The Curry Coastal Pilot

Lack of logic, reason potentially dangerous


Now my issue is with you, dear editor: While I genuinely appreciate you providing a venue for varying views, your bold-faced lead-in to my letter, "President is not a hardcore Marxist (Pilot, March 9)," misrepresented the intent of the letter.

It was to point out the illogic of arguing that President Obama is both a Marxist and supportive of a Muslim takeover of the U.S.A. I was not arguing against either point, although both can be easily disproven by examining the personal history, writings, and observable behaviors of the president. A more accurate lead-in would have been: "Lack of logic irksome." It is not clear whether the inability to reason, to examine data logically and critically, and to be aware of and correct for one's biases is epidemic in our society, or just characteristic of a more vocal minority, but it bodes ill for preservation of our democratic ideals and, potentially, our survival. (A suggested lead-in for this letter: "Lack of logic and reason potentially disastrous.")

Thank you for your attention to my issue.

Lorama Malone


NASCAR drivers give money to charities


I would like to respond to the letter from Gary Carter (Pilot, March 9) regarding sponsorship the NASCAR drivers receive.

Even as a fan I would be the first to agree with Mr. Carter if he had all the facts. Agreed, there is a lot of money involved to support a driver who simply "drives around in circles for a living." However, do you even have a clue as to how much these same drivers give back?

Just to name a few: Jeff Gordon gives over $1.5 million to "Feed the Children" and another million to feed the seniors. He has additional foundations including finding a cure for pediatric cancer. Tony Stewart donates over $730,000 in grants to 21 states. Organizations serving children have received $467,000 while abused animals get $174,000. And let's not overlook the races he sponsors for the "Victory Junction Gang Camp" for kids with chronic medical conditions andndash; the drivers receive no pay whatsoever

One of the drivers singled out was Dale Jr. This young man has too many foundations to mention. Two being "Make a Wish" and the Ronald McDonald Hospital. This only scratches the surface with what the remaining drives do and the millions donated by the team owners.

I can tell by his remark "driving around in circles for a living" he is not a fan of the sport. We all have our likes and dislikes; that's what makes this country so great. These guys are giving back to the community and while they're at it you don't see them getting arrested for DUIIs, rape or cock fighting.

Mary De Armond


My view on sheriff's office settlement


I simply would like to give my input concerning the Ted Longton v. Curry County Sheriff's Office settlement article.

There were statements said in the article about our sheriff and staff that were absolutely untrue. I am a Curry County Sheriff Office employee and proud of it! I moved to Curry County to "specifically" work for Sheriff John Bishop and his Undersheriff Bob Rector. They both have an impeccable leadership reputation and I wanted the opportunity to work and learn from their example. Both of these gentlemen have not disappointed me with that reputation, nor have the rest of their command staff and deputies.

I guarantee if someone has been terminated from a position under Sheriff Bishop's command, it's because they have violated one or more of those expectations. I know Sheriff Bishop absolutely hated to have to carry out those duties! Should you expect anything less from the rest of us at the sheriff's office? I'm disgusted at how the article neglected to tell both sides of this story and twisted words about the outcome. I'd like to express that our sheriff absolutely does not promote a hostile working environment. As many of us, I work here because I want to! None of this is truth and I think our community needs to know that. I consider it an honor and privilege to work for Sheriff John Bishop, with the sheriff's office staff, and for our community in Curry County. I am appalled at this article, and it's time to stand up for what is accurate and the truth!

Anita Great

Gold Beach

Extra goes to food bank, not the pets


To assume makes an ass out of you and me.

Patricia Aboud (Pilot, March 5) assumes I am not an animal lover; she is wrong.

Our family has cared for two dogs, three cats, two guinea pigs, a gerbil, many fish and a turtle. I believe they lived a good life. I do not speak animal so I will not assume that is a fact.

Life, at times, does not allow one to have pets. Pets are not humans and require attention we cannot provide at this time.

I visited the cat hotel in Gold Beach. I have looked at page after page of animals who need a home; I have read all the stories of animal abuse; I have seen dozens of dogs locked up in cars or chained in the back of pick-ups. I have watched cats hunt and kill birds. I have seen folks walk their dog without any intention of cleaning up their mess. I don't intend to make an ass out of myself, so I will not assume they are pet lovers.

Because I pay attention, I know there are seniors eating cat food, I know there are children and adults who don't have enough to eat, some have no home, some have little clothing, and some are abused.

Forgive me; the extra we have goes to the food bank, not to buy pet food. There is so much light in my life, I wear sunglasses.

