The Curry Coastal Pilot

Civil Air Patrol benefit was the best


Civil Air Patrol, Squadron 105 of the Oregon Wing had a benefit

breakfast at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Sunday April 17, and it was

a big success thanks to the Knights of Columbus of the Star of the Sea

Catholic Church.

I wish to thank everyone who volunteered to make this event such a

wonderful fund- raiser. Special thanks to all of the Knights who cooked

everything and also the volunteers who served and cleaned up as follows:

Commander Charlie Kresa, Vice Commander Ron Griswold, Cadet Commander

Karen Carr, Captain Thomas Moore, 1st Lt. Larry Mostachetti, SM Michael

Pierce, 1st Lt. Chris Swick, cadets Jason Francis, Holly Carr, Daisy

Carr, Kevin Golden and John Thompson.

Most of all, I wish to thank all who attended to make this such a great fundraising event for us.

2nd Lt. Darlene Reilly Thomas Civil Air Patrol-Squadron l05

Want to know what happened to our dog


My husband and I were out of town visiting doctors part of last week.

We had two dogs, who we left at home. We have had a very reliable

"critter sitter" since we moved here seven years ago. She had fed the

dogs Thursday evening and shut them in the back part of our fully-fenced

yard. Somehow Sadie, our black lab, got out of the yard, got into the

road and was hit and killed by a car.

As I understand it, the young woman who hit the dog ran to a

neighbor's house and the neighbor went out with her to look at the dog.

Sadie died about five minutes later.

The next morning the neighbor called the "critter sitter," who came

down and verified that it was our dog. She noticed that the dog license

and rabies vaccination tags were gone. Sadie was off the road, and too

large for the neighbor and the sitter to move. She called us. I got the

message about 11 a.m., when we had finished our grocery shopping and

were headed for home. I called the pet cremation facility that I had

seen advertised in the Pilot and they agreed to meet us at 4:30 p.m.,

and take Sadie to be cremated.

When we got home about 4 p.m., the dog was gone. I called the

crematorium, but the call was answered by a machine. The people arrived

on schedule. They were very understanding and sympathetic, and refused

the money we offered to pay for the gas and their time.

We would like to know what happened to our dog. We would also like to

thank our neighbor, Sarah, our pet sitter, Joy, and the people from the

crematorium for their sympathy, generosity, and understanding. We also

thank the people at the Gold Beach Animal Control who tried to find out

what happened to our dog.

If anyone can tell us, it would be appreciated.

Richard and Carolyn Smith

Gold Beach

Let's make some changes at the port


Would it be possible to have someone explain to us of the port

district in Brookings: Who selects, and how is the port director


At the time the current person was hired, it was understood to be a

very temporary assignment, also that those responsible for the task of

hiring a "real" port director would start the process immediately.

It appears the present person does not have the time, and maybe one

person does not have the time to take care of all the needs of that

position. If this is the case, maybe an assistant should also be hired,

giving up something less important.

The shop owners in the port are not being treated fairly. When paying

their rent, I am sure they figured in the income they could expect from

the various activities that regularly have been going on in the port.

If something stops an activity that is the ports' fault, I would expect

the port to reimburse me for my losses.

Let us hope that we never have another disaster, like the "Festival of the Arts."

I have been here in Brookings since 1974. Prior to moving here I have

lived in Eugene with a business equipment sales office there and in

Salem. Since living here I have worked in the Administration of School

District 17C for seven years, (and) spent several years on the City of

Brookings Budget Committee. I am 88-years-old, and in all that time I

have never seen such mishandling of a business deal!

Let's make some changes.

Harold Thiesen


Truth will triumph over the lies


Of course, there are times when a lie is used to a person's

advantage, but when it's used to the extent that this president has,

people will see through the facade and the truth will win out!

Hard-core Democrats that stay with their party do so because they

were raised with the stories produced by the press, the congressman they

support, the TV news anchor that mom and dad watch nightly. Their

hearts are with the left even when their mind says "Wow, my guy just

told a whopper. I hope it doesnt hurt him or my party." And it never

does because the press covers up the truth. To say the are Republicans

never lie is a lie within itself but you must admit when the right lies

they better be ready for a good pounding by the press. I could give you a

1,000-page article on how often this happens. Trent Lott, singing Happy

Birthday; Newt Gingrich, taxes, George W. Bush lies, Scooter Libby,

prison time for a Barry Bonds crime; Sarah Palin, need I say more?

