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Check facts used to justify positions


There's an old saying in politics that you're entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts.

Apparently, the Brookings Tea Party disagrees. On Feb. 23, the Curry Coastal Pilot published a Public Forum article written by a group of Brookings Tea Party members titled "Fight for smaller government, restoration of Constitutional values far from over." In it, various "facts" were cited to justify their anti-Democratic, anti-Obama, anti-government positions. These "facts" ranged from grossly deceptive to completely untrue. In other words, lies. Here are just a couple of examples.

The Tea Party article states that the federal payrolls "increased about 13 percent over the past two years." This is a lie. The number of federal employees increased 2.2 percent in the past two years, virtually all of which were in national security agencies including the Department of Defense. Federal employees also received a cost-of-living adjustment of 2 percent in 2010. They received no cost-of-living increase in 2011. There is no way to turn this into a 13 percent increase in federal payroll except, apparently, in the minds of tea partiers.

As another example, the Tea Party article states that the "administration has exempted from the health care law more than 700 organizations, from McDonalds to big labor unions." This is another lie. The only exemptions are for members of religious organizations, virtually all of which are Christian churches of the Anabaptist sect who have long been exempt from other federal programs that conflict with their religious beliefs. None are unions or corporations (or Muslims, as many tea partiers believe).

To all tea partiers: Google is your friend. Take the time to check the "facts" you use to justify your extreme political positions. And to the Pilot editors: Do the same for the articles you publish in your newspaper.

Tomas Bozack


Caring for animals, caring for humans


I take deep offense to statements made by the gentleman who wrote that he "cares not an ounce for dogs and cats," and criticized those of us who do, writing that we should have concern for the food bank, children, etc., implying that we do not (Pilot, Jan. 23). He went on to censure the newspaper for putting the animal hoarding story on the front page.

I maintain that those of us who do have "more than an ounce of concern" for our fellow creatures are also among the first to step forward to support food banks, the needy, and every crisis that befalls our fellow citizens, whether we can really afford to do so, or not.

As to the front page animal hoarding story, the newspaper certainly realized how shocking, unexpected and completely unacceptable that situation was to our neighbors in Brookings and that it deserved our full attention, no matter how sickening and heartbreaking to read. It's a wake-up-call. We were made aware of what could be happening right down the street.

Our community of compassionate people strives to support the needs as they arise whether for human or animal. I don't understand why some seem to think that these concerns are mutually exclusive. Compassion is defined as "feeling for another's sorrow or hardship that leads to help". May ours never wane!

So, I say to that sad, discouraged critic, and others who are like-minded, stop judging us. While you curse the darkness, we are lighting candles. Try it andndash; or live on in your dark, near-sighted little world waiting for the tsunami andndash; or the ax to fall.

Meanwhile, we'll be enjoying life with the best gift a kind God ever bestowed upon us: the dog.

Patricia Aboud


Talking about the national debt


First, I would like to thank the Pilot (March 2) for printing my letter again in the form in which it was originally written.

Secondly, in regard to Mr. Sawnson's letter of March 2, I would point out that I used the term "morally" in the social sense, not the religious. And if I follow his logic correctly, since corporations create jobs, they should not be taxed and since the very rich invest their money, they also should not be taxed. I also invest what money I can, so I must assume that I need not pay taxes.

Lastly, I would also point out that I was not talking about balancing the budget. I was talking about the national debt. When Clinton left office, we had a national surplus, but after eight years of Bush, we had the biggest debt in history. Yes, the Republicans created the debt, and now they want to place it on the backs of the middle class.

John Bischoff


Let's take a look at the facts


Fact: Reality, truth, etc. ... the president's budget is a wish list, something like a dream, it has not been passed, and the end result may not include any money for Oregon.

Fact: The first stimulus package was passed in the last days of the Bush administration, by a Democratic Congress after a meeting attended by the Obama transition team and the Bush people. It was done to give Obama a fair start at solving the economic problems.

Fact: It's too late to cry now.

Fact: It's time people balanced their budgets and quit jerking the taxpayers around.

Fact: Barbara Van Cleave is right, but like most good ideas, she's wasting her time. There is no way in hell we can handle the traffic we have now, and the city and the county want more tax- payers, not good citizens, not good drivers, just taxpayers.