Clifton Siemens


Tsunami-hit port, area in our prayers


My husband and I just want to let our hometown community of

Brookings-Harbor know that we're praying for all affected by the recent


Anthony and I moved out of the area in 2006 when he enlisted in the

U.S. Navy. We are now proudly serving out of Washington state, and he'll

be deployed shortly to assist with diplomatic relations overseas.

We really miss our tight-knit community of Brookings and everywhere

we go, we hold you all in our hearts. Stay safe and know we're praying

for you.

Anthony and Amanda Tirado

Lake Stevens, Wash.

Heartfelt sympathy and thanks for all


Thank you as the City of Port Orford Emergency Services Liaison, and

having been through Crisis Leadership and Emergency Training for Elected

Officials through FEMA and Department of Homeland Security, I would

like to thank Port Orford City Administrator Michael Murphy for his

diligence last Friday during our Tsunami Warning.

Although the Tsunami had little impact on Port Orford, we can never

be too careful with a Pacific Coast Tsunami Warning. I would also like

to thank Sheriff Bishop and his deputies for their preparedness, Port

Orford Police Chief Combs, Brookings Police Chief Wallace and Gold Beach

Interim Police Chief Gionvannetti as well as all of Curry Counties Fire

and Emergency Services employees and volunteers.

The devastation to the Ports of Brookings Harbor and Crescent City is

unprecedented and will take some time to repair. Like you, my heartfelt

sympathy goes out to all of the families that are impacted by this

tragedy across the Pacific and to our friends and neighbors here at

home. I ask all of you to please keep this tragedy as a reminder. If you

live inside the Tsunami Inundation Zone, try to keep blankets and water

in your vehicle, and if you feel the ground shake, move to high ground

immediately. If you do not know whether you live within the Tsunami

Inundation Zone, please stop by city hall or go online and look at the map. Again, my heartfelt prayers to

all who have lost during this tragedy.

David Brock Smith

Port Orford

Thank you port, Coasties for effort


We would like to recognize the employees of the Port of

Brookings-Harbor, the U.S. Coast Guard and the volunteers who have been

securing the boats and docks at the boat basin.

In just two days since the tsunami surge they have completed a

tremendous amount of work and put in a lot of hours in "not so nice

conditions." I know the port employees do not always get the respect

they deserve from our community and their pay isn't the greatest, but

they have really shown their true worth during this emergency. The

"Coasties" are again doing a fantastic job with trying to keep us safe.

Thank you, and keep up the good work as you are appreciated by most of

us boat owners.

Ken Martin

Sharon Hartung


Are you prepared to survive catastrophe


Are we really prepared?

I am currently in Japan and after living through the Japan

earthquakes, aftershocks and tsunami, I have a few observations that

apply to Brookings-Harbor and the coastal communities:

andbull;A large number of elderly in the coastal towns were not able or did

not leave at the sound of the tsunami sirens. Does Brookings have a plan

to provide transportation for elderly residents in the tsunami zone?

Have the residents who cannot get out on their been identified?

andbull;Due to the speed of the tsunami, "shelter in place" in tall

buildings was used versus trying to evacuate the town. Are there any

buildings able to be used as "shelter in place" evacuation points in the

tsunami zone?

andbull;Japan regularly conducts evacuation training exercises for the

residents, more than just testing the sirens. Could that type of

exercise be conducted in Brookings-Harbor?

Keep in mind that the Japan tsunami was over 30 feet tall; think

about that. No power, no phones, no water and no food coming into those

communities. Are you really prepared for self-sustained living?

Patrick Delaney

San Diego

Marines who gave their lives this week


So much garbage seems to find its way in front of me, whether or not I want it.

I thought this was an honorable perspective: Lindsay Lohan is 24 and

her story is all over the news because she's a celebrity and a drug

addict. Charlie Sheen is all over the news because he is a celebrity and

has multiple issues.

While Justin Allen 23, Brett Linley 29, Matthew Weikert 29, Justus

Bartett 27, Dave Santos 21, Jesse Reed 26, Matthew Johnson 21, Zachary

Fisher 24, Brandon King 23, Christopher Goeke 23, Sheldon Tate 27 are

all U.S. Marines who gave their lives this week for us.

There is no media for them. Not even a mention of their names.

John 15:13 andndash; No one has greater love than this, to lay down one's life for one's friends.

Don Sparlin


Yes! That's the way to help our economy


I was so happy to note an ad from our major retail establishment advertising decorative pillows "Made in Oregon, USA."

That's the way to help our economy andndash; and my son's business in Portland giving jobs to 200 Oregonians.

Jean Layton


Exposing dirty side of U.S. foreign policy


The U.S. military is seeking to make an example of Bradley Manning,

who is accused of releasing classified information about war crimes and

government corruption to the Wiki-Leaks website.