On the left, we have Timothy Geithner, tax cheat, still appointed;

Chuck Schumer, three branches of government he didn't know; Eric Holder,

playing the race card with the Black Panthers; Napolitano on the border

problem, DeFazio and Merkley voting for Obamacare but wanting Oregon to

opt out on waivers.

Thank God the Curry Coastal Pilot doesn't fall into the category of

not printing a subject that's openly discussed by other outlets.

Jerry Brown, California's governor is right when he says our country has not been this divided since the Civil War

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

I will pay $200 to make festival happen


Pilot's front page (April 16) "Festival of Arts cancelled:" I will go

door-to-door and ask for $1 from 100 houses or whatever it takes. I'll

even pay the $200 the port says it needs for the additional cost of

services provided andndash; but please, don't cancel the festival this year or

any year. Give the people of our town a chance to volunteer to help and

make up the time you have already lost from April 1, due to extenuating

circumstances like the tsunami or the economy .

I'm begging you all in charge of this festival to think about all the

children, teens and young at heart people. We look forward to this day

and our town needs the financial benefit and goodwill this event brings

to this town.

I will volunteer my time to help do any grunt work needed by you: phone calls, mailings, etc!

Come on! Shake hands and come out fighting for this and let's all make this happen. Git R Done! Don't give up.

Gidge Blair


Play Scrabble and keep yourself young


Scrabble is a word game for people of all ages.

It sharpens cognitive skills, teaches new words and their meanings,

and keeps us young! I am hoping to find a local friendly Scrabble group

to join. Or, if there is none in our area, who would be interested in

starting one? Please call me.

Warren Krick


Taypayers left in the dark, asked to pay


A deputy sheriff is let go, an official of the school district suddenly resigns, both are given a departure payment with public money.

No one will even hint at the circumstances. Yet everyone in those organizations, which are like whispering galleries, knows, all of their friends, relatives and associates know, those on the "in" know. The only ones who don't know the reasons are the taxpayers who are asked to support these organizations.

Then they come around asking for special tax money to consolidate/expand law enforcement, support school programs, and wonder why they are turned down.

R. H. Morneau, Jr.


Port manager guilty of tunnel vision


Festival facts:

andbull;9,000 people visit;

andbull;100 artisans participate;

andbull;Large revenue sources for Brookings-Harbor.

Yes, it is a big deal for tourist trade. We are not having it this year because of bad communications on the part of Ted Fitzgerald. Actually it would be better to say, no communication!

The festival committee submitted their application to the port February 7. Traditionally they have received a response from the port within three days. After a few weeks of waiting, the chairwoman started calling and emailing Ted Fitzgerald. He did not respond.

Many sources have reported higher tourist traffic than usual since the tsunami. Every effort has been made to let the world know that Brookings-Harbor and the community still have a lot to offer. .

Ted Fitzgerald's response to the cancellation was surprise. Then he said that the tsunami had kept him too busy to work with the committee. Their application came in five weeks before the tsunami. He has no excuse for his intentional lack of communication. It is time to start looking for new leadership in the port. We need someone who likes people including tourist, recreational fisherman, commercial fishermen, liveaboards, locals, business owners. We need a new leader that can create a destination point for everyone. Ted may be good at paperwork, but he cannot handle the caring face-to-face work necessary to allow the port to grow and thrive. Start attending the port meetings and learn more about how Ted had tunnel vision.

Pamela Billington


Historical error in Pilot column


Bill Schlichting's April 20 column "What Easter means to me" makes an historical error. He implies that the Jewish people "... turned away" from their covenant with G-d and that only a "minority remained true to the faith."

According to the historian Josephus (who is respected by Jewish, Christian and secular scholars), during the 100 years that the Jewish people battled with the Roman Empire, who occupied ancient Israel, more than 50,000 Jews were crucified for being a political threat to the Empire. In that time period more than one million Jews died in battle or due to starvation because of the oppression of the Romans. Some of the Jewish people's greatest heroes came out of that period of time, including Rabbi Akiva, Hilel, Shammai, Gamaliel, and a rabbi called Joshua (translated as Jesus in Greek).

