The Curry Coastal Pilot

Thanks for helping my daughter, Evie


I am writing in response to the wonderful article you printed regarding my daughter, Evie!

I want to thank the Curry Coastal Pilot for their interest in her upcoming pageant. Scott, thank you for contacting me, and Bill, thank you for putting the article together so nicely. The community support means the world to our family, especially our 8 year old who has put a lot of work into this.

I also would like to thank the many wonderful people and businesses who have sponsored and donated to Evie's pageant fund. There is no way we could have continued this without your prompt and generous donations. You all were so happy to support her, and did not hesitate to do so as well as encourage her in this endeavor.

I want you each to know that your responses have made an impact, not just for Evangeline, but for our whole family! It feels great to know we take our business to such amazing members of this community. Words do not express our gratitude; but we want to send a huge, heart-felt Thank You to Tidewater Contractors, Suiter's Paint and Body, Muffler n' More, Les Schwab Tire-Brookings, Dan's Auto and Marine (Carquest), Brookings-Harbor Community Theater, Smith River Rancheria, Daryn and Alice Farmer of State Farm Insurance, Wild River Pizza and Brewing, as well as personal individuals: John Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Cockerham, Mr. and Mrs. Poponi, all of Brookings, and Mr. and Mrs. Capelle of Coarsegold, Calif., who all donated generously without hesitation. We will keep our wonderful community posted on how the event goes.

Thank you all for your support, encouragement and prayers!

Miranda Lampley


Driving etiquette around truckers


I was wondering if you would be willing to investigate and then list in an editorial proper driving rules and general etiquette when driving in front of or behind truckers.

I have seen so many near misses lately with impatient drivers trying to get around log trucks, road crews hauling equipment, etc.

Today was the worst and could have been deadly had the trucker I was following down Cape Sebastian into the Pistol River area not been paying attention. In short, "Dummy" (in a sports car) was behind me. I had a semi in front of me that had an oversized load consisting of a large tractor riding on a flatbed trailer. I held back, giving this truck plenty of room to negotiate the turns coming down the cape. As soon as we got to the bottom, "Dummy" floored it and passed me and the semi as we went into the curve at Myer Creek (bear in mind, there is not a passing lane at this location and its double yellows). "Dummy" had to cut back into the lane quickly to avoid a head-on collision with an oncoming vehicle he didn't see because of the curve. The driver of the semi had to hit the brakes and that tractor almost spilled. The oncoming vehicle also almost went off the side of the road trying to avoid "Dummy." Thankfully we all made it through and were able to continue on our respective courses.

I think people like "Dummy" need to be reminded of basic laws, some trucker kindnesses, and basic common sense when traveling our roads with the truckers. If you are willing, I think it would be good to do an editorial on this topic.

G.D. Henderson


BHSP thanks the community


The Brookings-Harbor Shelter Project (BHSP), an organization working toward establishing a women's and children's shelter in Brookings-Harbor, held its first fundraiser on Garage Sale Saturday.

We currently have a crisis line for women in need. Thanks to outstanding community support, we were able to raise sufficient monies to fund the crisis line for the next 10 months.

Our next fundraiser will be a car wash on Saturday, May 21, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., at Ray's Food Place, 906 Chetco Ave. BHSP will be working with the enthusiastic support of the Brookings-Harbor High School Leadership class.

Again, thank you for your generous support of our garage sale fundraising effort. We look forward to your continued support for this very important project.

Ellen Castille


Stop unnecessary killing of pets

Gentle Readers

Don't "Pimp your Pit"; join forces with Pennies For Pooches and our local veterinarians in an effort to put an end to unnecessary euthanizing of a breed that overwhelms shelters across the United States andndash; pit bulls and American Staffordshire terriers. These breeds are the first to die in a kill shelter.

Pennies for Pooches will help you get your pit bull altered. For information on how to not pimp your pit, please call the shelter at 541 247-2514 and ask about our pit bull spay/neuter program.

Pennies for Pooches wants your help in putting an end to homeless dogs. Please spay/neuter and get a dog from a shelter not a breeder. Shelters have "purebred" dogs. Think about it! What we called mutts now breeders are getting top dollar for. Help us help the dogs.

We are their voices, we are all they have; they are homeless.

Catherine Powers

Curry County Animal Shelter

Cruisers looking for classic, antique cars


Calling all "Garage Queens."

Got a classic or antique car in your garage, shed or barn? Bring it

out and show it off at the Curry County Cruisers Car Club's 17th Annual

Azalea Festival Community Benefit Car Show Sunday, May 29, at the Port

of Brookings Harbor.