After eight months of solitary confinement, physical and

psychological abuse, 23-year-old Private First Class Bradley Manning was

recently charged with an additional 22 charges, including a vague

allegation of "aiding the enemy," which is punishable by death. The

military has not said who the enemy is or how they were aided. I believe

the real enemy of our government's policies abroad is public opinion at


Bradley is accused primarily of releasing to WikiLeaks the famous

Collateral Murder video depicting the killing of journalists and wounded

civilians by an Apache helicopter in Iraq. The new charges include th

Afghan Diaries, the Iraq War Logs, and additional U.S. diplomatic


These documents have added significantly to public knowledge of war crimes, civilian casualties and government corruption.

Reportedly, the Army has not been able to establish any connection

between Bradley Manning and Assange or WikiLeaks, and Bradley has not

cooperated with the prosecution. It's likely that the military has

little evidence to convict Bradley.

The U.S. government is sending a message to all those who would dare

expose the dirty underbelly of U.S. foreign policy: You are now our

enemy and we reserve the right to kill you. This is a desperate stance

for any nation to take.

Mike Martin


Tsunami, a taste of what could happen


This week has been quite out of the normal. Nothing, compared to the

happenings in Japan and the people who are suffering so badly.

We had a little taste of what could happen here which is, I have to

say, a little on the scary side. My husband, my two beloved doggies and I

all evacuated and went to higher ground, along with a lot of others. It

was amazing how people were so comforting and knew we were in the same

boat together. I think what will stick in my mind was the generosity and

the show of such compassion of the grocery store, Grocery Outlet. They

had given out free coffee and pastries to all of those who were cold and

waiting in the parking lot until it was safe for all to return to their


I truly want to thank the manager of the store for caring and going

that extra mile for the people in this community. I know my thanks is

only a little, compared to all those who were grateful for the care you

showed us all on that frightful morning.

Let us not forget about the people and the animals that are left

alone and scared in Japan too. Thank you so very much, and be safe


Beverly Duncan


Reagan did a good job. Oh really?


Right-wing dorks like Limbaugh, and "Crybaby Beck" always talk about

what a great job Ronald Reagan did in keeping "Khadaffy Duck" of Libya

in his place. Oh really, Poindexter?

Ronald Reagan kicked the bucket in 2004. Khadaffy Duck of Libya is still alive and kicking, last time I looked.

Right-wing nerds claim that Khadaffy Duck of Libya took down that Pan

Am flight in 1988. Why would he do that if Ronald Reagan kicked his

butt so badly? Ronald Reagan managed to kill a whole bunch of people

down in Libya in 1986, but he did not get the job done when it came to

killing Khadaffy Duck of Libya. What a miserable failure!

Right-wing dorks on the radio scream in orgasmic pleasure about Reagan eliminating the communist menace during the 1980s.

Let's take a look at that. The CIA should take a bow for putting Osama bin Laden on the payroll.

Thank God that Osama bin Laden and his Islamic Nazi buddies drove the Soviets out of Afghanistan in 1989.

Thank you Osama bin Laden! Thank you Ronald Reagan!

I say we should give thanks to Osama bin Laden for his help in

defeating the communist menace. The Ronald Reagan National Airport

should be renamed the Osama bin Laden Airport.

Oh sure, some people are still upset at bin Ladin for that whole Sept. 11 thing but they will get over it in time.

After all, if George W. Bush could forgive Khadaffy Duck for the Pan

Am bombing why can't everybody else forgive Osama bin Laden for Sept.


To forgive is devine.

Joe Thomas


Will taxing the rich solve our problems


One hundred five billion, four hundred and sixty million dollars,

that's the amount the Obama healthcare bill had hidden inside that was

only found the first week in March 2011.

President Obama has full power to release that amount when needed to

keep the bill solvent and not one congressman had a chance to read it

before voting andndash; thank you Mr. DeFazio, Merkley, and Wyden.

The above is a true statement along with this. February 2011 more was

spent in our budget andndash; not yet approved by Congress andndash; during that month

than we spent for the entire 2007 budget year.

For those of you that want to tax the rich for more than they already

pay (70 percent of our taxes are paid by those that make more than

$250,000 a year). I want you to have this conversation with yourself. If

we tax the rich as much as you want to, do you think it would stop the

Democrats from spending more than they collect?

Teresa Dalrymple

Gold Beach

What I believe in for all of us


Mr. Larason, this is to answer the questions you asked of me (Pilot, March 5).

