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Want credibility? Stick to the facts


This letter is in response to a letter (Pilot, April 27) submitted by Carl Cooper.

Once again an individual in our area has chosen to argue an issue by quoting his interpretation of various sections of the health care act to achieve a meaning suitable to his viewpoint. We simply cannot pick and choose certain words in a document and twist them into verbiage that suits our individual opinion in order to make an argument.

If you want to have credibility, stick to the facts! Read the entire bill; then determine your position.

Donna Marcelino


Health care bill is a great start


In response to Carl Cooper's letter to editor, (Pilot, April 27) Obamacare is a good idea?

First off, several quotes are incorrect. Research shows much of what is being put down is not factual. The Health Care Bill is just the beginning of a long process of taking away from health care insurance companies strangling hold on our society. The naysayers are out in numbers, chiding alongside birthers, tea party andndash; all from the same stinky pot. The issue boils down to a minority of people just can't stand that. "We The People" actually voted back in 2008 for a different person to lead us out of the Bush, Cheney, Rove debacle.

Donald Trump's ranting is a great embarrassment to the Republican party. The campaigning little anti-Obama groups, if they actually got their way, would not only allow privatized Social Security, but would undermine a great chance to have a real health care program. We saw what happened to the stock market, and if Bush had gotten his way Social Security as we know it would be gone. And all the retirees would be out on the street or going back to work.

So instead of bad-mouthing everything our great president is trying to do, open your eyes and let go of the bigotry, and join the majority of Americans in supporting a great leader.

Gary Davis


Dynamic volunteers at medical center


There are some new faces at Curry Medical Center and they are the faces of the Volunteer Auxiliary, who meet, greet, and guide you when you come to our new clinic.

Would you like to be a part of this dynamic volunteer force?

Please contact Moira Fossum, Community Relations Curry Medical Center at 541-661-5126.

Come and help Make a Difference!

Moira Fossum

Community Relations

Curry Medical Center

1115 Fifield Street


Where have all the beggars gone?


Has anyone noticed that our shopping center corners have been pretty much free of people begging with their sad faces and signs?

Last year every corner had someone begging on it. And their trash is still there! I do like to help them out with food or gift certificates. But has anyone noticed that we still have a local beggar? She drives her minivan to the Grocery Outlet parking lot, and will sit there for hours holding her sign and looking as sad as a beaten puppy. I thought that Oregon had some sort of ordinance concerning street begging. Even so, summer is coming and hopefully we won't see a surge in the street corner begging. And perhaps the lady in the minivan will check into the many services that I know she has been informed of by our social aides. Or maybe she will come see if we are giving out summer applications.

Good luck Brookings-Harbor. Summer is coming.

Tina Kirkpatrick


Facts that show others are lying


Last month I asked why you print lies such as those put out by Mr. Bozak regarding Social Security checks and Obamacare waivers and I forwarded the true facts.

You response was, "people ask why I print your lies." I challenge anyone to point out what facts I have provided that are lies. Of course there are facts and there are opinions.

The following fact is for Karen Holmes (Pilot, March 9): the U.S. Constitution, (Article 2 Section 3) does not give the president the power to decide which laws are executable and which ones can be ignored. Her explanation of the responsibilities of the various branches of government was hilarious.

This fact is for Lorama Malone: Last year Obama authorized the immigration into the U.S. of 80,000 Muslims by executive order. The Constitution, (Article 1 Section 8) enumerates this power only to Congress. She questioned my ability to reason by claiming I said Obama wanted to have Islamic law rule America. My letter of March 5 said nothing of the sort. I clearly said that is what the Muslims wanted. Her entire diatribe in both of her March letters was incompetent, irrelevant and immaterial. For proof of Obama's Marxist ties go online and search "Obama and Marxism" for a wealth of information.

The tsunami of March 11 that busted docks and sunk boats was not the one I predicted in my March 5 letter. That tsunami will bust and sink truth, justice and the American way and the future of America's children.

Arthur D. Larason


Make sure kids stay safe, sober


Today marks the end of Alcohol Awareness Month and I want to take this opportunity to thank Superintendent Brian Hodge, Principal Bryan Wood and especially English teacher Art Dingle for supporting the Through My Eyes essay contest.

And thanks to the 108 BHHS (Brookings-Harbor High School) seniors who wrote essays about the impact alcohol has had on their lives. Thanks goes out to the sponsors: Wild River Pizza, Fred Meyer, Words and Pictures book club, and for providing prizes, judging and running the contest, and to the Pilot for providing space in each issue during Alcohol Awareness Month for one of the winning essays.

