The Curry Coastal Pilot

Spend cash on debt, not Harry Potter


The latest Harry Potter movie pulled in over $42.5 million in one night.

That is a lot of money spent for entertainment that is two hours of fiction. We are faced with a shortage in our government and our proud parents allow this type of wasted money and then complain.

Maybe we as Americans should put our money where our mouths are and donate the movie ticket prices back to ourselves and get us out of debt.

Robert Slater


What Americans need are new jobs


Almost everything Congress is doing is a distraction from what over 80 percent of Americans say is needed andndash; new jobs.

Today, Americans are paying the smallest share of their income for taxes than at anytime in the last 50 years and they are still enjoying "temporary" tax relief that went into effect 10 years ago.

It's interesting watching millionaires like John Boehner working so hard to protect the fat cats who don't want to participate in revenue sharing and are willing to put our whole economic system and that of the world at risk because of their basic greed. They want to keep their money circulating in the financial system or spend it on expensive products produced in other countries.

The fat cats also support outrageous subsidies to big oil, coal, gas, tobacco farmers, and faith based programs, but have little real compassion for anyone making less than $171,000, many of whom are unemployed, have trouble putting food on the table, leaving over four million families on the verge of losing their portion of the American Dream andndash; a home.

Congress voted to raise the debt ceiling 75 times in the past half-century. George W. asked for four increases totaling $4.7 trillion during his terms and got no resistance from Boehner and his crew.

The same fat cats are trying to convince us that we don't need government oversight and that American corporations can self-regulate with consumer's health and safety as utmost priorities. If that was true, the tobacco industry would have come out years ago on what they know to be the dangers of cigarettes.

The fat cats want to force women to give birth to unwanted children and then cut off funding for programs for low-income families, children and seniors.

Is this truly the kind of country you want?

Gordon Clay


Question court's ruling on abuse case


Today I received a phone call from a close friend of Rachel Wilson informing me that Rachel has been sentenced to 20 days in the Curry County jail for the probation violation of being around a puppy. I assume that the Saturday, July 16, Curry Coastal Pilot will cover this sad fact.

Rachel has no one but herself to blame for her return to jail, and clearly law enforcement did the right thing by responding to her probation violation.

I must question, however, the court's decisions regarding what types of consequences there should be for Rachel.

When Rachel was convicted of animal abuse, why wasn't she assigned a probation officer instead of only being placed on court probation? If there had been a probation officer to monitor Rachel's progress, perhaps her current struggle with substance abuse would have become known and she could have been required to get suitable treatment.

Also, given the nature of Rachel's crime, wasn't it possible to include some sort of therapy as a condition of her probation?

When dealing with such serious crimes, a plan which does not allow for the necessary means of determining the root causes of a person's criminal behavior, and then ways to address those causes, does not serve the community nor the offender. It is not cost-effective nor just.

I would be very interested in any input the District Attorney's office could provide on this subject.

Mary Rowe, MSW


Life after being hit in the crosswalk


I wish to express my gratitude to the persons in this community who contributed to my donation account at the Chetco Federal Credit Union.

It helped me buy over-the-counter medicines and frozen prepared foods for two to three months after my auto accident on Feb. 21, 2011.

My friends Linda and Tomas Bozack are also to be thanked for floating the idea to the Pilot for an article about my needs and the donation account. Marge Woodman wrote a very special column about my situation and how so many people in this community extend themselves to help persons or families facing crises they cannot handle alone.

Unfortunately, I remain in crisis from the lack of medical care. We have lost several primary medical providers this past winter and spring. Since I can only see physicians or nurse practitioners who are credentialed by the managed care company for the Oregon Health Plan, that narrows the field severely. And most of them are not accepting new patients or have discharged me for not being a compliant patient. As yet, I have not been allowed to obtain a physician "outside my local area."

Please consider offering to volunteer at the Department of Human Services andndash; or speak with Nathan Smith, the manager of Heron Ridge and Azalea Reach Apts. at 412-1448. There are plenty of people (like myself) who need someone to drive them on errands, or to shop for them, or just need a kind ear to listen.

An accident like the one I had can change your life forever, especially if you have no family, and you smash your face and the old brain doesn't work so well anymore.

And don't ever let yourself be without a doctor!

Deborah Dudley


Politics or achievements?


Achievers are positive, constructive, efficient, responsible goal setters. They have a plan to serve a need and work it.

Politicians aspire to be the government: that is governing, not serving. Running the business of government. What is that?

Does the government produce a viable product, productive ideas or responsible services? Nongovernment businesses produce one of the three successfully or go out of business. (Bankrupt.)

Unlike private business: governments hire, not fire; collect monies without fiscal responsibility; keep books, closed to their bosses; conduct affairs including wars without board approval; conduct illegal affairs without prosecution; release monies with political contingencies attached; and you can probably include a few more.

No product, no constructive ideas, decreasing services and collecting more monies than ever? They have the guts to demand more from us?

Bankrupt they be spending money like it's free!

Anyone with guts, integrity and a real plan for the business of government?

Like what you've got? Pretty white teeth full of deceit and lies.

Keep electing them!

Mike Davis


Suspicious about Rhodes' activities


Now that the commissioners have officially approved pursuing ownership of Cape Blanco Airport, a full three months after Rhodes made the proposal to the Oregon Department of Aviation, someone should ask Commissioner Rhodes who Grant Hornbeak is and why he has been meeting with him for months now.

