The Curry Coastal Pilot

I will return for next pirate festival


What a great weekend!

I am a local vendor at the boardwalk. I couldn't believe the turnout this weekend for the Pirate Festival.

It was so much fun watching all the locals dress up! All the pirates did a great job, and kept everyone young and old entertained. It was good to see so many new and different vendors here for this event!

I will be back next year, as will many of the out-of-town pirates. This was a good boost for the area, and presented very well.

Nanci Dill


U.S. Preamble no longer relates


With the Supreme Court deciding that corporations are people and should be allowed, like the billionaire's that they are, to pay off politicians for favorable legislation. A new version of payola.

While each individual American can't really afford their own lobbyist to wine and dine the legislators and get special closed-door meetings with them, it seems like the current Preamble to the U.S. Constitution no-longer relates.

People talk of a Living Constitution. Maybe it's time to have a Living Preamble. Here's my suggestion:

The Constitution

of the United States

of Corporate America


"We the corporations of the United States (and oil rich countries), in Order to form a more perfect bottom line, establish justice for the elite, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense of corporate holdings, promote the general Welfare of the elite, and secure the Blessings of Liberty for corporations and their stockholders, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of Corporate America."

That about sums up the direction this country has gone, don't you think?

Gordon Clay


Pirate Festival was a great success


I would like to congratulate Bruce Ellis and all the wonderful hardworking volunteers and workers that made the "Pirate Festival" a success.

My husband and I thought it was great and so many people were there to enjoy all your efforts. I think what made it very enjoyable also is that there were such a variety of events of entertainment and of booths. It wasn't all for the adults or kids, it was for all to enjoy, and for that, thank you.

I would also like to thank J. Jordan who wrote in the editorial in Saturday's paper, July 23, about the humane society's thrift store. That was so encouraging to hear from people who have noticed a difference in the store, not only the atmosphere but the prices and everything combined.

Please, if anyone hasn't visited the thrift store in the past few months, come down where you will feel welcomed and just enjoy.

Beverly Duncan


An opportunity to help those in need


The residents of the city of Brookings are one of the kindest groups of people I have ever encountered.

Five churches now have community kitchens, making lunch available to the hungry Monday through Friday. The Episcopal church has a free clinic on Tuesday afternoons. These charitable acts don't solve all of our problems, but they certainly help.

One recent problem here is that the food bank doesn't have enough money right now to provide food for all of the hungry people who need it. Contributions of food and money can be made to Community Helpers Food Bank 539 Hemlock St Brookings, OR 97415 (541) 469-6988.

There is an opportunity here for people to make a difference in the community and to know that you have made life better for others.

William West


Skipper, not Coast Guard, to blame


What a tragedy of Mr Neidorf's boat on the rocks at the entrance to the river and boat basin.

His loss is tremendous.

As a retired commercial fisherman of 17 years, 12 of which were in the Bering Sea of Alaska, I can empathize with him as I to have been on a rock piles before and it is no fun. In fact three different times.

It is easy to blame others for this mishap, the Coast Guard or whomever, but the ultimate safety responsibility of any boat skipper is to his crew and his boat is the skipper himself. I'm sorry he lost his boat and maybe lively hood.

Having taken many vessels between Dutch Harbor, Alaska, and San Francisco, to fish we went into and out of many ports at night and daylight. But we never did it without a current chart of the local waters. It's a sad thing that happened but to go out a channel in the dark with no navigational charts on the vessel is wrong. Sorry about your boat, man, but the skipper needs to take some of the blame for not being fully prepared. Leave at dusk, travel at night; sleep on drift if you were going to be so far off shore.

A skipper's responsibility is to his crew and boat to operate it in a safe manner. A bad choice was made. I have personally seen boats go on these rocks when the buoy was in place and this was in broad daylight!

Do not place all of the blame on the Coast Guard. Any simple questions to any commercial guy on the dock and they would have said something about the rocks.

David Twining