The Curry Coastal Pilot

This morning (July 23) dozens of volunteers are working on various improvement projects throughout Brookings as part of Make A Difference Day.

They are doing cleaning, repairing and painting at various public facilities, parks and properties. Others are building hygiene, school and infant supply kits for the needy.

We would like to see efforts such as these become standard operating procedure andndash; not for just one day.

The Boys Scouts have a good slogan: "Do a good deed daily." How? It doesn't have to be complicated. It's simply a matter of making life more pleasant for anyone or any group in the community. Here are a few ideas:

andbull;Drop off small, practical gifts at nursing homes for the residents who need them.

andbull;Invite a shut-in over for dinner some evening, deliver a hot meal or take them out to lunch.

andbull;Offer a senior citizen a ride to the grocery store, local playhouse, concert or friend's house.

andbull;Volunteer to help at the local school.

andbull;Get your hands dirty by volunteering with the Brookings-Harbor Garden Club.

andbull;Walk a dog or pet some cats at the South Coast Humane Society.

andbull;Look around and see if a neighbor's lawn needs mowing, trees need pruning or garden needs weeding.

andbull;Bake some cookies and enlist family members to deliver them to friends or neighbors.

The possibilities for making a small difference in someone's life are unending. All it takes is a little observation, a little thought and a little kindness.

Don't wait until next year to make a difference in your community.