Fact: We need someone with guts to tell the government to kiss off; we need to put people to work.

I want to buy produce, fruit, milk, eggs and meat from Oregon. I want to buy fish from our fishermen and lumber from Oregon's trees. I want natural gas, cheap power, fresh water and gasoline made with American oil.

If there were 1,000 windmills on the coast of Oregon and Curry County would balance its budget, I would believe in God. That's a fact, Jack!

Clifton Siemens


Obama has violated his oath of office


In his letter (Pilot, Feb. 3), Clay Dalrymple defined Obama as a progressive-socialist.

Diane Higuera responded by saying this, "never have I heard such hateful words and disrespect for our president." (Pilot, Feb. 23). Unfortunately, Diane, like millions of other Americans, is totally divorced from reality. Actually, Mr. Dalrymple was being kind. Obama is not a progressive. He is a hardcore Marxist radical. Just look at the people he has working for him. Diane says we should show respect for the president. I would like her to explain why we should show respect for someone who is working to destroy the U.S.

This president has violated his oath of office. He has committed treason against the American people. His foreign policy has proven to be a disaster for America. He is setting up a federal police state where all Americans are considered to be potential terrorists. He is helping to start a civil war between government unions and taxpayers, and violence is imminent.

Diane says we should show love for other faiths. America is being invaded, (with Obama's help) by radical Muslims. Does this young lady have any idea of the consequences of this treason? Does she not know that they want America to be an Islamic nation? Does she have any idea what Muslims have planned for Christianity? She thinks that if we all talk nice to each other everything will be just fine. She is totally unprepared for the tsunami that is about to engulf this nation. God help her.

Art Larason


Thank you, BHEF, for $835 grant


On behalf of the students and myself, I would like to take this

opportunity to thank the Brookings-Harbor Education Foundation as well

as local businesses for their generous contribution to the Azalea Middle

School art program.

The $835 grant will be used to complete the tile mural we are

constructing, as well as purchase much needed materials for student

projects and display. Thank you again for your contribution. We

appreciate your dedication to education and the programs that benefit

the students. You're awesome!

Carol Leonard

Azalea Middle School Art and Language Arts teacher

Inspecting new medical center


On behalf of the physicians, nurses, staff and board members of Curry

Health District, I want to thank all those who came to the Curry

Medical Center open house and reception on Sunday, Feb. 27. Nearly 1,000

people passed through our doors, received a tour and enjoyed

refreshments. It was a great event, and we are happy so many people

turned out to inspect their new medical center.

Bill McMillan

CEO, Curry Health District

Tea Party insists on turning back time


The Tea Party insists upon turning back time to the good old

Christian-values timeline of Constitutional values, where biases and

racism was put off for the future to deal with, and abortions were

against the law, yet government didn't impede individual rights, and ?


Talk about disingenuous; they are pros at it. Most Republicans are

just that, talk the talk, while robbing the bank for personal reasons.

They complain of socialism when any bailouts or actions are taken to

correct a system ruined by the Bush era's embarrassing attempt at market

Democracy. Anytime true liberal Democracy destroys markets, the

authoritarian model tries to correct this instability; it is always

transitory, because it, too, cannot protect markets without stagnation.

To suggest America even has free-market trade is to forget tariffs,

subsidies, permits, licenses, levies, etc., etc. It's nonsense!

No one even mentions the fact that America's market dominance has

been the Morgan-Stanley empire and corporate controlled behind the

scenes; that's too deep for simple minds andndash; the invisible monarchy.

Anyway, not all Republicans are lame. Wayne Krieger's and Jeff

Barker's (D) HB2181, HB2182, and HB2610 should be applauded, despite

Karen Clark's bad advice. The rights to private property and to work

have been subrogated by emotional and personal feelings for too long, by

those who should mind their own business. Alarmism never does justice

to the complexities of any topic, which is proved daily by those on the

internet and how humans love to prove themselves right by validating

their personal hypothesis. Sheer randomness, chance and happenstance

reduce any data to mere noise, so maybe a kill switch is the answer to

the delusional theories that try to prove anything at all.

G.G. Thompson


Don't turn country over to a dictator


Article II, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution states that the

president "Shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed."

