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Democrats are for the little guy?


Blue Oregon is in the red.

Isn't it interesting how many Americans that enjoy the liberties and social freedoms our founding fathers gave us are completely ignorant of our system of government?

Most of them don't vote, thank God.

It's not hard to understand that someone who drops out of school andndash; no matter the reason andndash; would be illiterate about how our government was formed and the years it took to shape up the Constitution. It gets very scary, however, when one of our supposedly brightest leaders, Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., doesn't know what our three branches of government are. When asked, his response was: the president, Republicans and Democrats. The correct answer is: executive, judicial and legislative.

Oregon is a democratic state, and like all democratic states, we have a very large budget with a democratic governor staying very quiet about our shortfall.

Since very few Curry County citizens are union government employees, it's up to the rest of us to pay for their retirement while they pay nothing living in Salem on high salaries.

Ecclesiastes 10:2 andndash; "A wise man's heart is at his right hand; but a fool's heart at his left."

Democrats are for the little guy? How many times have we heard that? How come then, union government workers make a lot more than the average private sector worker?

Teri Dalrymple

Gold Beach

The hypocrisy of Obama is stunning


The Obama administration is no longer going to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court.

Don't get me wrong. I always thought the Defense of Marriage Act was asinine, especially when you consider the fact that marriage licenses are given out at the state level.

I fully support the notion that the states themselves should decide for themselves if gay marriage should be legal or not.

I couldn't care less about the gay marriage issue myself. I have always supported the rights of gay people when it comes to adopting kids and serving in the military.

The hypocrisy of Obama when it comes to the Defense of Marriage Act is stunning, though.

Obama has determined on his own that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional.

Exsqueeze me? This from the same president who has had his stupid health care bill struck down as unconstitutional by a federal judge down in Florida.

If that isn't bad enough, the Obama administration is suing the State of Alaska because it doesn't want to implement the stupid, illegal health care law.

Are you paying attention, Congressman DeFazio?

Eric Holder sues the State of Arizona, even though he admits he has never even read their new immigration law.

The Obama administration threatened to sue California if it voted to pass a ballot measure legalizing marijuana.

Thanks to the public interference from the Obama administration, the legalization of marijuana initiative failed in California.

Thank you Obama, and I am sure that the Latin American drug gangs feel the same way.

Joe Thomas


GOP has become morally bankrupt


It has become clearly evident that the Republican Party has become morally bankrupt.

They are against taxing the very rich, the corporations and the oil companies that are making record high profits but have no compunction with solving the national debt, which they created, on the backs of seniors, schools and the middle class in general. Their willingness to shut down the government thus stopping social security checks and medicare payments is unconscionable.

The Republican Party is obviously a party of the corporations and very rich and not a party of the people, and it is mind boggling to think that any thinking individual could condone such action by voting for them.

John Bischoff


Common sense will prevent fatals


I am writing in response to the idea of putting street lights along the highway where the man was killed.

I was at the scene of the accident that night, helping wherever I could, until help arrived. I live right there, so I can see the highway from my front room all the time.

I am here to say putting up lights and reducing the speed limit will not stop people from crossing the highway from Sunshine Cove to the opposite side and vice versa. I see people cross that highway all day long and well after dark. Putting lights up will not stop this. I have seen people with baby strollers crossing the highway (child endangerment?), couples, and dogs (alone andndash; running free).

The scariest to me are the children who like to play "chicken in the road" on their bikes, racing back and forth. Please parents, talk to your children about the dangers of this game.

There is a crosswalk and traffic lights less than 100 yards from where this accident occurred, but people will not walk that distance. Maybe if law enforcement got involved and started writing tickets for jay-walking, it would reduce or eliminate this issue.

People have to remember this is a highway, albeit not a major one, and not as busy as, say, I-5, but it is a highway none the less. A simple thing called "common sense" can go a long way in preventing any further deaths on any stretch of our highway.

