The Curry Coastal Pilot

Honest citizens

do exist today


In these day of media reported "doom and gloom," skyrocketing fuel prices, counties scratching to stay afloat and provide services, rising food costs and general unrest in the rest of our world, it is very refreshing to be able to report a real "feel good" story that happened here in our small, but close-knit community.

Last Monday, my wife and I went to the Dragon Palace restaurant to enjoy a Chinese luncheon; unknowingly I dropped my wallet containing a substantial amount of money, my ID, and a few credit cards. Upon realizing the loss on Tuesday, we called the restaurant and were informed by the owner that my wallet had been turned in to him.

Expecting the worst, but hoping for the best, I went to the Dragon Palace and was reunited with my wallet andndash; all cash and credit cards intact.

Since no name was left as to who had returned my property, I can only say, to whomever you are, you have my eternal thanks and have restored my faith, which I must admit was waning, in the honesty and character of my fellow citizens.

Thank you again for your integrity.

Larry A. Thomas


Emblem Club

gives support


Brookings Emblem Club 265 supports our community.

On Tuesday, March 8, the Brookings Emblem Club # 265 invited a group of non-profits to attend their meeting. At the meeting, they passed our checks to each of these non-profits to help them all continue their various missions of providing food, shelter and support for some of our citizens and also support for our troops serving in harm's way.

The Emblem Club did not forget our wonderful Animal Shelter either, as they once again showed the compassion, leadership, and community involvement that is synonymous with this wonderful organization.

These donations are only made possible because of the hard work and fundraisers the Emblem Club has throughout the year. Let's all continue to support them.

Thank you, Emblem Club members, for everything that you do.

Frank Muller

Brookings-Harbor Red Shirts

Everyone should do their part


I had an opportunity to come in contact with several volunteers at St.Timothy's church who were providing both free food at one end of the building while providing free medical help at the other end of the building.

I was called in to solve a small technical issue. It was a hotbed of activity. As I was performing the task, Nancy Erb, (the GNP andndash; General Nurse Practioneer andndash; conducting the clinic) wanted to make sure I was paid for my services.

It was at that point that I realized we can be part of the solution or part of the problem. With all the folks around volunteering, I threw in my very small share. I also realized that no matter what your talent is, you can still help.

So thanks, Nancy and Carla, and the rest of you good folks who selflessly put yourselves out there to help. Thanks for being part of the solution.

Tom Bouley


Community makes car show possible


As vice president of Curry County Cruisers (car club), I would like to thank you and all the businesses of this great small town.

Without the support of all of you, we could not have the car show every year. We donate all the money back into this great community.

Thank you, once again.

Jim Burden

Curry County Cruisers


Speaker addresses dementia issues


There has been a last minute change in the speaker for the March 14, 2 p.m. meeting of theCaregiver Support Group.

Adele Ismert fromCascade Manor, in Eugene, will be leading a discussion that willhelp caregiverscaring for those with various forms of dementia,to understand these diseases better,andto cope with the care receiver's feelings, as well as their own.

To help you attend, there is free respite care available through the "Time Out" adult day care program at the Chetco Activity/Senior Center,541-469-6822,on Mondays. This service will help you have some time to care for yourself in this and other areas, too, so you can be a better caregiver.

Studies have proven that attending caregivers' support groups is one of the best things a caregiver can do for her/himself. Remember, that as caregivers, we do what we have to do from the love in our hearts, to be able to carry on that which needs to be done in the best way we can. The Caregivers' Support Group meets to help you with information and support fromother caregivers andprofessional presenters.

Anyonewho is a caregiver, whether they are caring for a friend, neighbor or family member, down the street or someone across the countryis welcome to attend the Caregiver Support Group gathering on the second Monday of each month at 2 p.m. for free support and information.

Studies have shown that access to social support and respite can result in greatly improved outcomes for both caregivers and their care receivers. Youare always welcome to visit the group. Newcomers are always welcome.

For more information, e-mail me at marihelen_rhs@ or call 541-251-0498. To all caregivers, please know you do so much good! Thank you.

See you on Monday.

Marihelen Pitts-Campbell, facilitator

Caregiver Support Group