The community has an abundance of talented young people, and this was evident last week at the Brookings-Harbor High School talent competition.

The show is one of my favorite events to cover, not only because I am always amazed with what is presented on the stage, and because I'm a firm believer in publicizing the good things the youth in this community achieve.

I could not argue with the judge's selection for first place, Jessica Gardner and Manny Vasquez. Their dance routine was incredible. I love taking pictures of dance because it's a challenge for me and I was having a great time. It's fun to capture the moment when the dancers are airborne, or in mid-twirl, especially if I capture an expression on their faces.

Granted, I wanted to rip out the stage decorations that kept getting in the way.

Yes, I'll admit there were a couple of acts that weren't so great. It was sad because I have seen both perform elsewhere and they were great. I guess their performance just wasn't up to par this time around.

While at the show, I greeted several friends, including the parents of one of the participants, whom I didn't see on stage.

After the show, I asked her, "what happened to you?" She told me she was there. So I looked at the photos on my camera and, lo and behold, I did take pictures of her.

Funny thing, I was concentrating so much on shooting pictures that I wasn't paying attention to who was performing. Sometimes I can be such an airhead.

Following the show, I came home and logged on to Facebook for my daily fix. I ended up in a conversation with a friend who was at the show. She totally disagreed with who should have won, but this is just evidence that everyone has different taste, and that it had to have been a tough decision for the judges.

I must tip my hat to all of the participants. Perhaps the real disappointment wasn't anyone's performance, but in the publicity for the event.

I would think that if the school administration and staff had pride in the students, they would be letting us, at the newspaper, know that such an event was going to happen. I can understand if they don't want to publicize the event to the community because of a lack of space (and believe me, the school's auditorium is lacking in more than just space), but at least they should let the Pilot know that it's happening so someone can cover it.

It's really sad that I have to read a post on Facebook and surmise that the event was going to happen: The friend said she was nervous about playing on the stage. This prompted me to ask questions.

Again, I tip my hat (if I were wearing a hat) to the students. I encourage them to contact the Pilot when they wish to show their achievements or those of fellow classmates. Apparently they have to do the publicity themselves because the administration and staff aren't always reliable for getting the news out.


Bill Schlichting is features editor of the Curry Coastal Pilot. He can be reached at .