G. Henderson


Blame both parties for budget woes


In response to Mr. Bischoff's letter (Pilot, Feb. 26), I would like to apply a little clear thinking.

Let us just for the sake of argument grant all the allegations made

in his missive. (I stress strongly that I do not grant them for anything

other than the sake of argument). There seem to be three: The

Republican Party is morally bankrupt, they created the national debt,

and they wish to avoid taxing "rich people." Unless you believe

everything Michael Moore tells you, it is clear your facts are

distorted. As for the allegations, the best response I can muster is "so

what?" Since liberals stress the separation of church and state, then

morality of a political party has no bearing on their ability to govern,

so why worry about it?

The last time we balanced the budget was in 1957. Both parties have

been in and out of office since then. I would say both parties are

guilty. As for avoiding taxes on corporations and rich people, there are

two points to consider. When was the last time a poor person gave you a

job? And secondly, where do you think people with money keep it?

Certainly not stuffed in a mattress. They invest it to get richer, which

incidentally provides jobs.

Essentially growing the economy by creating more investment funds is

pretty much like the old saying about teaching a man to fish. I'd rather

feed people for a lifetime. Wouldn't you?

Kenneth Swanson


No such thing as sustainable growth


Here we go again, as the economy struggles to grow again, we hit limits of resources, oil in particular.

When will we learn there is no such thing as "sustainable growth!"

Because oil is a fossil resource, it's limited!

We have found and drilled and used up most of the available light

sweet crude; what's left are the dregs, oil shale, tar sands, expensive

to process, and deep-water oil that runs out too quickly, like the North

Sea oil basin.

We cannot continue to grow, and will not continue to grow, we must stop "planning" for endless growth!!

We must become more independent from outside imports, we must make more of what we need here and grow more of our own food.

We need to asses our soil so we know which land is best for farming

and what can best be grown here and which land is best for grazing.

Our students will need to learn blacksmithing, farming, animal

husbandry, weaving, woodworking, logging and other skills that will be

needed here to meet our needs as imports from China will be declining andndash;


How many times must our economy crash because of rising oil prices

before we get the "message;" growth is over with, we are now entering

the decline of oil and must change the way our economy "works;" we

cannot "grow" our way out of this problem.

Sheila Chambers


New charter school needs assistance


On behalf of Riverside Creative Arts Charter School, thank you to the

Pilot for the excellent coverage and to the outpouring of support from

the community (Pilot, Feb. 23).

Riverside's success will be attributed to the students, parents,

teachers, volunteers, and the creative and industrial arts professionals

in our community. Our path appears to be well lit!

We are seeking individuals for the following paid positions: graphic

design, web design and bookkeeping as well as steering committee

participation. Steering committee members are sought from a talented

pool of teachers, parents, and community members. For more information

on how to become involved, contact Annette Klinefelter-Dingle at

541-661-0851 or via email at Thank you,

Annette Klinefelter-Dingle, Jodi Harvey, Ray Mace and Paola Pringle

Charter School governing board and staff


Change the light before another dies


How sad to have a second pedestrian hit by a car.

My heart goes out to both Deborah and Kathleen. Years ago, I had a

similar accident when I was making a left turn on a rainy Seattle

evening and a man stepped into the crosswalk. I never saw him until he

bounced up on the hood of my car. Fortunately, he was not seriously

hurt. I wonder again why there can't be left-turn signals on Fifth

Street as there are at that intersection on Chetco. There are already

left turn lanes in both directions. With a left turn signal, the walk

light would not light until the end of the left turns andndash; and this kind of

situation couldn't occur. Must someone lose their life there before

ODOT will take action? What do we need to do to convince them to change

that light?

Marcia Olsen


Please explain it in layman's language


Curry County Comprehensive Plan, a Joint Management Agreement, a Master Plan Zone, just what does all this mean?

