The Curry Coastal Pilot

Thank You for publishing letters


Belated Merry Christmas to Mr. Scott Graves, editor, and everyone at the Pilot.

And for doing your best to report the news and always being fair to those wanting to air concerns and opinions in "letters to the editor," thank you.

Gary Davis


Efforts bring gifts to 378 children


The Brookings Harbor community pulled together to make the Christmas season a little brighter for many families by participating in the Community Giving Tree program. Oregon Coast Community Action coordinates the yearly program with the Elks Lodge, local financial institutions, and businesses, but it takes the entire community to make the program a success.

The Giving Trees were provided by and located at Chase Bank, Chetco Federal Credit Union, Chetco Pharmacy and Gifts, C and K Market, Evergreen Federal, Sterling Savings Bank, Shop Smart, Umpqua Bank, US Bank and the Presbyterian Church. Kerr Ace Hardware, Laureate Sigma Beta, and The Red Hats sponsored entire families. Wild Rivers Community Foundation, Fred Meyer and, keeping their Christmas tradition alive, Charles Kehoe and his late wife Suzanne all donated very generously to the program. Julie and Randy Garcia provided space for the many gifts that were collected. Thanks also to the many, many individuals who picked tags from the Giving Trees. Thanks also to volunteer Daniel Grubb.

This year, by pooling our efforts 378 children received gifts. It is so wonderful to see the community come together to help those in need, especially with the Country's current financial difficulties. All of us at Community Action want everyone to know that their help was greatly needed and deeply appreciated.

Cindy Davis, Susie Brown, Liberty Grubb

Oregon Coast Community Action

Bah humbug to partisan efforts


Have the Obamanoid Democrats stopped patting themselves on the back for repealing the ban on gays in the military yet?

Never mind the fact that Democrats had the power to do this 18 years ago. Bill Clinton promised to repeal the ban when he was running for president in 1992.

When the redneck sissy from Arkansas got some pushback on the issue he came up with this "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy that nobody understands to this very day.

The ever-so-tolerant and enlightened Colin Powell was one of the people who crafted the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy.

Colin Powell isn't a knuckle-dragging Bushleague Republican like Dick Cheney.

Colin Powell is a kinder, gentler machine-gun hand.

The American people said on Nov. 2 that they did not want amnesty for illegal immigrants and they didn't want any more earmarks and bribes passed around Capitol Hill.

What do Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid do? They go out of their way to try to give amnesty to two million illegal immigrants with the Dream Act and they loaded up all kinds of pork on the omnibus budget bill, all of this during a lame-brain, lame duck session of Congress! Who is holding who hostage here? My favorite Congressman, Peter DeFazio, was stupid enough to actually vote for the Dream Act.

If the Dream Act was such a great piece of legislation, how come the Democrats only brought it up for a vote during the last days of a lameduck Congress?

The Democrats weren't trying to hide something, were they?

Peter DeFazio was stupid enough to vote for the 2,700- page Obama health-care bill. More stupid votes like that and I am afraid that Peter DeFazio will get himself kicked out of office in 2012.

I would hate to see that because I think Art Robinson is a nut.

Speaking of holding hostages, I think that Republicans like Tom Coburn should be ashamed of themselves for holding the 9-11 responders hostage.

Taking benefits away from the 9-11 responders is not a good way for the Republicans to hold on to power.

A happy New Year to all the regular Americans and a bah humbug to the partisan Democrats and partisan Republicans.

Joe Thomas


Wrong to treat employees unfairly


It is wrong to ask our representatives for permission to steal from the Curry County Road Department Reserve Fund.

Do the county road department employees have to organize as Teamsters to be treated fairly? For years, they worked with commissioners who treated them equally with other employees. They took pay freezes and were the first to have four, 10-hour days, all to save money for the day the forest funding would be cut. They built a reserve fund so that our roads could continue to be maintained in emergencies and on a daily basis. They go out in rain, sleet, snow and in flood and other dangerous conditions clearing our county roads for emergency responders and citizens. Now while union departments continue to get raises and compensation for earned certificates, the road department employees continue to save for a rainy day only to have their fund raided.

The commissioners have asked Rep. Krieger and Sen. Kruse to change the law so the road fund can be raided for the sheriff patrol. I support Sheriff Bishop, as one who was responsible for appointing him, but the commissioners are wrong. Road funds come from dedicated federal forest funding for roads. Other counties are wrong for doing this, too. It could even be illegal if someone wants to go that route and check it out. Meanwhile, fair is fair, and if this is a done deal employees need to talk to the union. Fair is fair.

Lucie La Bontandeacute;

Gold Beach

Put your money where mouth is


I just read Mr. McMoran's letter regarding "Made in America" products (Pilot, Dec. 22).

While I agree there are way too many products that are not made in America in our stores, there are also many that are. My question is, why would Mr. McMoran, if he is so set against buying anything not made in America, purchase a pair of Levi 501s that is clearly stated on the tag where the item is made? If you stand for an issue, stand for an issue and simply put your money where your mouth is.

All a person needs to do is create a Google search string that is: made in America products. Simple, and to make it simpler, I have included the website in this letter: This website will provide you with a list of all products that are made in America, from household products to clothing. In most cases you might pay a few extra dollars. However, isn't it worth the few extra bucks if you really do care about supporting American workers?

Mostly, I just shook my heard reading a letter about someone complaining about products not being made in America, but still purchasing the products. Am I the only one who saw the irony of the letter?

Peace be with us allandhellip;

Robyne Gue