The Curry Coastal Pilot

(Editor's note: Due to an editing error, this letter is being republished.)

Use all navigational aids to ensure safety


Re: Mr. Twining (Pilot, July 27), I agree with you regarding the vessel aground, and I, too, am sorry for Mr. Neidorf's loss.

Let me provide some legalese to the situation. Those marks as some call them are known as dayboards. They are legally known as Aids to Navigation; just like the jetty light and dayboard, entrance buoys, fog horn and range markers (on towers by the ice house and lower road). The government publishes a book with every federal, state and private Aid to Navigation along our waterways. It is called a Light List.

Other aids are available such as charts, electronics (radar, fathometer, GPS), other publications, lookouts and more. While elements beyond the skipper's control may have contributed to the accident I do not believe an unmarked rock was the cause. After all, many unfamiliar skippers have safely navigated the channel without it being marked.

The key word here is Aid. That is all a marked rock would be ... just one aid. It is prudent seamanship to use all available navigational assets to make a safe voyage.

If there is a petition to have the rock marked I'll sign it, but just don't blame the U.S. Coast Guard.

Dan Thompson

Rogue Valley

Not all students seeking work


This is in regards to your "Students Seeking Work" column. At the beginning of the summer when it just came out, I called one student and left a message for yard work. I never heard back.

Less than a week ago I decided to try again and left a message for a young man who is a computer whiz to look at my TV and DVD player that are having a problem. I never heard back.

Students, I have some advice for you. If you want to be taken seriously as a self-employed person, you need to have the integrity and professionalism to return your calls, whether you are able to do the job or not.

One, it is just plain good manners to return calls. Two, do you think I would ever call you again if you did not have the courtesy to return my call? If you have to crawl out of your sick bed or have your mother return your call, it needs to be done.

Sharon Fischer


County officials' actions bother me


Info on the Cape Blanco Airport acquisition was revealed at town hall meetings last month.

On July 5, 2011, a public statement was issued by Commissioner Rhodes describing the plan to acquire the airport, state park land, and add county-owned property to create a public/private park and golf course. Minutes from Jan. 27, 2011, on the ODA website indicate a proposal by Rhodes to acquire the airport. A letter dated March 30, 2011, from Oregon Parks refers to Rhodes' proposal to acquire parks' land. To date, the only two items approved by the commissioners, sitting as the governing body of the county, are a two-sentence letter to ODA dated April 27, 2011, and an order dated July 18, 2011, delegating authority to Rhodes to address the Oregon Parks Commission on July 20.

It bothers me that the other two commissioners never discussed, took input on, or approved the application to acquire the airport, since it commits county and Road Department funds and resources for at least 10 years.

It bothers me that decisions to pursue county ownership of properties is not discussed at the beginning of the process.

It bothers me that commissioners never delegated authority to Rhodes to make proposals regarding public lands and/or public funds or even to represent them at cities, port districts, or local organizations.

It bothers me when Rhodes promises they will take public input before they approve taking ownership when they so completely ignored what the public had to say and dismantled a successful job creation program so they could spend the money themselves.

Those who regularly observe two or more commissioners chatting, eating, and carpooling together and with other county officials can only speculate on whether they are violating public meetings law by discussing county business outside of public meetings, but what they are not discussing in commissioners' meetings is obvious and that should bother everyone.

Pattie Cook

Gold Beach

Time for all tax districts to speak up


I am the secretary/treasurer of the Ophir Rural Protection District and also served as the Curry County treasurer for 19 years before retiring.

Our fire department operates mainly on tax revenues and has not received our monthly tax funds for the months of May and June.

This is due to the Curry County commissioners cutting the Curry County treasurer's employees to zero!

Let's hear from all the taxing districts in Curry County regarding this travesty.

I believe it's time to elect commissioners who can be responsible to all the local taxing districts and let other elected officials manage their own departments.

Trudi Sthen

Gold Beach