The Curry Coastal Pilot

Aren't you proud to be a Democrat?


Let's blame the Republicans!

As a Democrat, let me say how sorry I am to admit that fact.

When it was obvious that the mainstream media was messaging Senator Obama ahead of Hillary Clinton, I changed from Republican to Democrat so I could vote in the Oregon Democratic primary. I didn't want a president that was gong to change our country into what was drilled into his head andndash; material from Saul Alinsky, Frank Marshall Davis, Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, and many others like them. It took very little effort to research the truth, but of course hard-core Democrats, new young voters, 95 percent of African Americans, Acorn draftees and Independents who believed the press and its hatred against George W. Bush followed their vitriolic coverage over the cliff. The press is slowly dissolving itself with hyperbole that started after J.F.K.

I was in Pennsylvania during the John Kennedy time frame and no one andndash; not one press release andshy;andndash; blamed the conservatives for shooting a Democratic president who put a big effort into the Vietnam War, knew that by cutting taxes our economy would improve, encouraged our space program and was more of a conservative than many of today's Republicans.

It's truly embarrassing to watch today's press making accusations against Sarah Palin and the tea party for the terrible shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and many others. It worked for President Clinton when he blamed the militia for the Oklahoma City bombing, but it will not work anymore and people are finally getting it. This mentally deranged shooter had been stalking Gabby for more than two years andndash; far before a tea party was formed and even before Sarah Palin was introduced to John McCain.

So take heed Democrats, anyone writing an article accusing conservative talk radio and Fox News for the Tucson tragedy will be seen for what you truly are, and everyone now gets what that is.

I read on a Democrat's facebook today: "I wake up every morning disappointed that Sarah Palin is still alive."

Yes, aren't you proud to be a Democrat?

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Turn attention to senseless sacrifices


Am I the only person sick of all the media attention being given to wounded and killed American citizens in Tucson, Ariz. by some crazy person?

What about spending this money on presidential visits, flowers, television time and folksy interviews with family members of our servicemen and servicewomen who have been wounded, killed or maimed for life serving our country.

It is apparent that no such attention from our government or the news channels and talk show channels with their symbolic bleached blond co-anchors have any time or respect for this subject. It would only incite our desire as a nation to stop this senseless sacrifice of our men and women serving this nation.

Gary Smith

Pistol River

The treacherous 111th Congress


This goes out to all the despicable people in government and the media who, because of the actions of a deranged killer, attack the First-Ammendment rights of Americans to petition the government.

While you were doing your last minute Christmas shopping, the treasonous 111th Congress passed the Food Safety and Modernization Act of 2010. The media has blacked out all information on this bill so Americans do not realize that the federal tyrants have nationalized all food production here, and claimed the power to tell you what food you are allowed to eat. Soon, thousands of armed Federal agents of the FDA will descend on farms and food co-ops with new regulations that will drive many out of business just like the multinational food companies had hoped for. It may take awhile, but this is the official beginning of the end of food freedom in America.

Yet another local Einstein has disparaged the John Birch Society (JBS) by regurgitating the lies about their video. He belittled the JBS for a story about fluoride in the water causing a loss of IQ in kids. Gee, now why would anybody be concerned about a little toxic waste in their wawa? I saw a report out of China that confirmed the suspicions. You know about China don't you, Mr. Einstein? That is the country that always out scores the U.S. kids in knowledge tests. I hope your children appreciate the federal dictatorial "democracy" you are creating for them.

Art Larason


Read fine print to avoid being taken


If you are interested in having Dish Network TV, do not sign up with an "authorized retailer" for Dish, unless you want your bank account to be $49.99 lighter, like mine was recently.

There are mass mailings in Brookings from someone, advertising big savings when signing up for Dish Network. One of the flyers has the name and logo of Dish Network in the upper left corner, with no indication that you will actually be dealing with the company "Digital" if you call 1-888-981-DISH.

At no time during my phone call did the agent tell me he did not actually work for Dish; nor did he inform me of the name of the company which actually employs him. Furthermore, some of the information he gave me was incorrect, as I discovered when the Dish technician arrived to do my installation. In fact, Dish Network does not charge for initial installation or initial setup, if you call Dish Network directly (1-800-333-DISH).

I'm just hoping to help others avoid being taken advantage of as I was.

Tina Lang