Okay everybody, it's time to take out the crystal balls and predict the future. I want to know what you think Brookings-Harbor will be like 15 years from now.

Will Harbor be annexed to Brookings? Will Curry County government go bankrupt and get taken over by the state? Will this area simply become a place for the rich to retire? Will downtown Brookings become a vibrant community meeting place? What will be the fate of our schools, healthcare services, local ecomony, job market and real estate?

I'd like to hear from everybody andndash; students and teachers, politicians and gadflies, oldtimers and newcomers. Please write your thoughts down in 100 words or less. Mail them to me at P.O. Box 700, Brookings, OR. 97415; or e-mail them to sgraves@currypilot.com.

I will publish a sampling of responses in an upcoming column, or perhaps in a larger story format depending on the number of responses.


A new feature in the paper I'd like to start in 2011 is something called the "Good Deed Log." It would be similar to our Police Log and Jail Log, except it would feature positive news.

The premise is simple. If you see someone do a good deed andndash; picking up trash on the sidewalk, delivering food to an ill neighbor, taking shelter dogs for a walk andndash; then get their name, age, phone number, and photo (if possible) and send it to the Pilot.

Credit for this idea should go to Dora Costa, who presented it to me, saying, "Everyone likes seeing their name in print (for somthing good anyway.andensp;It) would also be a good lesson for our kids. For example, the log entry might read 'On Thursday afternoon Timmy Jones was spotted holding the door open for someone at the library.'

"People may be inclinded to do more good deeds after reading the log," Dora said.andensp;

I whole-heartedly agree.

In order to make this great idea reality, I need actual good deed reports. If you spot a good deed, please let me know by calling 541-469-3123, sending an e-mail to sgraves@currypilot.com or mailing the information to P.O. Box 700, Brookings, OR 97415.


Happy New Year! What will it bring? Your guess is as good as mine. Nobody can predict the future, but I do know that, for most of us, 2011 will be filled with changes, challenges, frustrations, successes and disappointments. It's exciting. It's scary. It's life.

Like many people this time of year, I find myself being rather introspective, not only looking to the future, but also at what happened in the past 365 days. I accomplished several personal and professional projects and goals, but left just as many unfinished. At home, like many families, we're living with a tighter budget and realizing life can still be just as good with less (and what we want isn't always what we need).

There's no way of knowing what course any of our lives will take in 2011. Will there be a new addition to your family? Will somebody die? Will somebody get married? Will you lose your job? Get a new one? Will you move away? Win the lottery? Will you be rushed to the hospital? Will you go on that dream vacation? For those who enjoyed good fortune in 2010, I hope the new year brings more. For those who have had a particularly rough year, perhaps 2011 will bring relief and comfort. It's a clean slate for us all. Take advantage of it. Who knows what will happen. It's exciting. It's scary. It's life.