steadily since Reagan introduced the trickle-down theory.

Taxes on corporations and the very rich have been lowered again and again, but neither wealth nor jobs have trickled down to ordinary Americans. Republican legislators have repeatedly refused to raise taxes on the rich, or, even, to restore a fair tax rate on corporations and the very rich. How can we expect our country to recover from this recession without sufficient revenue?

"Oh, but we pay way too much tax already!" I can hear the chorus chanting this familiar refrain. Take a moment to compare the U.S. tax rate to that of other developed nations, and you may change your tune. Look at a chart published by The Atlantic on Aug. 5 ( and you'll see why our country doesn't have enough revenue to maintain a healthy economy. Americans are almost at the bottom of the chart, with only Chile and Mexico having lower effective tax rates.

If you're a hard-working American and would like to see our country (and your family) prosper, vote for legislators who are brave enough to restore a fair and equitable tax rate so that the wealthy, who benefit most from our society, will again pay their fair share. Chances are, those legislators will be Democrats.

Linda Bozack