It doesn't matter if your vehicle isn't in perfect condition. This is

not a concours d'elegance, it's about folks having fun, sharing

stories, showing off cars and supporting your community. We know that

there are many nice classic and antique cars hidden around the Brookings

area (your neighbors snitched you out!). We'd really like to see them

and talk about them. And, who knows, you might even win a trophy!

Last year, as a result of the show, the Curry County Cruisers were

able to donate $5,000 to local non-profit organizations. With your help,

we can donate even more this year.

For more information Go to Or call Tom Lee at 707-487-0611.

Ron Townsend

Smith River

Thank you Brookings Harbor Rotary


Bruce Cockerham and I would like to thank President Doug Walker and

Program Chair Jan Ramelli of the Brookings Harbor Rotary Club for

inviting us to speak about The Compassionate Friends (TCF) organization

and local chapter.

The vision of TCF, an organization offering friendship, understanding

and hope to families in which a child has died, at any age and from any

cause, is that "all who need us will find us and all who find us will

be helped." That vision is furthered by providing information about TCF

to members of the Brookings Harbor Rotary Club.

Georgia Cockerham, leader, Northwest Coast Chapter TCF


Justice served at expense of students?


Next month, thousands of Oregon public school teachers will lose their jobs.

But the state will be hiring more prison guards.

Oregon's Measure 11 law, where the first time offender gets the same

amount of jail time as the previously convicted felon, has resulted in

an increase in the state's prison population.

Clearly our state lawmakers must answer the question: Is justice

being served at the expense of cutting funding for Oregon public


Joe Willett


GOP lineup: Moe, Larry and Curly Joe


Republican candidates: What a lineup.

We've got Moe, Larry and Curly Joe; I've seen more qualified at a three ring circus.

G.O.P., you're doomed. ...

Jerry Dunphy

Brookings Harbor

Congratulations to JV baseball team


I wanted to send a big congratulations out to the JV Baseball team at Brookings Harbor High.

They finished their season on May 15 with a record of 14-6. JV sports

are not always on the front lines of the sports section, and I didn't

want their efforts, or their record, to go unnoticed.

As the wife of the head JV coach Charles Jenkins, I had the privilege

of being at a lot of the games as well as talking for countless hours

throughout the season about this group of young men. It was a pure joy

to watch these athletes throughout their season. They really impressed

me with their work ethic, which is sometimes lost on this generation, as

well as their team chemistry. You could really tell this team loves to

play baseball, and had really great parent support!

They worked hard for my husband and assistant coach Tim Aldrich, and

their hard work paid off with an incredible record! This team is going

to be a force to be reckoned with as they continue with their high

school careers.

Thank you to the parents of these young men for supporting this team

with a new head coach, and I look forward to watching your sons continue

in the success that I know is simply inevitable!

Brittany Jenkins


Sentencing based on legislation, not judge


Please inform your readers that contrary to what was implied by the

article (the Pilot, May 4,) written by Mr. Corley, a judge does not have

discretion when imposing a lifetime revocation of a driver's license

for someone adjudicated of criminally negligent homicide and assault in

the third degree involving a motor vehicle.

It is a mandatory suspension set by the legislature and the Oregon

Revised Statutes which the judge must impose. The defendant may apply

for reinstatement in 10 years. Further it is a "B" felony, not a "D" as


Cynthia Beaman, Curry County judge


No straight answers from representatives


I recently sent letters to Senators Merkley and Wyden, and Congressman DeFazio regarding The American Community Survey.

The survey, from the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, asked well over 100

questions, some of which were private and personal. The survey came with

a warning that my response was required by law (Title 13, Sections 141,

193 and 221 U.S. Code).

The purpose of my letters to our elected representatives was to

complain about the survey's personal intrusion, the cost ( information

on line said the survey's cost is over $150,000,000 a year), and that it

should be stopped.

As of now, only Senator Merkley has responded. His letter to me

thanked me for my thoughts about the federal debt. He did not address

the survey at all.

Silly me. I thought that I would get a straight answer.

PS: Senator Merkley's mailing address is not as printed in the Pilot.

His stationery has an address of 313 Hart Senate Office Building,

Washington DC 20510

James Brock


What happened to dignity?


Re: Coastal Living, May 18, Brookings Harbor High School, Prom 2011, "A Night to Remember."

It is so sad to see what has happened to the dress code of the young

people attending this prom, and the young man who was crowned king hit

an all-time low.

What he was wearing, or rather not wearing, is that the latest in tuxedos?

In any case it was outrageous beyond words, and I am sure he will look back on "A Night to Remember" with anything but pride.

Marge Schmidt