The Jews as a people never lost their faith, never gave in to the Romans, never left their covenant. Certainly, a tiny minority betrayed their people by cooperating with the Empire, but the Easter story needs to be told in its proper historical context.

After the Holocaust, it is important to tell the historical aspects of the Easter story accurately. Rabbi Jesus died because he was a Jew perceived to be a threat to the Romans, and not to his own people.

Rabbi David Zaslow

Havurah Shir Hadash Synagogue


Column perpetuates historical inaccuracy


A recent opinion piece "What Easter means to me" (April 20, Page 1B) by Bill Schlichting perpetuates some misunderstandings about events surrounding Jesus' death and resurrection. These misunderstandings can actually get in the way of Christians truly living the good news of Easter.

The most critical misunderstanding is that Jesus was condemned by "his chosen people." It should be remembered that Jesus and all of his followers at that time were Jews. Jesus was accused by a few religious leaders, a "Temple aristocracy," as Pope Benedict XVI described them in his book Jesus of Nazareth andndash; Part Two. They did not represent the Chosen People. It was, rather, the Roman Pilate who condemned Jesus to death, something the Jews could not do.

Twice Mr. Schlichting asserts that only a minority of God's chosen people of the Old Testament, the Jews, remained faithful to God. That was historically false before Jesus' time, and it is historically false today.

Catholics deplore anti-Semitism in any form. The message of the Gospels and of the Easter events is that "God so loved the world that he gave his only Son" (John 3:16). It is a message of a promise fulfilled, not a condemnation of any group of people.

Rev. John G. Vlazny

Archbishop of Portland

Democrats' symbol was aptly chosen


The Democrats also remind me of an animal, but it isn't a turtle!

Since when did it become the responsibility of government to create jobs? I always thought the government should enact laws, rules and regulations that encouraged individuals to create jobs. While the Republicans have "had the gavel" for 100 days in the House, how many private enterprise jobs did the Democratic House, Senate and president create while they "had the gavel" for the past two years? I think the symbol of their party was aptly chosen, and it wasn't a turtle.

Allan Stewart


Privately-owned police cars here?


Could it work here?

Some years ago while visiting the big Island of Hawaii, I was told the police cars were privately owned cars by the police officers. They were given an allowance for gasoline and routine maintenance once per month and provided their own auto insurance. They could paint their cars and outfit them any way they wished and were offered red and blue police lights and/or a siren if they wished to have one.

It had the effect that you never knew when a police car was behind you, so you automatically drove cautiously and not impaired in any way. I think our local insurance companies would offer a lower rate for not only police cars, but for the public as well. Could we consider this not so new idea?

John Baker


No festival? Are you kidding me?


No Festival of the Arts this year?

Are you kidding me? Because Port Manager Ted Fitzgerald couldn't respond to any phone calls or e-mails, because he was too busy! Do you realize what you have done, Mr. Fitzgerald?

RV parks and hotels/motels are going to get cancellations. Retail shops are restaurants will suffer greatly, So will gas stations, grocery stores, charter boats, campgrounds, etc. This might not sound like much to you, but it is huge for them! This is a tourist town. All businesses rely on events like this to get them through the harsh winter months. You took it upon yourself to decide that the businesses in this community don't need the revenue. Was that solely your decision to make?

How many people are on the board of commissioners for the Port of Brookings-Harbor? Do you not trust just one of these people to have made a phone call or answer an e-mail for you?

If you are so busy, why don't you delegate some of your many responsibilities to another commissioner and let them make these big decisions for you.

Karen Phelps


The entire system is out of order


I just love how some boring and dull letter writers accuse me of being out of order, without actually mentioning me by name.

I'm out of order? I'm not out of order; you guys are out of order!

This entire stupid system is out of order! Al Pacino is out of order! Whoo Wah!

Japan is dumping tons of nuclear waste into the Pacific Ocean and nobody even cares. Where is Al Gore, the bore, when we need him?

Some people get upset when I tell it like it is about the most over-rated president who ever lived, Ronald Reagan.

