The Curry Coastal Pilot

Bike path a project worth supporting


There seems to be a lot of exciting things happening in the community

recently that will provide long-lasting benefits to us, and solidify

Brookings-Harbor as an even more inviting and ideal place to live.

The city's proposed multi-use path project is among them. Currently,

the City of Brookings is a Transportation Enhancement (TE) Grant

candidate for the construction of a multi-use path from Beach Ave. to

Dawson Road. If awarded this federal grant, ODOT will provide $800,000

to build a path that can be used by both pedestrians and bicyclists

alike. Additional multi-use paths could be valuable in numerous ways.

For example, they could benefit the community economically by enhancing

our appeal to tourists, provide a safe and fun activity for families, as

well as contribute to the overall health and well-being of our

community members. The selection process for this grant is very

competitive. Our small town is competing with other rural and suburban

areas to make the final list of projects chosen for this grant. Citizen

interest is one of the main factors that is considered during selection.

Therefore, it is essential that as many people as possible vote their

support for this worthwhile project!

Please take a minute to voice your opinion by filling out the quick

internet survey at and following the links. The

public comment period is open through Jan. 28. I sincerely hope that

with everyone's support, we will be able to earn this wonderful addition

to our community. Thank you.

Vanessa Nidiffer


A better community for everybody


I would like to say "thank you" to all of you for making the

community a better place for us all. During the season of giving, so

many of you do so much for our friends and neighbors in our communities

and by doing so, enrich the lives of all those around us. Nevertheless,

so many of you give to our communities all throughout the year.

There are numerous elected officials, board members and volunteers

who give their time to make our community a better place for all of us

and I would like to say thank you. Without your dedication to all of us

for our community, I feel we would not have the wonderful paradise we

call home.

There are so many amazing people to mention and unfortunately so

little space, but I would like to personally thank Commissioner Georgia

Nowlin for her years of dedicated service to our communities and to the

wonderful people who make them our home.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year andndash; may the New Year

bring happiness to us all and may we all continue to make our

communities a better place, a better home for all of our friends and


David Brock Smith

Port Orford

Always demand a written estimate


There are professionals here in Brookings who are quoting one price

for a procedure and then putting the bite on the customer for a larger

amount of money when finished.

We all need to contact our state lawmakers in an effort to pass a law that has some teeth in it to prevent this type of fraud.

To protect yourself in the interim, always demand a written estimate that has been properly signed.

Ray Eley


Don't judge Dona too harshly


I'm writing this concerning the story of animal neglect (Pilot, Jan. 15).

I know Dona Willey andndash; Maria, as I know her andndash; and have known her for

several years, and I know that she would never harm or neglect her

animals in any way, as she loves them very much.

It was simply a case of not having enough help or finances to do what

needed to be done, and she could never turn away a stray animal or a

homeless person. Consequently, it has led to this problem that she now

finds herself in.

I, and many others, have tried to help as best we could, but we were

not allowed inside the home, not necessarily Maria's idea, but another

who lived there.

So, please don't judge her so harshly, as some of you dumped your cat or dog on her because you did not want them anymore.

She was only trying to do what God would ask any of us to do, and that is to help those less fortunate than we.

Carolyne Cross


County priorities are a little bit off


Was not going to write any more letters, but here I go again!

No. 1 andndash; I want to make it very clear that this is not about any one

person or directed at any individual, but the city and county say they

are broke. I think it was six or eight months ago (plus or minus) that

Frank Van Meter offered to take $600 less a month in his salary. They

readily accepted and reduced his salary, but no one else came forward to

offer the same as I'm supposing he thought they might! This is purely

an observation andndash; had they all done so it would have made a few drops in

the bucket, huh?

I think, too, the priorities are a bit off.

No. 2 andndash; Also let's give Governor Kitzhaber a little room. Time to get things in order.

Marvin Avery


How about $800K to fill all the potholes


Bike path? Bike path? What in the Sam Hill is wrong with people? We

have a hole in front of City Hall, in case people haven't noticed.

Instead of a non-used bike path, how about filling "The Hole."

Do not support the bike path project. Instead, write ODOT and ask

them what they are smoking to spend $800,000 of our money on a stupid

path, when our streets are full of potholes, and so many people have no


Big Mike Misner


Politically chic to be Social Progressive


First, I want to say that I do not belong to the John Birch Society (JBS) and am neither a Democrat nor Republican.

I find it interesting that in his letter to the Pilot (Jan. 15) Gordon Clay (whose web- site seems obsessed with drugs and alcohol) derides the John Birch Society, yet extols the virtues of Nelson Mandella who, if not a Communist himself, surrounded himself, like Barack Obama has, with Communist/Marxist advisors and friends, just as Martin Luther King Jr. did, as has been well-documented.

Currently, it is left-wing-political chic to refer to yourself as a Social Progressive instead of a Communist /Marxist/Social Progressive, even though they are one in the same andndash; and we have our share of sympathizer organizations and individuals in Curry County. Even our U.S. Representative Peter DeFazio fits the mold.

Social Progressives are not limited to the Democratic Party, though they are definitely most prevalent there. Republican Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Olympia Snow, Scott Brown and a few others also fit the mold.

