The Curry Coastal Pilot

Closing Cat Cove not easy decision


I would like to take this opportunity to tell everyone that I am closing THE CAT COVE and to thank all my wonderful clients for their friendship, trust, and support throughout the years. It has been a great pleasure, and a lot of fun, taking care of your cats and dogs. They are, and always will be, very special to me.

Closing the Cove was not an easy decision to make, but I am looking forward to moving to California to a fantastic new life! So it is with mixed emotions that I say goodbye.

Town and Country Animal Clinic (541-469-4661) will be taking over my feline boarding business. I know they will love and care for your pets as much as I did.

In addition to closing The Cat Cove, I will no longer manage the "P.A.W.S. of Curry County" feline spay/neuter fund. So I want to say one final THANK YOU to everyone who has so generously donated their time, their money, and their services, and to let you all know how much it has been appreciated. Your generosity has saved so many lives. You should be proud of the love you've shown to the cats and kittens in our community. Please, please, please continue to spay or neuter your pets to help with the feline overpopulation in Curry County.

The funds that remain in the "P.A.W.S." account will be transferred to Town and Country Animal Hospital. Please contact them if you would like to donate or if you need assistance with a spay or neuter and they will let you know if "P.A.W.S." can still help.

Goodbye my friends,

Vicki Cooley

(via Carol Faron)

Brookings Harbor

Where are the young adults, teenagers?


The Brookings-Harbor Tea Party had several well attended events recently, standing room only at some.

But even though the discussion topics for these meetings affect everyone, the audience was predominantly senior citizens, many who, like myself, will be long gone 15 or 20 years from now. It's the young who will suffer or benefit the longest from the decisions being shaped in these events.

In political meetings, City Council meetings, Town Halls, the same situation prevails; of the last 25 letters to the Pilot, only about two were from people under 50. Where are the young adults, where are the teenagers?

The Declaration of Independence, in establishing the central premise upon which our country is founded, states that government exists (only) with consent of the people. The Constitution, later, gave government specific and very limited powers to secure these god-given rights. Now, we must be ever on guard to counter the common tendency of ambitious politicians to go beyond the powers thus given. Benjamin Franklin said, in effect : "We're giving you a Republic andndash; if you can keep it!"

Keeping anything close to what the Founding Fathers intended takes all of us, including you young people. I ask you: Are you happy with the direction your government is going? Are you willing to live with this for the next 50 or 60 years?

Young folks andndash; start paying attention! It's your wallet, it's your future life! it's your neck.

Show up. Be there!

Jim Collis


Shout out for helping local Christian school


Thank you, thank you to our community for the support you gave to the high school students of Brookings Harbor Christian School.

Not only did the Brookings Harbor Education Foundation grant us the funds for tickets to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, but businesses and individuals in the community supplied us with goods for our spaghetti feed to help with the traveling expenses.

A huge "shout out" to Ray's Food Place, Shop Smart, Grocery Outlet and Victoria Fike. You are the best!

Alec McBride, Dana Fike, Dane Hoover, Kimmy La Thorpe, Jeff Pettinger, Isaac Sanders, Brookings Harbor Christian School


Community comes to the rescue


Recently, my wife and I were assaulted at a laundry-mat in Harbor area.

I would like to thank Don and his wife, and Mable and her children, for stepping up as good citizens to put a stop to this unprovoked injustice. Thank you so much for coming forward when you didn't have to. You are an example of the community that will not allow thugs to have their way. Also thanks to State Trooper Dave who showed up promptly to help us, then chased and caught the ones responsible.

My wife and I recently moved here and wondered if we made the right choice. Thanks to folks like you andndash; we have! Thank you from us both.

Jim and Pat Hines


Thank you,Marge Woodfin


I read Marge's column in the paper today (Pilot, June 15) and I just want to pass kudos along to her for a story well written.

Wow, I hope all parents, which I know is not even reasonable, read this story. It was full of very factual, to the point, information that I think most parents don't think about. I would hope it would give parents a better appreciation for our local teachers especially.

We have an awesome group of teachers at our schools, which I know some could go other places to make more money, but it's their love of what they do and our beautiful area.

Thank you, Marge, for a great column. I am sure a lot of the staff at our schools appreciate it too. ...

Lorie Botnen