The Curry Coastal Pilot

What some teens do with their time


In his letter to the editor (Pilot, June 18) Mr. Jim Collis asked "Where are the young adults/teenagers," as he referred to the tea party.

Well this letter is not about the tea party, but I think I know what "some" of those teens do with their time.

On Sunday, June 19 (Fathers Day), at 1:15, while my wife and I were in the Fred Meyer cafeteria area there were approximately 10 teens around one table acting loud and disruptive. A couple, it appeared were high or intoxicated and one girl andndash; (very dark hair, white T-shirt and blue denim shorts andndash; was so messed up she fell flat on her face while trying to get out of her chair and had to be assisted by a friend.

When this small band of local youth left, that area was trashed to include napkin containers on the floor. There is an old saying that for sure is not always true, but most of the time is, in my opinion: "If you want to know what the parents are like, look at the kids!"

God help America.

Jeff McMoran


Disappointed with Tea Party speaker


I attended the June 18 Brookings Harbor Tea Party meeting.

I appreciated the invocation in the name of God the Father, and his Son. I liked the pledge of allegiance to one nation under God.

I was disappointed in the keynote atheist libertarian speaker. I agree progressive income tax, centralized banking and the abolition of private property are part of Marx and Engels communist manifesto. However, what the speaker failed to mention is that our Founding Fathers' enumerated in the Declaration of Independence that our unalienable rights come from God.

The keynote speaker needs to read Andrew Breitbart's book, "Righteous Indignation." Breitbart is the blogger who discredited ACORN and congressman Weiner. Breitbart is not a deeply religious man, but explains in his book, we will not win the political war if we do not win the cultural war. Cultural Marxism is an attack against the Christianized West, as the obstacle standing in the way of a communist new world order. After WW I Marxism began attacking the Christian church, establishment schools, and conservative morals.

In my new book coming out January 2012, "Tea Party Culture War, A Conflict of World Views," I explain the tea partyandmiddot;cannot win the cultural war if we do not understand the root problem is a spiritual battle.

May God Bless America.

Steve Johnston


ASCAP royalty fee is extortion


The fee that ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) is charging the City of Brookings (Pilot, June 15) is nothing short of extortion.

If someone actually takes your song and makes their own recording of it and then tries to sell it, you might have a case. If I buy a record and play it at a party, should I be required to pay someone something extra? It's my record and I am using it for the purpose for which it was intended, for me to listen to. Until I am copying it and selling it, they have no claim.

This is equal to Craftsman charging the city because landscapers are making money off of the Craftsman lawnmowers. If a person was to copy the patented design of the lawnmower and then start selling them, that's a different story.

Either way, why should the city be required to pay anything? I'll be on the lookout for the ASCAP logo on anything I buy in the future. Downloading off of the Internet just became a little bit more attractive.

Michael Pundyk


Town needs a real American restaurant


Attention: When will somebody step up to the plate and develop and open a real American restaurant?

Take this as an example:; this is what people here in Brookings are craving for and this is what the people here deserve. I'm so embarrassed when friends and family come here to visit, they ask where's there a good place to eat around here?

Like I said I'm absolutely embarrassed. I've got to leave this town. ...

John Foley


Limit fireworks to July 4, for pets' sake


I applaud the letter from the lady at the animal shelter concerning how the fireworks affect our pets. I would however like to add a request.

I am among many pet owners who must tranquilize their pets during the Fourth of July fireworks because the noise upsets them so badly. My little dog just shakes uncontrollably at the first noise and her heart beats rapidly long after it is over. I cannot reassure her with words because she doesn't understand so I do what I can and I am not the only pet owner who has this problem.

Tranquilizers take up to an hour to work and it is not good for the animals to be tranquilized for long periods of time or frequently.

What is frustrating is, people who are already setting off fireworks and will continue to do so for many days after the Fourth, not to mention the fact that we cannot anticipate when these fireworks will sound off.

Please help our pets by limiting your fireworks to the Fourth or only one day on either side. Our animals would thank you if they could and we as pet owners would certainly appreciate it.

Carolyn Fulton