Why did he and the sheriff take Hornbeak on a field trip to North County? Nothing has been said about Hornbeak, even so much as asking who he is or why he has been meeting Rhodes behind closed doors week after week for months. Don't you think the other commissioners should be just a little curious about this? And yet, not one word has been said about Hornbeak in public.

Also, what kind of a land deal is he brokering with state parks involving private investors? Not that it matters what the public thinks. A decision has been made to acquire Cape Blanco Airport and the state is hoping a local entity will take ownership so they don't have to spend any more money on it.

Put the airport together with Hornbeak and land deals involving private investors and state parks and what do you get?

When it is "appropriate" to inform the public and take input, the public can expect to have every bit as much influence as the legions who spoke in favor of Susan Brown and economic development.

Pattie Cook

Gold Beach

Yes, waterboarding is a form of torture


In the July 9 issue of the Pilot, Clay Dalrymple tries to defend his claim that torture, which he euphemistically calls "enhanced interrogation," provided information on the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden.

He said that he gave the Pilot proof in the form of "a copy of (CIA Director Leon) Panetta's quote" and challenged me to contact the Pilot for this information if I'm not "afraid of the truth." When I did I was informed that it's the Pilot's (quite reasonable) policy not to act as an intermediary between readers.

Contrary to Mr. Dalrymple's assertion, waterboarding is torture. Waterboarding, which is a mock execution, is not equivalent to "smacking your 2 to 3 year-old on the back of the hand" (Mr. Dalrymple's example). This comparison is ludicrous on its face.

CIA Director Leon Panetta never stated that any key information leading to bin Laden resulted from "enhanced interrogation," waterboarding or otherwise. Mr. Dalrymple's "evidence" probably originated from an interview with NBC News immediately after bin Laden was killed (

Panetta's words have been spun by torture advocates and news organizations looking for sensational headlines as confirmation that bin Laden's location was revealed using torture. In fact, Panetta's statements were vague and evasive and neither confirmed or denied that torture provided any vital intelligence that led to bin Laden. The definitive answer came a week later in a letter from Panetta to Senator John McCain stating directly and unequivocally that information on the location of bin Laden didn't result from torture. Watch Senator McCain's impassioned speech on this issue on the Senate floor ( 3I94Yb4KUic) and read his op-ed column in the Washington Post ( qAeqO). Senator McCain's words should put this issue to rest for anyone who isn't "afraid of the truth."

Tomas Bozack


Kite festival great despite weather


Even with the bad weather over the weekend, the Southern Oregon Kite Festival was a huge success.

I would like to thank the people on the festival organizing committee for all of their hard work this year. Planning for this event starts in January and doesn't stop till our wrap-up meeting in August. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

This festival could not happen without the many volunteers who come out on the weekend and help with setup, cleanup, and breakdown duties. A special thanks to the team from Zola's Pizza who braved the rain to take care of traffic control and the folks from Generation Joshua for keeping things clean over the weekend.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank the many people and businesses who continue to donate money and sponsor the festival. This is truly a community event and would never happen without your support. It all benefits the communities of Brookings and Harbor.

Planning for the 20th annual Southern Oregon Kite Festival will start soon. If you are interested in becoming a part of this wonderful event, either on the planning committee or as a weekend volunteer, please drop us an email at

Steve Blasdell

cochairman, Southern Oregon Kite Festival

cochairman SOKF

Harry Potter fans need reality check


This letter is for those young Harry Potter fans out there.

Now that you have spent your allowance money on a movie based in a make-believe world, get a reality check.

Take a free trip to the public library and learn about the American way of life and its democratic form of government.

Some national studies have reported that many youth don't know what the Declaration of Independence is or can't explain the Bill of Rights.

One wonders what's going to happen to our country in the hands of this new generation?

Joe Willett


Many helped make golf benefit a hit


The First Annual Benefit Gold Tournament for Curry Children and Families was held on July 9 and 10 at Salmon Run golf course.

Sixty-eight golfers (some from as far as San Diego County) came out to play. The golfers were awesome, friendly and, of course, generous! They truly made this wonderful experience memorable for everyone involved.

C and K Markets grilled up fabulous steaks on Saturday night. The staff at Salmon Run worked endless hours to make sure that things ran smoothly. Fred Meyer, Curry Health Network and Chetco Federal Credit Union all sponsored the hole-in-one contests. Zola's Pizzeria fed everyone on Friday night with the best pizza and breadsticks in Curry County. Brookings Inn offered a rate reduction for golfers. In-Motion Graphics worked late into the night finishing our T-shirts and tee signs.

Donors of items for prizes and our auction were Jerry's Rogue Jets, Spinner's Restaurant, Radiant Health Spa, Jot's Resort, Audi Stanton, Ross Bell, Sean Clemens, Art Alley Grille, Rogue River Myrtlewood Shop, Adirondack of Oregon, and Sidonie Rhodes.

These local businesses and Curry residents are truly champions for Curry County Children and Families. We could not have succeeded without them.

Most importantly, there is a group of people that we must mention because their time and kindness assured that everything ran smoothly! The volunteers! Leslie Fritch, Catherine Wiley, Ed McDonald, Thea Hiersche, Andy Wright, Del Barber, Brian Lamma, Michelle Norton, Tyler Norton and Bill Smyth.

We cannot say thank you enough to everyone that made this event a success. We can't wait to do it again next year and make it better than ever!

Thank you.

Karlie Wright

Myrna Barber

Commission on Children and Families