The Curry Coastal Pilot

Bi-Mart is not evil for seeking a profit


Regarding the letter in your Saturday, Jan. 1, issue concerning Bi-Mart, the writer seems to think the term "profit" is a dirty word.

The only reason any business is established is to make a profit. Even our local merchants are in business to make a profit. Bi-Mart is an Oregon-based company and is employee owned. What does she find offensive about that? They will hire local residents and donate to local causes. What does she find offensive about that? They will pay taxes to support our city, county, state and nation. What does she find offensive about that? The employees will probably spend their earnings in the community, perhaps even supporting local merchants. What does she find offensive about that?

I would suggest the writer check out the Bi-Mart website and learn about them before passing judgment.

Allan Stewart


Bi-Mart brings more choices to Brookings


After seeing another negative letter about Bi-Mart, I feel the need to respond. I have been a Bi-Mart member since about 1972 when it came to Klamath Falls. I still shop at Bi-Mart when I am close to one. Competition in business is good for the business and the consumer. If a business is afraid of competition, then they probably have inventory problems and service problems and maybe have a little higher prices.

Bi-Mart is a store that may compete with Fred Meyer which is a big corporate store. I can give one example. I occasionally buy a crab pot. Two sporting good stores and Fred Meyer sell the same crab pot for approximately $30. I bought them at Bi-Mart for $15 on sale (reg price $20). There are items in local stores that Bi-Mart doesn't carry. I will shop at these stores for items I can't get at Bi-Mart but I want the opportunity to choose. I don't consider Bi-Mart a big box store. It is an employee owned and operated business that will be good for the consumer.

Lonnie Sanborn


History on John Birch Society's ideology


We recently learned the history behind the John Birch Society's (JBS) name. The following fills in some history on their ideological stance.

Of the movie "Invictus," the JBS called Mandela "nothing more than a communist terrorist thug."

In 2007, they introduced the Public Service Edition of the "Overview of America" as a tool to indoctrinate middle-school through college students with their anti-democracy, anti-historical program. ( WH39u). As of October 2008, over 60,000 DVDs had been distributed.

They still believe the Illuminati, created in 1776, is an active conspiracy out to destroy America.


I wonder if that includes the Bush family, Lady Gaga, and maybe even the JBS itself? They do believe that it includes many corporate and government officials such as J.F.K., and they called President Eisenhower "a dedicated, conscious agent of the Communist Conspiracy."

They now say they never said that, though their own newsletters show differently ( ). What they haven't said is that they no longer believe those things.

They were so against the Civil Rights Act they bought billboards calling for the impeachment of Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren, and they didn't much like the League of Women Voters, either. After all, the Constitution didn't give women the right to vote in the first place. The vote was reserved for elite, white, landowning men.

And adding fluoride to drinking water was a communist mind control plot, after all.

The Republican Party eventually distanced themselves from JBS for many of these beliefs, but it appears that many tea party adherents have taken up the banner.

Learn more at: bAhd0x.

Gordon Clay


A generous season for Salvation Army


What a Christmas season! For The Salvation Army it has been a season of generous donations. Much of the year The Salvation Army is on call to serve those in need in our community. However, for almost one incredible month at Christmas, generous donors fill our kettles and make it possible for another year of being ready and able to assist those in need. None of this would have been possible without the help of a whole troop of volunteer bell ringers. Also, a large thank you goes to the staff of the Umpqua Bank for helping us to count the coins from the red kettles.

Over 75 people donated countless hours to ring bells and thank the public for their gifts tucked into the red kettles at Fred Meyer. Many wished to remain anonymous and many took multiple shifts. Standouts were: the Lions Club, volunteering two full days; Brian Hodge and a number of staffers from our 17C School Districts who also were generous with their time; and Lori Botnen and some employees of Chetco Federal Credit Union who helped ring the bell. We also give thanks to Director Matt Galli and his staff at Fred Meyer. There are too many individuals to list who gave of their time.

The volunteers who manned the kettles were constantly amazed at the big-heartedness of those who paused to donate. Most touching were the little children, often prompted by their parents, who struggled to reach up and place their coins in the red kettle.

The donations from the red kettles help to fund the assistance given in the Brookings area through the local Service Extension Department volunteers of The Salvation Army Cascade Division.

Our overwhelming thanks to each and everyone who participated with their gifts of organization, time, and money to help us continue our services.

Debi Leighton

Oregon Field Rep

The Salvation Army

Cascade Division

What do they look for in selecting court?


Congratulations to the young ladies selected for the 2011 Azalea Festival Court.

Something I have never seen, and would be interested in, would be the criteria by which the court, and eventually the queen, are selected. So far, it is based on applications and interviews, but can they can define just what they are looking for?

Bob Wilkinson


Takes one person to ruin a good thing


In response to the barking dog complaint against the shelter: It only takes one person to ruin a good thing. The shelter people do such a wonderful service and those animals deserve to be treated well. I'm sure the dogs aren't permitted to just bark all day. My thought is to let the dogs have as good a life as possible. The noise doesn't last long.

Wendy Miller

Menifee, Calif.

Shame on neighbor for reporting dogs


Regarding the problem the South Coast Humane Society is having with it's neighbor on the noise issue, it's a sad state of affairs when one individual can interrupt the operation of an organization that does so much good for the community at no cost to the taxpayers.

I could sympathize with that person if the dogs were barking out in the runs all hours of the day and night, but that is not the case. They are only allowed out for an hour or two while their kennels are being cleaned. Even inmates in prison are allowed out in the exercise yard for an hour or so a day, and these dogs have committed no crime except to be unwanted and abandoned. Shame on that neighbor. I will be donating to the fund to build the wall to help contain the noise. However, until the shelter is able to get the permitted noise level raised to a more realistic one, I am afraid that neighbor will still complain. Hopefully, the person will decide to move to a quieter location. I'd suggest there is a nice peaceful place up past the east end of Fifth Street.

R.K. Armstrong