The majority of parents say they want to be the ones to teach their children about alcohol, drugs, and sex, but the fact is that fewer than 20 percent do.

In the 2010 Oregon Student Wellness Survey for Curry County, 15 percent of sixth graders, 31 percent of eighth graders, and 55 percent of 11th graders drank alcohol in the last 12 months. Sixty-seven percent of 11th graders said that they wouldn't get caught by their parents if they did drink without their parents permission and 86 percent said they wouldn't get caught by the police, either. Furthermore, 74 percent of 11th graders, 52 percent of eighth graders and 23 percent of sixth graders have a best friend who has tried alcohol in the past year without their parents' permission. "Not my kids," you say. Maybe you don't know, but their friends do.

It's time you had another talk with your children about alcohol and drugs. Feeling uncomfortable or don't know what to say? Check out some ideas we've put together at to get the conversation started. Make sure your kids graduate and have a safe and sober summer.

Gordon Clay

Get 'Survivor' fix with commissioners


For all those "Survivor junkies" out there: You can be getting more episodes right on the Curry County website.

Watching recent commissioners' meetings is as entertaining as

watching Survivor on TV. Meetings are just like tribal councils where

the secret alliance manages to overcome the rest of the tribe (the

public) to blindside and vote out those who threaten to reveal the

secret alliance. Who will outplay, outwit and outlast to win the million

bucks? So far, despite overwhelming tribal (public) protest they have

managed to give themselves permission to vote out the people actively

engaged in economic development and spend that money themselves.

At yesterday's tribal council, they gave themselves permission to

spend that money in pursuing acquisition of Cape Blanco Airport. They

should continue to do well in the immunity challenges since they will be

physically fit from eating fine meals and restoring themselves at nice

hotels on that economic development money after they run out of county


Debbie Crumley was blindsided, then voted off to deliberately reduce

the powers opposing them; Dave Sanders managed to avoid the chopping

block again and they almost sent Julie Swift to Redemption Island to

fight for her life. In the secret footage, they managed to get tribal

approval on Wednesday for the brutality that already took place on

Monday. And all the while they are getting jury votes (budget committee)

by disguising their secret plan as savings.

Can't wait for the next episode.

Gary Cook

Gold Beach

Present current, correct information


Re: "Think Obamacare is a good idea?"

While I am personally opposed to "Obamacare," I believe the writer of

this letter has his facts incorrect. The bill he quoted is obsolete. I

believe the correct bill is HR 3590. Therefore, it is impossible to

check the facts as presented. I don't think the wording of the current

bill will support some of the accusations made in the letter.

When presenting arguments against something, it is important that we

present the current and correct facts. If I am incorrect, someone please

correct me, but I have a son who is involved in implementing some of

this bill and he referred me to HR 3590, which I am attempting to read.

However, it is very difficult for a layman to decipher government-speak.

If the accusations made are in the new bill someone please refer me to

the correct sections.

Myron Whiting


Thanks for helping Shabby to Chic


I would like to express my deepest thanks for continued variety of

quality donations from the Brookings/Harbor Community to the Shabby to

Chic Boutique, 702 Chetco Avenue, a ministry of the Outreach Gospel


We have been busy cleaning, reorganizing, and restocking for the

upcoming spring and summer days ahead. Please consider Shabby to Chic

with items that you may have left over from your personal involvement in

the Brookings-wide garage sale. Our donation days are Tuesday-Saturday,

12 until 4 p.m. The donations that we sell help us help others with

food, clothing and recovery programs.

Thank you for your support!

Amber Thrasher

store manager

High gas prices destroying economy


During World War II the Germans needed a lot of gasoline and oil to power their fighting machines.

In the beginning they didn't have access to enough oil wells but they

did have vast amounts of coal. So their scientists developed a process

to produce synthetic gasoline and oil from their coal.

The U.S. now has a president who insists on depriving the country of

oil so that he can have our automobiles powered by solar power,

windmills and other, as yet to be developed, power sources. The high

price of gasoline is destroying the nation's economy as well as the

budgets of its families.

The U.S. has vast amounts of coal, more than we can ever use at

current consumption. So why don't we use the existing technology of

making gasoline out of coal? And couldn't this be done by private


Is there any reason that the federal government would have to be involved in this process?

Alan Jensen