The Curry Coastal Pilot

Local play offers plenty of laughs


Good morning Curry County.

Did you all have a good Super Bowl Sunday? Looking for something to do on weekends with the family?

Well, let me tell you what I did last Friday night. I went to see "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown," at Harbor Performing Arts Center. You know the location, next to the Curry County sheriff's annex office.

Exactly two hours, and I was home, still laughing myself silly remembering Lucy's expressive eyes and body language. This was one of the best children's performances I have been privileged to enjoy. A perfection in timing, great singing voices, the spoken voices projected well and the characters even resembled their comic strip look-a-likes.

Short skits, fast paced andndash; it was like looking at the comics, window by window. When Director Leanne McCurley was complimented on the fabulous job, she said, "It was the kids, they did it all, and so professional."

So, if you havent seen it, go see it. You wont be disappointed. It may not be the Super Bowl, but it's sure better than a "Bud" commercial for a laugh. And you're supporting childrens theater.

Pat Silveria,

aka "the slug lady" Harbor

Disgusted with criminal system


I am writing this opinion out of disgust with our criminal court system.

Specifically, the recent story of animal abuse (or torture as far as I'm concerned) in Harbor. The defense attorney, Nathan Garcia stated that Mr. Cook is not a cruel or violent man. No, he and Willey just enjoyed putting little animals through some horrific treatment. It took four officers to subdue Cook, but he's basically a nice guy. Kittens and puppies with no water or food, and some unable to walk! I'm not trying to duplicate the Pilot article with some of this, but for crying out loud people....five days in jail, 160 hours of community service and a few bucks for what those animals went through?

Law enforcement stated it was the worst conditions some of them had ever seen. Cook and Willey aren't bad though! Look at the court report every week. Pee Wee Herman must be in charge of sentencing around this camp.

Just my opinion folks.

Jeff McMoran


Thank you to all our dog walkers


South Coast Humane Society (SCHS) wishes to give our warmest thanks to our dedicated dog walkers.

These folks have been coming out every day to walk our dogs and we want them to know how much they are appreciated. This kind of one-on-one attention, and the chance to get out and exercise and enjoy the sunshine, is so important to the physical and emotional well being of our dogs. The work these people are doing is phenomenal. This month, all our dogs will be out wearing their red SCHS bandannas so they will be easily recognized on the streets. If you see a volunteer walking one of our dogs, please stop and thank them for their love and compassion for these special shelter animals! Thank you.

Audrey Morris, director

South Coast Humane Society

Fear sucks the life out of living


I've always considered myself a classical liberal. Having come of age in the 1960s, it was easy to see the old conservative foolishness. It seems Rush Limbaugh was around even then, so it's been almost forever that his rants and raves have personified the small and hateful actions of the illiterate.

This "liberal" believes the right system will do away with prejudice, neurosis and tragedy, and that literary criticism will break down the complexity of life.

The fact that most new conservatives are on the public dole in the form of retirements from public office, or as a Social Security or Medicare recipient, is one reason the nation is financially broke. In practice, government employs one worker while paying for three andndash; two of those being retired.

The public purse is destroying private business with pensions and insurance requirements, and the new conservatives are the ones doing it, usually. The new conservative is demanding fences and security measures now like it's a given, along with their paranoia of other races or lifestyles. It is the conservative demand for more government and the irony of less taxes, that reveals the illusions of the typical Tea Party wannabe as foolish and vulgar. The neoconservative is like watching a dog catch up to its tail andndash; the past finally catch's the future, and fear sucks the life out of living.

G.G. Thompson


Solution to elk over population


Regarding: over population of elk (Pilot, Feb. 5.)

In Idaho, a natural solution has been found; reintroduce wolves. The elk herds have been decimated not only in Idaho, but in Wyoming and Montana as well.

I am sure that transplanting a very small pack would not hurt the wolf population in Idaho. It would be a win-win deal.