President Obama recently declared that the Defense of Marriage Act

(DOMA), legally passed by Congress, is unconstitutional and that our

U.S. Justice Department should no longer act to uphold that law. Our

country runs on a system of checks and balances. The U.S. court system

is where laws are declared unconstitutional, not by a man who seems to

think he is above the laws of our country and gets to act as if he is

some kind of third-world dictator.

Whether one agrees with DOMA or not is not really the issue here. The

issue is, just how our republic works, just what does our Constitution

state. Are we going to allow one man's opinions to set a very dangerous

precedent coming out of the White House? Will we, the people, allow the

president of the United States andndash; this president or any future president andndash;

to begin the process of making laws? That is the job of the Congress of

the United States of America, which is made up of many representatives

from across the United States. Will we, the people, give one man the

power to make laws, declare laws, and change laws without being

accountable to anyone but himself? If yes, then we may as well just shut

down our entire system of government. Let's send all andndash; federal, state

and local andndash; representatives home.

But, if you wish to continue in a country run by the people and for

the people, I encourage you to contact every government official that

you can think of. I say that we are not a third-world country and we

will not be run by a third-world dictator.

Laurie Reynolds


Tell friends about 'Feinstein' campaign


2011 marks the third year Brookings-Harbor Community Helpers Food

Bank has been invited to join the Shawn Alan Feinstein Foundation's

"Giveaway To Fight Hunger" campaign.

Mr. Feinstein generously donates $1 million to participating food distribution charities around the country.

The portion of the $1 million for the participants is determined by

the amount of money its community receives through donations during the

months of March and April. In the food bank's first two years of

participation, we have received many donations from the community

designated as "Feinstein" related. In 2010, community donations were

just over $14,000, for which we received $297 from the Feinstein


That's quite impressive, considering the number of participants involved in the Giveaway campaign.

The food bank is again requesting that when you send in your

donations during March and April you indicate on your check "Feinstein."

Please tell all your friends about this wonderful campaign by Mr.

Feinstein. The mailing address is, P. O. Box 1415, Brookings 97415.

Businesses can participate by making available to their employees a

donation box during the two months of the campaign. The food bank will

be happy to pick up the donations at any time.

Your business will receive a certificate of participation at the end

of the campaign. Let's top last year's donation total so that your food

bank will receive a larger portion of the $1 million!

For further information, call 541-469-6988.

With thanks,

Julie Davis,

executive director,

Brookings-Harbor Community Helpers, Inc.

I'm paying my fair share of taxes


In response to the letter (Pilot, March 2) submitted by Teri

Dalrymple: I'm not sure what is meant by you paying for my retirement.

I contribute to my own retirement as a state employee, and to my

health insurance benefits. Like all taxpayers, I contribute to other

programs paid for at taxpayers' expense, including schools, roads,

social programs, fire and police protection. State employees are

residents of this state also, and we pay our share of the taxes. I'm not

sure how taking the coat off my neighbor's back is going to make me any


Mitch Lewis


Public workers did not cause recession


Here's a joke I think Teri Dalrymple (Pilot, March 2) might enjoy. A

capitalist, a Tea Party-ite and a public worker were sitting at a

table. In between them was a plate with 12 cookies. The capitalist

grabbed 11 of them and said to the Tea Party-ite, "Look, that greedy

public worker is stealing your cookie."

Public workers did not cause the recession. Period. In Oregon at

least, greatly reduced personal income tax revenues (and a historic

unwillingness by corporate Oregon to step up to the plate and share

sacrifice) created the budget problem.

Do public workers make more than the average worker? True, only if

you compare walnuts to tuna. Government workers tend to have higher

education and higher levels of skills and experience. Food service

workers (no disrespect to their labors here) average just shy of $9 per

hour. Public school teachers average around $22 per hour. At the

minimum, five years of higher education are required to earn a teaching

license; for food service workers (again, no disrespect meant) it takes

several hours of on-the-job training. I would really rather have a

highly-trained professional make sure there is no listeria lurking on

the meat slicer than someone who can't distinguish a bacterium from a


So, Teri, be careful when using averages. And mix tuna fish and

walnuts only if you want to make a nice salad. Oh, and about that last

cookie. When will we ever learn that they have us fighting for the

crumbs they have so generously left?

Tom Seither

Gold Beach