The Curry Coastal Pilot

Summertime in Curry County means traffic andndash; on the highway, in towns, in parking lots and in fast food drive-thrus.

Legions of RVs track through town, blocking visibility and slowing traffic to a crawl. The Port of Brookings Harbor, beaches, hiking trails and river spots are more crowded than usual.

It's easy for residents to become frustrated and curse "those darn tourists!" But a little patience and tolerance is needed here.

After all, many people who are now residents likely came here, at one time or another, as tourists.

There are some benefits to living in a place where people vacation.

Visitors, whether simply passing through or staying for awhile, help build up the county's economy, putting dollars in merchants' cash drawers and, eventually, county and city coffers.

Also, the sheer enjoyment these tourists take in visiting the coast is a reminder of what a beautiful place we live in andndash; and often take for granted.

So next time you talk with a visitor, ask them what they think of our area. Chances are you'll like what you hear and feel a little prouder of living of in such a special place. Perhaps you will even direct them to your favorite beach, trail or swimming hole.

If doing so still doesn't help sooth annual angst about tourists, just remember:

Come late September and October, when most visitors have returned to their regularly scheduled lives elsewhere, Curry County residents will have the beaches, rivers and roads all to themselves andndash; during the best time of the year!