The Curry Coastal Pilot

Still waiting for bike path funding


Good luck on your bike path.

I hope that you are not depending on any assistance from Rep. Peter DeFazio. If you are, you are doomed. In both his 2006 and 2008 campaigns, Rep. DeFazio touted the obtaining of funding for a bike path for Jerry's Flat Road (south bank of the Rogue). When he's periodically asked about the status, Rep. DeFazio mumbles something about delays caused by the state. And I thought that cutting through red tape was something he was supposed to be good at.

After more than five years of waiting, I'm beginning to conclude that this is one campaign promise he has not, and will not make good on.

Dianne Daniels

Gold Beach

The Tea Party's push forward


First inning: Tea Party-1, liberal press-0.

One year ago, before the political parade started for the Congressional seats in November, the state-run press was charging the Tea Party as a few radical far- right, racial, sexist bigots with Islamophobia.

Today, the most progressive, socialistic president ever in the history of the White House is celebrating President Reagan's birthday and trying to convince us all what great ideas he had.

For the first time in my life (74 years) I see the press backing away and losing ground andndash; due to the Tea Party's phenomenal push forward. As long as Republican leaders John Boehner and Eric Cantor stand their ground and follow the swell of their conservative constituents, we can overcome this enormous debt that Bush started and Obama kicked into high gear. It's not going to be an easy task because our county and city will be forced to carry the financial load. Look no more for state and federal aid.

When we are presented with letters from the far left that demonize Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and Walt Disney without praising their own party, then we know without question we are on the right track and the liberal progressives are in trouble. The irony of a letter spewing hate is invariably trying to point out the weakness of those believing in Jesus Christ.

Eighty percent of the United States is recognized as Christian, and if you're secular fine, but don't make statements which show the lack of love and understanding that everyone sees you have. It's not a smart move andndash; but I guess it's to be expected.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Doubts about Curry Health Network


I am writing this letter to voice my opposition to the county handing over the Curry County Health Department responsibilities and funding to Curry Health Network.

Curry Health Network is a business. They are in business to make a profit andndash; a fact left out of the paid ads on KURY radio many many times every day. They are registered as such with the Oregon Secretary of State. If an organization or business is non-profit andndash; example: Friends of Curry County Home Health and Hospice, or even Sutter Coast Hospital andndash; the registration with the appropriate secretary of state lists the organization as DNP (Domestic Non-Profit).

As co-owner of a business, I have no problem with a business making a profit and succeeding, with carefully planned growth and expansion. My point: Curry Health Network began building a new clinic last year, with no way to pay for its completion and implementation. If I understand the various articles and letters to this paper, the only way they can hope to pay off this new building is to add more homes in Curry County to the health district and add to our property taxes. For heaven's sake, we did not even pass a tax levy for the sheriff. In my mind, why would we want to give control of a county department, along with the associated revenues, to a business that appears to have only one plan to pay for their expansion: increasing the tax burden?

Mary Coston


Thanks for the dog park in Harbor


Today's paper (Pilot, Feb. 2) was such a joy to read that I was sorry to have it end.

I even enjoyed the "letters to the editor" section which is usually so full of political rhetoric that I avoid it like the plague. Regarding the dog park andndash; it is one of the best things that has happened in Harbor and one should be built in Brookings. The fact that it was quietly done makes everyone who uses it ask, "Who built this?" Thank you to everyone who was involved.

There is only one improvement that could be made to the Harbor dog park, and it's a consideration that Brookings should keep in mind if they should decide to follow suit. If one of the five acres could be separately fenced off only for small dogs, everyone could play the way they want to and feel safe. I go to the park twice daily with Tigger who is only 12 pounds. He has been knocked around a few times by big dogs playing like big dogs. He has learned to run faster, but sometimes he just wants to walk around and sniff.

Thanks for listening and thanks for the park. It is one more step toward making Harbor the perfect place I have always wanted to live.

Pamela Billington


Missing discs for piano music box?


Thank you to all the garage sale crowds.

You make Brookings-Harbor proud! You are polite and courteous to

neighbors in the area. You are careful about parking to not obstruct

other people's driveways. It is always a joy to have or attend the sales


However, on Jan. 21, there was a person who was so anxious to get

home with the "Grand Piano Music Box" that you forgot to slow down and

pay for it. I do have the original box and the rest of the music discs

for it. Please contact me so we can get the pieces together. Thank you.

Dianna Blazo


What happened to the local Tea Party?