Brian Zimmerman

Boise Idaho

'Charlie Brown' a great experience


Happiness isandhellip;

Happiness is having attended the recent production of "You're A Good

Man, Charlie Brown" at the Brookings Harbor Community Theater.

Watching the six young performers entertain the audience with their

enthusiastic and expressive deliveries and perfect timing was a joy. The

supportive stage crew contributed to a flawless production. Kudos to

everyone involved in this memorable theater experience!

Emily Grimes


Community cares much for animals


It is amazing just how caring and committed this community is to help the animals of the South Coast Humane Society.

Just one of many I would like to thank, Brian and his staff at the

Dollar Tree for their support and caring to help the animals. Brian

helped us and let us put a box for customers to donate collars, leashes,

dishes, toys, treats, etc., for cats and dogs. It was absolutely

amazing what was accomplished and could not have been done without the

kindness of the store. We want to also thank the cashiers who did their

part by asking each customer that came through their line if they

wanted to donate to the animals. Without their help it would not have

been so successful.

Last but certainly not least, thank you to all the customers who

wanted to help and donated so much. The doggies and cats are not there

by their own choice, but by unfortunate circumstances. Thank you each

and every one of you for your help in making these animals a little

happier and making their stay a little easier until they find that

special, loving, forever home. The cats give you big meows and purrs,

and the doggies offer a lot of licks and wagging of tails in thanking

all of you.

Beverly and Forbes Duncan, volunteers for the South Coast Humane Society


Some thoughts on PERS excessiveness


There has been a lot of talk lately about the excessiveness of the

PERS (Public Employees Retirement System), NEA (National Education

Association) and OEA (Oregon Education Association) unions.

As a Fair Share member of these since September 1996, according to my

2009 annual statement, my Tier Two retirement account has a balance of

$9,866.34 and my IAP (Individual Account Program) account has a balance

of $9,220.51.

In my September 2007 Notice to Fair Share Fee Payers, our regional

representative's total compensation was $160,735. Conveniently, the

compensation reports are no longer included.

In this sluggish economy, with not much relief in sight, I believe cuts need to be made, and the top is where it needs to start.

Peggy D. Crowe


A rebuttal to three letters to the editor


Rebuttal to three letters (Pilot, Feb. 5).

To Art Larason: Barack Obama can't run the country into the ground,

our previous administration already did that. China is threatening the

U.S. militarily and economically. Richard Nixon opened relations with

China. Every president since then has made trade agreements with them.

To Doug Bewall: Directed economies fail.

OK. Economies being directed by, and only by, the very rich and the largest and most powerful corporations andndash; still fail.

To Clay Dalrymple: There's a big difference between believing in

Jesus Christ and running around acting like you do while violating every

principle he stood for.

Also, Obama isn't all that liberal and/or socialistic. That's why he

was elected. Job growth is up since Bush left office. How does that

square with their notion that Obama is bad for the economy?

They're bad for the economy. And right now, their ability to screw up

the economy has been hampered a bit, which is why they're whining.

Gary Davis


Join 'Have a Heart' canned food drive


Hi friends, the dog lady here.

I want to let everyone know that I'm going to be part of the "Have a

Heart" canned food drive in support of our Community Food Bank. It will

be in front of Grocery Outlet, Saturday, Feb. 12, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

I would love to see all my doggie fans come and bring a food item to

help support this important effort

I belong to the Tum Pai Association, and there will be a tai chi

demonstration along with this important event. We need to help feed the

families in our area who are struggling. I was a single parent, and I

remember getting help from this wonderful community.

There will also be a bake sale. I am donating some food and I

appreciate all the help I have gotten through the years. So, I'm asking

my friends and fans to come out and show your support. I know you all

have big hearts, so please come and donate a canned-food item, or you

can leave a financial donation. Whatever you choose to do, thank you.

I have met so many of you during my dog walks, and I never get tired

of the hellos, waves and hugs. You are very precious to me, like my

four-legged friends.

Speedy Ede Viale