It's easy to pick out the letters to the editor from Social Progressives. They live in their McMansions and want to take your money and give it to some needy people or organization of their choosing, but not their money. Statistically, the least charitable individuals are secular liberals (God haters), and more charitable are religious conservatives. Working poor give a larger percentage of their money to charity than do rich people, and Republicans give more than Democrats.

People need to read and understand what the Communist/Marxist/Social Progressive philosophy really is. Under Communism/Marxism/Socialism there are only two classes of people, the rulers and the ruled. That's the attitude displayed by our politicians and government workers from cities all the way to Washington, D.C.

I recently watched the JBS video shown at the local school about various forms of government that brought the Communist/Marxist/Socialist out of the woodwork. I found it to be factual and doubt there would have been any uproar if it had been produced by Saul Alinsky's Communist/Marxist/Social Progressive followers.

Ralph Martin


Stop calling woman a puppy killer


I am saddened by the Pilot's front page (Jan. 15) headline: "Puppy killer in jail again for violating probation."

Rachel Wilson-McCollough was found guilty of the misdemeanor of animal abuse and was not found guilty of the felony she was charged with. Accordingly, I don't believe that you can call her a puppy killer.

The puppy drowned in August, 2009, not "last August" as Valiant Corley reported.

I think that Rachel did complete her community service hours but was behind in paying for court-ordered costs.

When Mr. Corley refers to Rachel as a "puppy killer" that affects her school-age daughters. It also feeds the hatred and resulting harassment which exist in this community toward Rachel, which was so bad once, the Brookings police had to be called.

People have angrily told me that I shouldn't associate with "the puppy killer."

Before Rachel was even tried in court, I overheard people saying that they hoped "the puppy killer" would be severely punished.

Rachel has lost everything: her home, family, pets, clothes and other belongings.

Last October, I saw Rachel with a black eye. The man she said hit her admitted to me that he had. Last June, I reported to our sheriff's department that a different man had beaten Rachel after she asked me to contact them.

For Rachel to become a responsible community member, this newspaper and members of our community must stop creating a tone of hatred, which is dangerous to Rachel's safety and seems to have destroyed her self esteem.

Mary Rowe


Thank you for saving my life


I would like to give a belated thank you to all the people who helped save my life during the holidays.

Illness doesn't take a holiday, nor is it deterred by bad weather, but when Cal-Ore's Steven, Stacy, and Odin came to my rescue that stormy day led by Bill from Cape Ferrelo Fire Station, I knew I was in good hands.

I was greeted at Sutter Coast Hospital by a nurse named Sam and a kind staff, who treated me with care and dignity.

Four days later, as I awoke from the fog of drugs, I remembered my kind, humorous surgeon, Dr. Dana Osborne, and Dr. Scott. Then there was Deanne, Gabriel, and wonderful Susan. I know I'm forgetting others, but my thanks go out to you all.

Two days after I was discharged from the hospital, I called Dr. Bogabathina. He made sure I had proper medication and that I received the proper follow up. He was more than helpful.

The next thank you has to go to Monica Richardson, for running the best-managed hospital I have ever been in. Holidays can often distract folks from their tasks, but under Ms. Richardson's direction everything went smoothly.

Last, but not least, I thank my beloved family for getting help in time.

Please accept my gratitude to all.

Sunny Richardson


Bad priorities a recipe for chaos


I admit I've seen a black helicopter, I admit I've seen a yellow hat, I admit I've pondered the meaning of life, I admit I don't own a generator, I admit I have less than one ounce of concern for dogs and cats, except for the three cats that kill birds in my back yard.

I hope the tsunami comes on a weekday so I can go to the Tea Room and watch; if it's an earthquake, I'll sit at home and drink cold coffee. The way people drive in this town, I'll probably die in a traffic accident. Let's stop the nonsense.

Two full pages on dogs and cats, 10 years of abuse ended by lawmen (Pilot, Jan. 15). If you want our police spending their time chasing dogs and cats you need professional help

The article on the food pantry belongs on the front page right next to a free spot for the food bank. Soup kitchens in 2011, a tragedy. The article on the county budget belongs on the cartoon page. I am in support of bike paths; hell, I support sidewalks and streets, clean air, and pure water. I get serious when it comes to the welfare of children, and I admire the parents who put their families first. I'm paying for my mistakes.

My current concerns are one-way streets and Railroad Street; combine those with a box store and chaos will reign.

I'm living to watch.

Clifton Siemens


RMEF thanks its supporters


The committee members of the Curry Coastal Chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) want to thank the community for supporting us, through the years, in volunteer habitat improvement projects and by supporting us through our annual banquet fundraiser.

Please come and support the RMEF at our Seventh Annual Banquet, Saturday, Feb. 5, at the Event Center on the Beach, 29392 Ellensburg Ave., in Gold Beach. The doors open at 4:30 p.m. There will be drawings, raffles, games, drinks and a silent auction. Dinner and a live auction will follow.

Proceeds from this event will benefit RMEF's vital conservation efforts. To register online, visit or call Rose Gagrielson, 541-661-5949 or Sally Hawkins 541-698-9045.

Registration deadline is Jan. 28.

Tim Hawkins

Chapter Chair

and the Curry Coastal Committee