I do know what this world is about, but I like to think that we can

all act like Christians, but some of us have a little harder time doing

that. I know some days I do. Maybe the following will help you

understand me and what I believe in for all of us:

"People are often unreasonable, irrational and self-centered. Forgive

them anyway. If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish ulterior

motives. Be kind anyway. If you succeed you will win some genuine

friends and some genuine enemies. Succeed anyway. If you are honest and

sincere people will deceive you. Be honest and sincere anyway. What you

spend years creating, others could destroy overnight. Create anyway. If

you find serenity and happiness some may be jealous, Be happy anyway.

The good you do today will often be forgotten. Be good anyway. Give the

best you have and it will never be enough. Give your best anyway. In the

final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and

them anyway." andndash; Mother Teresa.

I think Mother Teresa left this message to us advising us to live our lives in a kind and forgiving way.

Diane Higuera


Disaster help from FEMA? Yeah right


Tsunami disaster help from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)?

Don't tell the tea party goers, they're against all government funding even when disaster strikes.

Mark Wahlburg

Gold Beach

Fast response during tsunami


The staff and management at Sea View Senior Living Community would

like to express our heartfelt thanks to all of our civic providers in

Curry County for their fast response and dedication during the recent

tsunami warning.

Our residents were not only safe and comfortable, but they felt

secure knowing that all our providers were actively working to protect

not only the port area, but all areas within the danger zone. In the

midst of some panic and fear in our community, they were able to feel

confident that all would be well.

We would also like to thank the Red Cross for allowing Sea View

Senior Living to be a safe haven for those that may have been displaced

during this situation. We are grateful that our emergency systems allow

us to help our neighbors in need.

We feel fortunate to be a part of the Brookings-Harbor community.

Jim Fuller, executive director Sea View Senior Living Community

A crushing defeat for the Democrats?


For years, the left accused President Bush of shredding the

Constitution with the Patriot Act, Guantanamo detainments, rendition of

the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

But when President Obama adopted those policies as his own, liberals suddenly went as silent as Al Gore during a blizzard.

Now, our president finds himself in contempt of court over two

federal judges' decisions on his healthcare bill and he is now ignoring

the vote of last November and fighting the budget conservative tea party

members have admirable fought and won.

Scott Walker, Republican governor of Wisconsin, has a fight on his

hands with the Democratic-funded unions using taxpayer money for the

finest healthcare and retirement benefits ever devised by mankind. The

unions pay nothing nor do the members; it's all payed for by the

Wisconsin taxpayer andndash; Democrat, Independent or Republican. As a union

member you are forced to pay membership dues which support Democratic

candidates only. Wisconsin Democratic senators are only hurting

themselves by leaving the state and being cowards. If they continue to

play this game and Walker is forced to layoff 1,500 workers after his

continued warnings, it will be a crushing defeat for Democrats across

every state in the union.

Democrats think they're winning the voters' feelings and we may not

know until the next election, but keep in mind all press except

right-wing radio and Fox News is giving false pollings and reports. It's

exactly the same as when President Obama ran for the highest office in

the world. Nothing was said about his socialist andndash; Marxist past and you

can forget about the birth certificate! It was the most comprehensive

media failure in American history.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Special plane out of area during tsunami


Brookings Civil Air Patrol Cessna 182 (3634N) speaker equipped

aircraft was temporarily assigned to a squadron near Portland to fly a

demonstration flight for local emergency services personnel.

It was scheduled to be returned to Brookings on the very same day

that the tsunami occurred. Rousted out of bed at 5 a.m., the Portland

crew took to the air to alert the highly populated Columbia River boat

traffic. My hat is off to that dedicated crew.

Unfortunately, our Brookings crew was unable to do the same without this very special aircraft.

34N touched down from Portland at the Brookings airport at 4 p.m.,

refueled and was placed in standby status. So far, no serious

aftershocks have occurred, but I want the good people of Brookings and

Crescent City to know that we are here, standing by.

As you can see, we are in dire need of more than one speaker equipped

aircraft! This squadron is doing all that it can to raise the funding

for a second public address system. If you feel the need to help us,

please stop by our booth during the upcoming Azalea Festival.

I wish to salute all of the local emergency response teams, you did a great job! Keep up the good work!

Capt. Charles Kresa

South Coast Squadron Commander

Smith River

Thanks, Marge, for your perspective


Dear Ms. Woodfin, I very much enjoyed your column (Pilot March 16).

I appreciate the social skills reminder, and have cut out and posted

the "Ten Commandments of Good Manners" on my bulletin board. It is easy

to forget those things that my parents taught me.

I hope that there are young persons out there who will appreciate

your "senior perspective" as much as I do. Keep them coming, please, and

thank you!

Cindi Beaman