The Curry Coastal Pilot

Hey, quit it and smell the flowers


It's a beautiful day out, warm, soft breezes, and finally after the rain and cold you open your windows: to the fragrance of flowers, the chirping of birds, and it's heavenly ... and then it happens.

The putrid smell of smoke comes wafting in, someone is burning plastic again in their wood stoves or outside. It's awful, it's sickening, it's unhealthy, and against the law.

Now your house stinks, you must run to close all the windows, you cannot get rid of the smell, and you longingly look outside and wish you could bring back that happy moment when all was well and beautiful and sweet- smelling and lovely.

I say that half of the people agree with me and the other half are doing the burning.


Use your recyclable containers like the rest of us are doing and be responsible.

Stop and smell the flowers. They are a lot better for you, and all of us.

Dee Cratty


Last words to letter writer


In response to the (Pilot, June 25) letter writen by John Foley: Bye-bye!

Peggy Crump


Wonderful eateries in the community


Response to "Town needs a real American restaurant" (Pilot, June 25) submitted by John Foley.

Mr. Foley have you taken a drive through our beautiful town lately? Are your eyes open when you do this? Have you opened a phone book to the restaurant section?

If you are looking for a brewery type restaurant, take a moment and visit the Vista Pub which is amazing and (serves) all local fresh food. Last time I checked Whaleshead, O'Holleran's, Flying Gull, Sebastian's and Blue Water were all American-based food. They may have a few seafood choices at those restaurants but last time I checked we are a coastal fishing community.

That is only a short list of choices for you; there are others as well.

Leaving this town is obviously a good choice for you. ... Would you like me to find you a map and you can choose a new town to be embarrassed in?

Mr. and Mrs. Johnston

proud locals


Cape Ferrelo has true professionals


On May 25, my wife suffered a fatal heart attack.

I called 911 and the Cape Ferrelo Fire Department responded immediately. They moved her to a location where they could perform CPR, and they worked on her tirelessly until the ambulance arrived. I believe it was already too late when they arrived.

I want to thank them for their professionalism and their compassion. They are extremely well trained.

Warren Dennis


Restaurateurs invest money, time


Attention restaurateurs: John Foley wants a "real American restaurant" in Brookings/Harbor (Pilot, June 25).

Perhaps John is prepared to invest in excess of $500,000 to build this new business. John uses a place in Coral Gables, Fla. (pop. 126,875) as an example of what should be done in Brookings (Curry County pop. 22,000).

We have great restaurants in Brookings/Harbor. O'Hollerans, Onion Grill, Wild River Pizza, Smuggler's Cove to name a few. Our local owners have invested their life savings and work long hours to provide the best dinning experience possible to our small population.

If bigger and better new restaurants and stores are wanted in Brookings/Harbor then the population is going to have to grow.

Terry Patterson


Be courtous, use turn signals


Sorry for the language, but the law says you must use your blinkers, but yet so many of you do not.

There's nothing worse than getting to the stoplight at Fifth Street, not knowing if the car across the street is going straight or turning.

It's the law and common courtesy.

Pam Smith


Stop bribingother countries


Here a solution to the deficit problem.

Let's stop bribing other countries to be our allies.

The world hates Americans, but likes our borrowed money. Then we pull all our troops out of all the countries they are now in, last count around 100. Place them around our borders here in America. As well as placing all our war ships offshore to protect us. Then we let all these people who hate us anyway kill and maim each other instead of our American heroes.

This solves the deficit problem as well as the illegal alien problem.

Carl Cooper