The Curry Coastal Pilot

Castles, kings and freedom of speech


I guess the White House has relocated to Brookings. The president, his staff and the Democrats would love to censor anyone who thinks for themselves.

Tomas Bozack wants to censor the right (Pilot, May 18), I wonder what would happen if the Pilot refused to print his letter.

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are rights guaranteed as a part of the Constitution. King Obama would love to have Mr. Bozack as part of his court. Jerry Dumphy could be the court jester, and we would have a castle full of comedians. Confusion will be the national motto and imported beer will be the commoners' drink.

Steins will be imported from China, lead poisoning will be the new plaque and we all can eat rice.

When the king levies a new tax, you will have to give up your first born; reason being, a shortage of jobs. Since the king thinks a moat full of alligators is funny, why don't we build one around the castle.

I think the revolution got rid of our last king.

Clifton Siemens


Local businesses help parade entry


As the driver of the old military truck in the Azalea Festival Parade, I would like to thank the people who furnished the materials to decorate the truck.

For three years Gold Beach Lumber Co. has donated plywood, 2 by 4s, red, white and blue paint, and lots of American flags. Fred Meyer gave camouflage paint to make the old truck look new again Pirate Energy Batteries donated new batteries to help the old girl start every time.

Thank you Bruce Brothers Construction for letting us use your truck every year. I would like to thank Sam Vitale and the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 757, for allowing an old Korean veteran the privilege of driving the 1966 military deuce and a half supporting your color guard. I would like to thank the patriotic people who stood up when the American flags passed by.

May God bless you.

Ray Bruce


Torture did not lead to bin Laden


In a letter to the editor (Pilot, May 25) Mr. Clay Dalrymple defends the use of torture by stating that "Leon Panetta, director of the CIA, was interviewed on Fox News and admitted that waterboarding gave us the courier's name for bin Laden and we got him.

This statement is not true. Torture did not provide the information that led to Osama bin Laden as many Republicans claim, and Leon Panetta never said it did.

Senator John McCain addressed this issue in remarks on the floor of the Senate on May 12. Senator McCain stated that Director Panetta directly told him that torture did not provide information leading to Osama bin Laden. Senator McCain went on to say that the information leading to bin Laden "was obtained through standard, non-coercive means, not through any 'enhanced interrogation technique.'

In short, it was not torture or cruel, inhumane, and degrading treatment of detainees that got us the major leads that ultimately enabled our intelligence community to find Osama bin Laden andhellip; Each side should make its own case, but do so without making up its own facts."

You can see Senator McCain's entire Senate statement: http://youtube/3I94Yb4KUic.

Tomas Bozack


Mutch: Leadership with a soul


Ms. Mutch is the assistant principal at Azalea Middle School.

She has worked for Brookings-Harbor School District for 11 years. I have worked with this outstanding educator for seven years and know that she is a hard worker, dedicated counselor, and a professional administrator. The staffs at every school that she has worked at appreciate her hard work and efforts that she delivers to the job.

Her position is being cut for the sake of saving money. A dean of students is being assigned to Azalea next year to take Ms. Mutch's place. So how much money is that going to save? I know that, if the superintendent would ask Ms. Mutch to take a pay cut, she absolutely would.

Ms. Mutch is elderly with a walking disability and most likely will not be able to find another job in the current economy. Doesn't seniority take precedence? I am wondering if she has a lawyer. I am sure she will recover after the bankruptcy, the foreclosure, and the depression. I don't think leadership realizes what will happen.

The staff should sign a petition to have her stay and be more proactive about what is happening by talking with the school board members. If the school board wants to know what is happening with the administrators then they need to talk to the teachers and staffs.

The superintendent should lead with a heart and soul and keep Ms. Mutch in her position and not keep moving all the new administrators around in the district.

Lenora Hall


Good grades equal right to undress?


Milt Gowman seem to think, because a student has good grades in school, it gives him the right to undress at a formal prom (Pilot, June 4).

Baloney! Milt, don't you realize dozens, and possibly hundreds of students have as good or better records and leave their clothes on. Another word besides "decency," enters the equation, this is "maturity."

If he enters any military academy with his individualism and immature attitude, he will be barbecued and march squares at midnight for a month.

Also, define the word, "Madoff ," and what's the connection?

Milt, I've known you for 40 years; don't dummy up on us now, OK?

John Yost