The Curry Coastal Pilot

Habitat benefit a major success


Curry County Habitat for Humanity had a benefit breakfast at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Sunday, July 31, which was a huge success, thanks to the Star of The Sea Catholic Church andndash; Knights of Columbus.

I wish to thank everyone who volunteered to make this event such a wonderful fundraiser. Special thanks to all the Knights who cooked, and volunteers and board members who served, cleaned up, etc., as follows: John Bischoff, Jim Collis, Bill and Barb Conner with their visiting daughter and grandson, Brenda Fields, Janis Barr, and Pam Billington.

And last, but not least, I would like to thank all of the attendees of the breakfast for helping to make this such a big success.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Darlene Thomas,

Fundraising chair/treasurer

Curry County Habitat for Humanity

Fix what Democrats have nearly ruined


For those that seldom read political articles, I will be so simple that you will agree with me even if you lean to the Democrats' idealogy.

Tom Bozack and Clay Gordon are probably fine gentlemen but their thought process will eventually ruin our country, its liberties, freedoms, and all of our economy.

Tom, waterboarding and enhanced interrogation techniques were checked out by President G.W. Bush's lawyers and found that in no way did it lean to torture. My proof of this is Eric Holder andndash; our wonderful attorney general. He's done everything he possibly could to dig up charges that would stick (none have) against Bush and Cheney. So you have made a statement that is not true and you are aware of that fact; It's just hard to back down from a liberal statement or spin that's false.

I have more, Tom, but my time is limited to one article a month.

Gordon Clay, I know you're waiting and your articles (Pilot, July 20 and July 27) explain why our country is in jeopardy. More taxes will only encourage politicians to spend more, and make government bigger. Isn't Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, protecting our country and its borders enough? Obamacare, which Republicans were not given the opportunity to discuss, will take us way past what America can afford. Count on it!

Tea party advocates are the true patriots and care more about the country than how they look. Hooray for Sean Hannity.

It's sad to watch President Obama place blame of the country's financial squeeze on the Bush administration when everything he promised with four times more money has failed.

RINOs (Republicans in name only) like John McCain tried to side with the left, but were voted down by the tea party advocates.

One more election like the last and we can fix what Democrats have nearly ruined andndash; our country.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Is it Barack Bush or George Obama?


Please remind me of what is the name of our president?

Is it Barack Bush or George Obama?

President Bush once called the Constitution a ... piece of paper. President Obama invades Libya for no good reason and he acts like the Constitution and the War Powers Act are toilet paper.

President Obama loves signing statements and executive orders every bit as much as President Bush ever did.

President Bush once said that illegal immigrants will do the work that average Americans just will not do. Would that include the 35,000 people that have been killed by the Latino drug gangs down by the Mexican boder in the last three years?

I do not call that the audacity of hope. I call that the audacity of treason.

Speaking of treason, Donald Rumsfeld gave a press conference on Sept. 10, 2001. He said there was $2.3 trillion missing from the Pentagon budget. Really? What happened to the money?

Was some of that money given to Osama bin Ladin and his al Qaida crew to blow up the World Trade Center?

Donald Rumsfeld testified before Congress in 2006, and he said that $4.8 trillion was missing from the Pentagon budget. Really? How about we find some of that missing money before we go around privatizing Social Security.

The mainstream media will not mention any of this because they lie about everything.

The mainstream media says we have been in a jobless recovery for the last two years That would be like being in a lively coma.

You say Iraq. I say Libya. You say Bush, I say Obama.

Let's call the whole thing off.

Joe Thomas


An open letter to George Rhodes


Commissioner Rhodes:

Many of us in this nearly bankrupt county wonder why you are promoting (secretly) a development scheme that would not bring income to Curry County for years down the road, when we are facing bankruptcy now?

And you want this county to take over 600 acres of an airport, a state park wilderness area (deliberately undeveloped) to develop another golf course, another visitor's center, and another (good grief!) RV park? Meanwhile destroying a natural wilderness area, and breaking up a state park into little separated pieces that will hardly attract tourists, or protect the existing wildlife.

And who is it in Grant County (your John Day meeting to inform the public in Curry County) that can possibly support you? We in Curry County don't have a clue, although we'd certainly like one. What is it, commissioner, about "No" that you don't understand?

Mim Lagoe


We need a massive stimulus program


For weeks policy makers have focused almost exclusively on spending reduction and a totally contrived crisis associated with raising the debt ceiling.

With unemployment miserably high and with record high corporate profits that are not translating into job creation, it's crucial that the discussion now shift to new policy ideas for job creation and new policy ideas to spur demand, the key driver of economic recovery.

