The Curry Coastal Pilot

Angels knit 764 Caps for Kids


On Dec. 16, Caps for Kids delivered 764 caps and 21 other items, such as scarfs and blankets, to South Coast Community Resource Center for distribution in Curry County.

The Angels in this, our 19th year, are numerous: in Brookings, Karen Towne and Yvette Mostachetti, in Gold Beach, Marilyn Cohen and Elizabeth Register, and in Port Orford, Jane Smith.

Anyone who would like to begin on our 2011 collection, please call me at 541-247-2589. I have a lot of yarn and patterns.

Lavonne Morrell,


Gold Beach

'No Christmas Snow' she's told


"No Christmas Snow"

Hi, My name is Kathy Smith,

I've just turned 6 years old;

It never snows in our home town,

At least that's what I'm told.

So, will Santa come to my house?

Even if it doesn't snow?

The grown-ups always answer,

"Gee, I just don't know."

I wish I knew the answer,

Last year, we had no snow;

Santa never came to our house,

Still I prayed to God for snow.

If Santa would answer my letters,

And explain why 6 years in a row

He never stopped by my house,

Was it because we had no snow?

I know I live in a poor village,

Parents can't afford Christmas, you know;

Santa, please, send Mom and Dad a present,

In case we don't get any snow.

When I'm grown, and become a mommy,

There's one thing I surely know;

Santa will come to our high-mountain home,

Always buried in Christmas snow.

Merry Christmas.

F. Richard Fox Sr.


Military most dangerous liability


Kudos to C.K. Wood for his letter telling the truth about the military's enormous lust for power (Pilot, Dec. 18).

He is right on. Alexander Haig, in his attempt to seize power in a crisis, was a typical example of what Mr. Wood is speaking about. A military zealot like him is one of our most dangerous liabilities. Dwight Eisenhower, like Billy Mitchell, tried to warn us but has since been forgotten on that subject. Someday we will pay for that mistake.

Virginia Bradley

Gold Beach

Nothing has been accomplished yet


DeFazio can coast for two more years.

It pleases me immensely that Pilot staff writer Valliant Corley would assist in proving that Rep. Peter DeFazio has a nice smile and handshake but can't accomplish what he's elected to do.

On Saturday, Dec. 11, Mr. Corley pointed out that the South Coast has had a 'decades' long stalemate over our forest policies. Twenty years includes DeFazio's entire term which started in 1986, and nothing has been accomplished yet. His meeting with Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has had no progress and Salazar even withdrew the Western Oregon Plan in July of 2009 to increase logging for our area.

The Department of Interior announced a plan to have a plan but nothing panned out! Yet the government wants to run healthcare? In August, DeFazio led a group on a forest tour paid for by B.L.M. (Bureau of Land Management). This group is expected to produce forest health projects that provide ecological benefits to southwest Oregon. Salazar invited the group to Washington D.C. If you're not aware of the hypocrisy here let me remind you that we are a republic which means we elect representatives so that we don't have to travel to D.C., if we did it would be a democratic process instead of a republic.

Thank you Curry Coastal Pilot for making my research easier. We now know after watching Rep. DeFazio standing side-by-side with Rep. Anthony Weiner, N.Y., and Sen. Bernie Sanders, Vermont, that it's more important for his party to hijack the rich than to bring jobs to our county.

Teri Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Astounded by generosity


To all the Pilot's customers on the newspaper route that covers Mill Beach Avenue, Rowland Lane, Smith Drive, etc.: We are astounded each year at this time by the generosity and kind words our son receives from his newspaper-route patrons.

Our many thanks to you all for making Alex's first job such a great and rewarding experience!

Sharon and Shaun Bessinger

(Alex's parents)