The Curry Coastal Pilot

Things appear to be going from bad to worse for the Brookings-Harbor School District. Not only is the school board facing an unprecedented financial crisis, union negotiations and the surprise resignation of its business manager, it is now facing what it calls serious "personnel problems in the district."

In fact, the school board is so concerned about these problems that it held an executive session on Monday to discuss it, but you are not going to read the juicy details here.

Oregon public meeting law allows school boards and other government entities to meet in executive session to discuss issues such as litigation and personnel matters. The media is allowed to attend such meetings but is not allowed to report what was said or done unless authorized by the board.

However, we can report what the board voted to do coming out of Monday's executive meeting. They invited an official from the Oregon School Boards Association to lead a public training workshop sometime next week. That in itself should tell you how serious things might be.

While we can't divulge the details of Monday's executive meeting, we can speak in general terms about what constitutes a "personnel issue." Boards usually convene behind closed doors to discuss complaints filed against any board member, district administrator or employee. The board may consider and ultimately approve disciplinary action, if warranted.

It is always disheartening for those invested in our public schools to learn of internal strife within those hallowed halls. It is even more difficult to report on it, but we will.

The one thing we can hope for is that school board members will set aside any personal feelings about specific individuals and follow established protocol, making decisions based purely on what is best for the teachers, employees and, most important, the students.