On July 29, the Commerce Department released a depressing report on our stagnant economy showing that second quarter growth in gross domestic product rose at a dismal annual rate of 1.3 percent. Instead of recognizing this anemic growth as evidence that the economy needs a boost, policymakers are taking capital out of the economy. What is needed is immediate and substantial new stimulus, job-creating public investment and aid to the states. The affect that spending cuts have is to reduce the amount of money going to consumption.

In our consumer-driven economy, unless unemployment is significantly reduced, unless Americans have money to spend, there is nothing that will grow our economy. It's naive to hope that big businesses that are currently sitting on huge amounts of cash will suddenly invest in expansion when their customers don't have the money to buy anything.

The overwhelming problem with our economy is depressed demand and to boost demand we need a massive federal stimulus program comparable to Roosevelt's WPA and Civilian Conservation Corps to create jobs for the millions of unemployed.

The last thing that should be done now is to cut public spending when consumers can't buy enough to get the economy going and businesses won't create jobs without customers.

Beverly Bacak

Wild Rivers Progressive Coalition


Food bank issues plea for donations


Here we go again, another plea for help.

Our local Food Bank served over 900 people in the months of June and July. We struggle on a daily basis to provide adequate food for these hungry people in our community. Just yesterday, for example, a just-delivered case of canned stew barely made it to the shelf before it was gone! Our meat locker is almost bare and we may have to discontinue our summer snack bags for kids.

But most of all, this letter is to give much-needed recognition to our dedicated staff of volunteers who show up, day after day, to keep our store open. All of us agree that we get more satisfaction out of working there than effort put in.

So from myself to them, a huge thank you and hugs to Al, Bob, Barry, Bev, Carolita, Barbara, Barb, Gloria, David, Lita, Jan and to whomever I have forgotten; forgive me, I'm old!

A special thanks to our manager Paul who does all the "grunt" work and does his very best to make order out of chaos. We love ya, Paul.

Last, but not least, to our Director Julie Davis, who does all of the behind-the- scenes work. This was her dream and, without her, there would be no Food Bank. However she has failed to have any control over our crazy group of volunteers who are always laughing and joking. Sorry Jules!

All donations gratefully accepted.

Maureen Kee, volunteer, Brookings

Pays to check prices for medical services


I have no health insurance but, like most folks, I need blood work done from time to time, so I shop around for the best prices.

Recently I was quoted $434 (approximately as no one could be certain after transferring me several times) and $797 (this would be cut in half if I saw one of "their" doctors) from two labs here in Brookings. I also contacted a lab in Medford, which has a lab in Cave Junction as well, and was quoted $258 for these same tests and 15 percent off that when I pay in full, not at time of service, but after being billed.

Needless to say, we drove to Cave Junction where we received expedient and friendly care, enjoyed breakfast at our favorite restaurant afterwards and still paid less (even with gas) than I would have here in Brookings!

When I asked the Medford lab why there was such a difference, I was told that labs are not regulated and can set their own prices. So, I will continue to check prices here locally the next time I need labs (usually once a year), and make the trip to Cave Junction happily if local labs have not stopped gouging us.

Karen Rogers


The electorate are Rhodes' employer


This letter is regarding the July 30, 2011, Curry Coastal Pilot article titled "Public asked to help guide county's future."

Commissioner Waddle was the county spokesperson and is referred to throughout the article. The commissioners will reportedly hold town hall meetings this month (August) to again update citizens on the financial status of the county and I presume ask for public comments, questions and input.

Two months ago during the last Brookings town hall meeting (June 6, 2011) Commission Chair Rhodes committed to providing a written response to me the very next day regarding questions related to county finances. Some questions were with regard to statements he was reported saying. He did not respond the next day and has since refused to answer the questions.

I believe that commissioner Rhodes is of the belief he does not answer to the electorate in Curry County. This is not correct. The electorate, the citizens of Curry County, are his employer.

In a May 21, 2011, Curry Coastal Pilot article titled "Group cuts $300K from county's general fund" Commissioner Rhodes refers to the state possibly coming in to take over mandated services for Curry County. He is reported saying, "If they [state] don't have the money, the state has the ability to get the money andndash; from the people."

After two months with no follow through by Commissioner Rhodes on his commitments, I ask that Commissioner Waddle please provide written answers to the following questions.

1. What specific abilities (not threatening innuendoes) does the state have to "get" the money from Curry County citizens should the state take over mandated services?

2. What are the specific mandated services that Curry County is required by state law to provide?

Thomas Huxley