Thank God, Ronald Reagan fired all the traffic controllers in 1981. Everyone knows how safe the airlines have been since then.

There was that slight little setback in 2001, though.

Everyone knows that the airlines have been totally safe and efficient for the past 30 years.

I am certainly impressed at how the TSA continues this proud tradition in the Obama era. The TSA keeps us safe from all those 8-year-old terrorists and the air traffic controllers almost never fall asleep on the job.

I'm thankful that Obama's FAA is right on top of everything.

We certainly do need a fascist TSA to keep us safe from little kids, old people, snakes, and Samuel L. Jackson.

I can smell what Barack is cooking!

Joe Thomas


Don't believe lies about Social Security


Don't believe the lies being spun in Washington and the media that Social Security is running out of money, that it needs "fixing."

The same people who tried to privatize Social Security before andndash; Wall Street and insurance companies andndash; still want to get their hands on that money. Here's why.

Far from being broke, the Social Security Trust Fund owns interest-paying U.S. Treasury Bonds, just like private investors and other governments, including China.

Would these investors buy and hold U.S. Treasury Bonds if they were worthless? Of course not. In fact, it's the Social Security Trust Fund bonds andndash; plus the interest they earn and our Social Security payroll deductions andndash; that the privatizers want to get their hands on.

They'll do anything, say anything to accomplish that goal. Don't believe them.

Our real financial crisis stems from the foreclosures wrecking the housing market, a crisis caused by the same people who now want to "fix" Social Security.

Joseph Hougnon


Horel has my vote


I would like to encourage the Curry Coastal Pilot and all residents of Brookings-Harbor School District 17-C to join me in endorsing Bob Horel for School Board Position No. 1.

Mr. Horel's vast experience as an educator, administrator, and financial officer makes him an outstanding candidate that our community is fortunate to have. His current position on the board means he is well versed regarding issues currently facing the district, and there would be no need to bring him "up to speed."

A recent article in the Pilot expressed concerns by district personnel about high rates of turnover in administration, so keeping current board members in place is called for. The fact that his fellow board members selected Mr. Horel to act as the board chairman indicates they respect his experience and admire his leadership. When your May election ballots arrive, vote for Bob Horel for Brookings-Harbor School District 17-C Board Position No. 1.

Arthur Dingle


Selfishness reigns at the crosswalk


I am thoroughly disappointed in the many who refuse to see pedestrians waiting patiently at the crosswalk.

Often, I am one of the pedestrians, but this afternoon, I had to watch an older gentleman stand at the crosswalk, in the rain, with a grocery bag in each hand. No less than 20 vehicles passed through the intersection, ignoring him (and my blaring horn) completely. Your errands are not more important than his well-being. Your sacrifice of 20 to 30 seconds is not too much to require. Unless your vehicle comes with lights and siren, stop! Don't push us across by rolling toward us as we walk. I would be more than happy to slow down. Muster up the patience, because typically, I won't wait for you to decide to stop. At one point, I thought most violators were out-of-state. Hense, my silence. But selfishness reigns supreme here as well.

Refute this by stopping for every pedestrian at a cross walk. Please, prove me wrong.

Shawna Lynn


What is Paws on Parade, you ask?


Paws on Parade, you ask? What is that?

This is our biggest fundraiser the South Coast Humane Society has to help the animals at the shelter. It is involved with the Azelea parade and festival. What we do is to have individuals come and participate in walking in the parade proudly with their own dog or walking a shelter dog. You will be walking to raise money for the cause by sponsoring yourself and getting sponsors from your friends, family and neighbors.

If you decide to join the fun to walk with others in the parade and get your sponsors, we all will be wearing the T-shirts to show the support of the businesses and the pride of those who sponsors us. Your help will provide care for the surrendered, strays and abandoned animals in our community, and will allow us to continue with the low-cost clinics and other programs that benefit the pets. It is because of people like you with the kind heart that we can find homes in which they will finally be loved again. Sign up at the shelter and get your sponsor sheet too andndash; Tuesday through Saturday, from noon to 4 p.m.

So, hope to see you come and walk with us and with your furry friends, and in doing so support our South Coast Humane Society. See ya there!

Beverly Duncan