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Website created for Brookings food bank


Brookings Harbor Community Helpers Food Bank has been the fortunate recipient of a website created for and donated to us by Katrina Upton.

The site contains information about the food bank and there are useful suggestions about how to donate to help us continue in our efforts to have food boxes available to our ever increasing client list.

There is a PayPal link to facilitate donating the much needed funds used for the purchase of food. Katrina's web address is also available on the site. We are very pleased to have this site and thank Katrina for her kind and professional efforts.

The site address is

We send our thanks and appreciation to all in our community who care about those in need and contribute food, funds and time to the food bank.

Julie Davis,

executive director

Brookings Harbor Community Helpers Food Bank

Tea party, GOPand Christianity


I don't write letters to the editor but I must answer Mr. Mike Schrum's letter (Pilot, July 9).

Mr. Schrum, do you think the country had no problems before the tea party? I'm still trying to figure out what the timber money and the tsunami financial help has to do with Republicans and especially the tea party?

Your last paragraph about our nation not being Christian does answer a whole lot of what your true problem is; you're just a very confused person and it would be wise for you to get a good Christian friend that leans heavily toward the tea party side of the GOP.

John Delp

Gold Beach

County paying now for past mistakes


It appears that having read former County Commissioner Marlyn Schafer's letter to the editor titled "Our county is in real trouble," she has apparently reached the phase of her life where she believes, " The older I get, the better I was," applies to her.

About five years ago, The Harbor Community Action Committee (HCAC) while Schafer was commissioner put a charter county initiative on the ballot to do what Schafer now thinks andndash; according to her letter andndash; needs to be done. At that time, Schafer and the employee unions fought HCAC tooth and nail to defeat the ballot measure because it would have eliminated relatives working for relatives as is currently common, opened competition for jobs to more qualified outside applicants, and eliminated the big salary and benefits package for commissioners. It would have given political power to the people.

The county is now suffering from the excessive spending that she and her fellow commissioners granted to benefit large land developers and the county employee unions. She and her fellow commissioners bought into the big sugar daddy socialist government principle that there is always going to be a government handout coming from the state or federal government to bail the county out.

Schafer, while a lame duck commissioner who was defeated in the primary election, was responsible for negotiating a labor contract that granted a 21.5 percent pay raise over a three-year period to the county labor unions, not knowing whether the OandC money from the feds would be available or not. The county employees are paying for those pay raises now with shortages of personnel due to layoffs of junior members to pay for those raises she gave them.

Ralph Martin


Funding loss for current fiscal year


This letter is with respect to recent events that will reduce county general funds by more than $1 million and, that Curry County commissioners don't always do what they say.

Gold Beach and Brookings news articles indicate that with the county divestiture of Home Health and Hospice, commissioners agreed to "forgive" (with your tax dollars) the remaining (yet unknown) debt of that department effective June 30, 2011.

The latest reported estimates exceed $500,000. The final deficit will ultimately be offset with tax dollars from the county general fund.

Additional county departmental fiscal year-end (June 30, 2011) deficits totaling around $300,000 were also offset with general fund tax dollars.

June 6, 2011, at a town hall meeting on county finances in Brookings, Commissioner Rhodes committed to provide written answers to questions I submitted the prior month, stating "andhellip; We will answer your questions and you will have a written response to your questions tomorrow. I guarantee that." (source: audio of meeting)

June 9, 2011, the new county director of Administration responded on behalf of commissioner Rhodes, inviting me to make an appointment (drive 70 miles round trip Harbor to Gold Beach) and have "andhellip; in-person meetings to promote open dialog and communication."

There apparently will be no written response to questions related to comments made by a particular commissioner. Some accounting related information was provided by the county accountant.

Commissioners met July 5, 2011, and briefly discussed the recent Secure Rural Schools (SRS) funding loss of over $500,000. A concerned citizen attending the meeting asked why no solutions were discussed and stated, "I thought, you're a half-a-million dollars short in a current budget." Commissioner Rhodes responded "Well actually this is not the current budget. This impacts next years budget."

Commissioners, this funding loss is for the current fiscal budget ending June 30, 2012.

I guarantee that.

Thomas Huxley


Lies, politics about mining the rivers


Your article "Officials champion limits on Chetco mining" (Pilot, July 13) was pretty sad.

I thought mining, like logging and fishing, is part of Southern Oregon's heritage. Federal law prohibits states from limiting mining activities. This article reads like there are large-scale dredges working. How can a small gold dredge with a lawnmower engine destroy a river? How many dredges really operate on the river? Very few. "In water work periods" protect spawning fish and limit any activity in the water. You want all mining stopped in the name of environmentalism,; meanwhile all green technology requires rare-earth minerals. Your cell phone, laptop, and Prius.

If it is not mined in the U.S., then it comes from a country like China that has almost no environmental laws. And don't mention the trade deficit. It is a fact that mining has made every American a little richer. You can see it everywhere, the highways, big city high-rises, bridges, etc.