It would appear one needs a PhD in Urban Planning and a law degree to

understand all this jargon. I think the onus is on County Planning

Director David Pratt, County Attorney Jerry Herbage, and our Curry

County elected officials to explain these complicated arrangements in

layman's language to the citizens of our fair county. How can you hold

meetings and invite the public for their input when people don't

understand what is going on here?

Joe Willett


Guilty until proven innocent in Curry?


Guilty untill proven innocent?

Recently I had the pleasure of watching our judicial system at work and am very confused.

Does it not say that you are innocent untill proven guilty? One of my

family members was thrown in jail because someone wrongly accused him

of an incident. Without knowing the validity of the incident, our

judicial system threw him in jail only to find out that this incident

never took place. I was very confused as to why, when they hadn't even

received both sides of a story. After a brief talking with a lawyer, we

were informed that Curry County is a county that is a

guilty-until-proven-innocent county.

The county won't admit this, but several lawyers in the area have all

verified the same thing andndash; people being thrown in jail from a one-page

report from an officer for probable cause. Then the D.A. makes a

decision based on one side of the story, not both sides. I'm just

confused as to how our system has gone so wrong.

Jay Nichols


Creating laws that are anti-woman


March is Women's History Month.

Next Tuesday, the world celebrates the 100th anniversary of

International Women's Day, a global day celebrating the economic,

political and social achievements of women past, present and future.

China, Russia, Vietnam and Bulgaria are four of at least 15 countries

where this is an official holiday. The tradition sees men honoring their

mothers, wives, girlfriends and colleagues with small gifts. However,

in the U.S., we only celebrate mothers. And Mother's Day isn't even a


On this 100th anniversary, our legislature is working overtime to

create laws that are anti-woman and anti-family. The "fat cats" want to

do away with the health care reforms just enacted. And, H.R.3 basically

requires girls and women to become mothers if they become pregnant from

being raped. (Please visit Then they plan to

defund Head Start and supplemental food and health care programs that

support fragile families. Once you have the rapist's child andndash; tough.

This must be coming from a third world dictatorship, you say. No,

this is coming from our "Christian" republic. What is it about women

that this legislature hates so much?

The Bible doesn't support bringing a child to term. It actually shows

no value for a child until the second month after birth. Much less a

fetus. Leviticus 27: 3-7.

These "fat cats" say "Don't you dare repeal that tax cut for the

wealthy!" But they don't really care about the rug they're jerking out

from under somebody else. Do you?

Gordon Clay


Borrowing cash for public safety is right


This is in response to a recent letter Mr. Archie McVay wrote (Pilot, Feb. 26).

I am confused as to why people are trying to fight keeping policemen

on the road. Times are very tight, and I think that if you have to

borrow money to keep people safe and officers on the road it's the right

thing to do. Yes, we may be doing the same as two other counties, but

it must be done, and a lot of great laws are examples of how to do

things and have been done by other counties and states first. It is only

talking about one-half of one percent. We're not talking about half the

budget, but a small portion to keep the people safe. If you don't agree

then where should we get the money if not from the road fund?

One big part of an officer's job is making sure the roads are safe.

So I say if it keeps people safe let it happen. This gentleman makes it

sound as if they are asking to control the road funds when all it would

allow is to borrow.

Karl Stevens


Medical center sign blocks view of traffic


Oversight, or revenue-generating genius?

I just visited the new Curry Health District Fifth Street Medical

Center. I could not help but notice when exiting the facility, the

7-foot-wide, 9-foot-high entrance sign completely blocks my view of

traffic coming up Fifth Street until the nose of my car extends beyond

the crosswalk and into the street by more than a foot.

This condition makes a left-hand turn when exiting the medical center

a dangerous endeavor. Had the sign been placed on the other side of the

entrance, it would pose no problem to entering or exiting traffic.

I think the city should have them make the Fifth Street exit a right

turn only, or move the sign. If not, I know where some of their revenue

will come from.

Gary MacEachern