Marge Woodfin, Pilot staff writer

I can't remember how many times I've heard Brookings residents say, or have said myself, "This is a generous community."

It is, it really is, and you all know it.

Look at all the volunteer services and donations of time, money and expertise extended to brighten the lives of those who fall upon hard times and have pressing needs.

Recently, another "busy body," one of the community's strong believers in helping others, came up with a new opportunity for those of us who like to help.

As an aside, I read recently that the word "opportunity" means an open door, and Brookings "busy body" Linda Bozack just opened another door to help her friend, Deborah Dudley, open an account at Chetco Federal Credit Union. The account was created for donations from those who would like to help her friend recover from serious injuries sustained last month.

Bozack explained, "Our friend, Deborah Dudley, was hit by a car while crossing the street. We (the "we" is Linda and her husband Thomas) have been helping her since she returned to her home after her hospital stay in Coos Bay, and now we're realizing that we don't have the resources to give her the help she needs for a full and successful recovery."

According to Bozack, Dudley has no car, very limited funds and injuries that require therapeutic equipment and medication to heal correctly. Dudley also is in need of transportation to and from treatment.

Bozack understands that those who suffer from head injuries need peace of mind, and Dudley has no peace as long as she is worried about how she can afford adequate medical treatment.

Dudley said, "It's a perfect storm, a cruel situation, when you have unmanageable pain and need help and are in personal poverty."

Dudley was using the crosswalk at the intersection of Chetco Avenue and Fifth Street when she was hit by a vehicle.

"I was unconscious so I don't know what happened," Dudley said. "I was in the hospital in Coos Bay three days and three nights and I had surgery on my nose."

She said it was only because of the generosity of the Bozacks that she was able to get dental care for damage to her jaw and teeth.

"Without the Bozacks I don't know what I would have done. They paid $248 for the dentist," Dudley said.

Bozack said Dudley lives alone and has no family here. "She really needs help," she said.

Dudley insisted that she wants the word to get out about the difficulty in receiving medical treatment in this community for those without funds. She hopes that information about her struggles may help others in the same situation.

Debi Leighton, in the newly-opened Salvation Army office in Harbor, said that her organization was unable to help with Dudley's medical bills at this point, but could possibly offer assistance for rent or utilities if needed.

Anyone interested in walking through the door to aid Dudley in her recovery may make a donation at any branch of Chetco Federal Credit Union in the Deborah Dudley account.

I'm eagerly waiting to check on the account next week to see how many of our friends and neighbors have stepped up to walk through that door of opportunity.