I do feel a need for some conservation, but andhellip; like you I do use a little paper every morning. Lies, half-truths, and a politically driven agenda are hurting this great nation in the name of "saving the environment."

The image of the West is a cowboy on his horse, but long before the cowboy came the prospector.

Jeff Schuldt

Smith River

Political battle and the culture war


Several editorials question the connection between the tea party and Christianity.

The tea party movement originated from a debate between conservative Rick Santelli and Keynesian economist Steve Liesman on CNBC. Santelli opposed government bailouts and Liesman supported them. Keynesian economics is religious in the sense it is built on a humanistic worldview.

John Maynard Keynes was a socialist and atheist. He was opposed to the Christian worldview and rejected Adam Smith's and Fredric Bastiat's all powerful God governing the affairs of men. Keynes accepted no individual responsibility to God or family values. Keynes advocated an interventionist approach justifying sovereign debt to provide employment. He said savers were hoarders. However, Proverbs 13:22 states, "The debtor is the slave to the lender."

Keynesian economics led to a paradigm shift from the State being an administrator of law and order (Biblical worldview), to the State taking the place of god, with open-ended powers, and the ability to choose winners and losers. (Humanist worldview.)

Socialists and Marxist see the Christianized West as the obstacle standing in the way of a communist world order. The political battle will not be won unless the culture war is won. Cultural Marxism is based upon the Darwinian idea man is a soulless animal, and is in a cultural war against Christianity. The culture war is based upon a spiritual battle over the hearts and souls of men. Look for my book, "Tea Party Culture War" due in January 2012.

Stephen Johnston


Treasures in the hands of the rich


Taxes for the rich are at the lowest since World War II.

We probably wouldn't have a budget deficit, except for the Bush tax cuts. Mr. Dalrymple (Pilot, July 9) needs reminding: Foreign investors are losing confidence in the dollar; the Clinton administration restored confidence by eliminating the deficit and creating surplus; it was Bush's tax cuts that damaged the economy.

To illustrate: The top 1 percent income households see their incomes go up, adjusted for inflation, when Republicans control the executive branch. The next 4 percent see their incomes stable, and the bottom 95 percent of households lose ground. Most of the people who have been voting Republican actually have been hurting their own pocketbooks, every time they put a Republican in the White House.

I find his analogy of a child reaching for "treasure" a bit misplaced andndash; since the "treasure" this country has produced of late seems to be winding up in the hands of the super rich. Cash reserves of the 100 largest corporations in 2008 before the crash were about $500 billion. Last fall, those reserves were at about $1.8 trillion. This means that during what was supposedly the worst recession since the great depression of the 1930s andndash; at a time when the political and financial right wing were berating the Obama administration for ignoring job creation andndash; they were raking in tons of cash and definitely not spending it on job creation. The country has been mired in a sluggish economy since 2008 and the Republicans know it. So the only people reaching for treasure are the people Mr. Dalrymple is so inexplicably defending.

And waterboarding is classified as torture by international treaties that the U.S.A. is signatory to and is legally obligated to uphold. Which makes any and all of the officers and officials who signed off on it war criminals.

Gary Davis


Thank you for turning in lens


Last Friday afternoon I lost a lens to my eyeglasses in Shop Smart's parking lot.

Unfortunately I did not notice it until an hour later. I went down to look, but could not find it.

I went into the office andndash; if by chance andndash; someone had found it and turned it in, and there it was.

Whoever you are, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Vivian Holgerson


The 'Conservation Story' now online


I'm pleased to announce the Oregon Coastal Zone Management Association (OCZMA) film about the transition in Oregon fisheries, "Oregon's Ocean Fisheries: A Conservation Story" has been posted online in several formats.

Access the film, at no cost, at OCZMA's website. Or, go to YouTube and do a search for "oczma" or "Oregon fisheries."

On YouTube the film is divided into 13 individual segments (thanks to Sam Beebe at Ecotrust).

Until now, this compelling story has not been told. Working with Pacific Media Productions, we interviewed many fishermen and scientists. The 60 minute film features the collaboration that made Oregon's ocean fisheries much more sustainable. Many great people participated in the production.

We are about to place a bulk order of DVD copies. We should have them in circulation in a few weeks. Seeing the film on a bigger screen, with good sound, is definitely optimal. If you want to get a DVD copy, let us know.

Thanks to the Oregon Albacore Commission and Pacific Seafoods for providing OCZMA funds to market the film. And, because of their support, we will get many copies of the DVD in circulation, too. Thanks to Diane O'Leary for: (a) giving us permission to use her artwork (the pelican) and (b) inspiring the film.

On OCZMA's website ( you can read more about the making of the documentary.

We encourage everyone, please, email this notice to your friends. Let them know the film is available online. Spread the word about the film. And, we anticipate having film posters featuring Diane O'Leary's beautiful pelican available soon.

Some of you expressed an interest in community showings of the documentary.

Let me know and I will make myself available.

Onno Husing, director