The Curry Coastal Pilot

Another successful library book sale!


As chairman of the Friends of the Chetco Library book sale, I would like to thank our community for another successful sale.

From those who donate their gently used books to the small army of volunteers who set up and sort, to the public for buying so many books. Thank you.

And on behalf of the Stout Mountain Railway Club I would like to thank those who braved the high winds to visit our little garden on Sunday. I would also like to thank the Brookings-Harbor Garden Club for honoring our garden as one of this community's treasures.

A Stout Mountain version of the Azalea Parade 2011, is now on You Tube.

Tony Parrish


A personal grudge against port official?


I have a question concerning an article written by Gail Schriven (Pilot, letter to the editor, May 28) in which she expresses concern that, "both the tenants (of the Port of Brookings Harbor and the public are suffering. ..."Ms. Schriven apparently feels there are safety issues which are not being met and holds the port manager responsible.

My question is this: What the heck is she talking about? Maybe she hadn't heard, but a large surge came our way in March and we lost several boats to sinking, others damaged severely and had several docks washed away. As a former "tenant" of A Dock, which is no more, I cansayfirsthand that the port personnel have been working hard to remove damaged docks, debris in the water and haul boats for repair. New personnel have been hired and power and water have been restored to many docks that lost power.

From the time of the tsunami to present theharbormasterand his staff, along with the port manager, have been working to bring life in the port back to normal. I have heard comments from visitors who were amazed at the good condition of the basins, given what they went through so recently.

I also remember seeing many boat owners working alongside port employees when the tsunami initially struck. I didn't see Ms. Schriven there. Maybe if she has a personal grudge with the port manager she can find another method to vent her displeasure and stop making vague accusations.

Mike Wiley


Applaud those who saluted our flag


I'm a Life Member of the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 757 here in Brookings.

I was riding in the back of the "deuce and a half" in the Azalea Parade.

I wish to acknowledge the many spectators who stood, removed their caps, and placed their hand over their hearts as the Flag of our Country passed in review. It was a real pleasure to see such respect shown to the Stars and Stripes.

I also wish to thank all of those who applauded, waved and saluted us as we rode by. It was the "Welcome Home" parade that many of us never had.

Allan Stewart


Shelter Dogs 'paws' to give thanks


Curry County Animal Shelter dogs would like to "paws" for a moment and say Thank You to the knitters of Brookings, the dispatchers at Brookings Police Department, Barbara B, Tracey, Susan Hockma, Susan F, and Peggy; to Jean Gordon and the Textile Group at Manley Art Center, Ang Kunzelmann, her friends Susan and Leslie.

To the Brookings knitters and crochet group, we cannot thank you enough. These fine folks knitted hats, scarves, potholders and made beautiful earrings all for sale at the shelter to help with Pennies for Pooches spay/neuter program. Everything is priced $15 and below; beautiful scarves for $5. You can't buy the yarn for that. It is the perfect place for children to shop, as the prices are very affordable, while helping out the dogs.

I cannot tell you how much we appreciate the hard work these people put into their knitted and handmade items. The final product will show how much compassion and love for animals these people have. The items spruce up the shelter and give us something to offer besides the best dogs ever.

Curry County Animal Shelter has come a very long way in the past couple years and all you folks out there who have donated, helped when we were overwhelmed, came to the shelter just to pet dogs, walk dogs or called to see what is needed, please pat yourselves on the back because if it wasn't for you we would not be the sanctuary we are. You have helped the dogs voices be heard.

Please remember if you have or know of anyone with a pit bull, Pennies for Pooches will pay to have it altered. No more homeless pets. Adopt from a shelter not a pet store.

Catherine Powers

Curry County Animal Shelter


Goldurn commie flibbertigibbets


Ma done named me Job. Yeah, like the fella in the Bible that hada tussle with his higher-ups.

The Good Book sez ain't nuthin new under the sun and that highfalutin President Wing Nut's been ahammerin me like I was some two-by-four. Ain't got no boils. I'm jus sayin it's that thar deja vu thingamajig all over agin.

Ya hearda Joe Six-Pack? That's what them snotty-nosed schmucks on TV call us workin stiffs. Big whoopitydo. I'm Job Sickathempackalies cause I'm a jobless Job. Whodathunkit. What with this here moniker I shouda been a shoo-in.

Folks say the devil's in them details but I reckon Beelzebub's done set up shop in y'all's pesky guvment and I'm takin it personal-like that Wing Nut's killin Jobs.

Ya know what sticks in my craw? Old Testament Job, he done rassle with Gawd Almighty. Whadda I got but a passel of goldurn commie flibbertigibbets.

Grace Laskey