Thank you Joe Thomas, I am still laughing, what a great letter (Pilot, Jan 26).

Thank you Jim Hansen (Pilot, Jan. 26). I have raised the water issue

at least twice in my letters to the editor. I have lived in five states;

three of those states have rationing, one of those three started water

saving rules in the early 1960s. In that state's desire to promote

growth, the water issue was a complete fraud.

In Brookings, the lack of water is not a fraud; if we don't require

developers to provide their own water supply, their own waste disposal

and their own infrastructure, we are going to have a disaster of epic

proportions. Add one thousand autos on Highway 101 north of town, a

volunteer fire department, limited law enforcement and a county that's

out of money andndash; it makes one wonder if a tsunami is that big a deal.

I've got neighbors who wash their cars and their toys every 10 days,

winter and summer, and the only contribution they make to the

environment is green cement.

Before I die of thirst, I have a question: What happened to the local

Tea Party? I supported you in writing vocally, and in spirit. Winners

don't quit, losers keep trying. If we put the wrong people in office, we

can get them out next time.

Remember, the cost of living did not go up. We just changed a pound to 10 ounces.

Clifton Siemens


Followers, cronies and bribe takers


The history of economics is steadfast and constant in these facts:

Directed economies, that is, those controlled by politics, not logic, always fail.

Governments that control and expend monies using political rather than logical decisions as a guide will always fail.

Printing money, without logically concluding that printing alone does

not create value, will cause inflation, loss of acceptance in the world

market place and eventual failure of the economic system. This is an

historic certainty.

No country has ever bluffed its way through false paper or coin from

the beginning of the city, state, or country. Not one ever will. All of

these practices plus favoritism for followers, cronies and those

accepting bribes to make believe they approve of bad financial policies

always leads to governments failures andndash; all through history.

The U.S. is now facing these facts today leading to this: What is the

difference between Stalin's Soviet Socialist Republic, Hitler's German

National Socialism, and Obama's "Socialist Justice Actions?" Just the

level of personal greed in each of them and their followers, cronies and

bribe takers.

Doug Bewall

Gold Beach

Waiting for the thrill of a lifetime


We do the same human physiological routine every day and each day get older.

Each one of us will die from something or other, such as illness or

accident. The chances of a great subduction earthquake and gigantic

tsunami are increasing each day. Through time, our chances of dying in

the earthquake-tsunami increase more and more in proportion to the

usual, such as getting older and older until dying in a nursing home.

People could move far away from that entirely, never experience that,

nor need to prepare for it. However, only once in our lifetimes can

anyone have such a tremendous experience, whether we die in it or


Inevitably, people living here will be the people chosen to

experience the great subduction earthquake and observe the gigantic

tsunami. Each one of us here will be chosen for the thrill of a


Donna Goss


Thank you BHEF for $500 donation


I would like to say thank you to Brookings-Harbor Education

Foundation (BHEF), which has continually supported Brookings-Harbor

Christian School with grants over the past two years.

The most recent grant BHEF gave us was not solicited on our part. Our

school was mentioned at their meeting and all agreed to donate $500 to

our needs for science and technology.

We are grateful to BHEF and their continued support of education.

Kari Schultz


Brilliant, accurate description of reality


Thank you, Grace Lasky (Pilot, Jan. 29) for your brilliant and humorously accurate description of reality.

Do not have one twinge of doubt because of the derogatory and

clueless opinions of a few people. The ostrich or "struthio camelus"

does not really hide its head in the sand, however, "struthio humanus"

have been proven to engage in this practice. Here are some recent

headlines from internet news sites. "Muslim Brotherhood: prepare for war

with Israel," "U.S. had secret meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood,"

"Islamic revolution explodes in the Middle East."

Do the Obama supporters have any idea what is at stake here and how

this questionable president is working against the interests of the

U.S.? I wonder if the Obama supporters agree with him that the rise of

communist China, which is threatening the U.S. economically and

militarily on a regular basis is a good thing. I wonder if they agree

that a communist Chinese "musician" playing a song at the White House

that calls the American people jackals who must be destroyed is OK. Why

does Obama want Egypt to be another Iran? Anyone with an IQ over 50

knows he is running this country into the ground. The people who are in

denial andndash; whether in the government or private life andndash; are not going to

make it. China knows this, Russia knows this and the Muslim Brotherhood

knows this.

One day, those with their "heads in the sand" are going to be yanked out and eaten alive by reality.

Art Larason