The Curry Coastal Pilot

Bi-Mart bad news for small business


Although the proposed Bi-Mart will create some jobs, the bad news is

that the small business folks will lose theirs to this outlet of mass

production with very low pricing.

Products sold at Walmart, Bi-Mart and their ilk are made overseas by

people who are paid very little, and they drive out the small local


We, the "gotta have it for less" Americans grab up cheap merchandise,

quickly tossing it away. There is no value in the stuff. Sales benefit

only the folks who dodged American taxes to manufacture in places where

people are willing to work for pennies.

When will we wake up and start demanding quality goods made in the

U.S.A.? Millions of jobs have been "sent overseas" while our people

stand in line for a handout. It's not right, and only we can stop

consuming goods stamped "made in China."

Buy local, buy quality, and put our people back to work making goods.

I say no to the Bi-Mart.

S.J. Hyatt


What part of 'No' don't you get?


Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. andndash;Albert Einstein.

A recently-released PEW Internet and American Life Study identifies

Oregon as one of the 10 worst states that are in dire fiscal peril,

like California.

The study cites several factors, including but not limited to:

andbull;loss of state revenues;

andbull;the relative size of budget gaps;

andbull;increasing joblessness;

andbull;high rates of foreclosure;

andbull;legal obstacles to balanced budgets; and

andbull;poor-money management practices.

The report is available online. The bottom line is that time and

again, the voters of Curry County have been fiscally wise to reject the

poor money-management practices via several ballot-measure propositions

for possibly raising new local property tax rates andndash; for proposed funding

in support of the port, Curry County, etc., all of which have been

soundly rejected by voters in times past andndash; time and again.

And yet, Mr. Scott Graves, our exceedingly brilliant editor of the

Pilot, is once again opining upon his soap box that it is wise to place

yet another ballot measure to ask Curry County voters for possible

approval to raise property tax rates per $ 1,000 assessed valuation,

once again.

When the majority of Curry County voters previously voted to cap the

property tax rates at 3 percent per annum, it not only meant "No" to any

and all new property tax rate increases, now, but it also meant: "No,"

don't ever ask us again, the voters of Curry County, for any new

property tax rate increases in the future. Like, duh!

So, my questions to Mr. Graves and to all the little Einsteins like

him, who are expecting different results: What part of "No" do you not


Likewise, does the phrase "never happen" ring in any of your holiday

cheer and/or shake, rattle and roll any of your Christmas bells?

Randy Dowler

Winchuck River

Christmas tribute to Lions Club folks


My wife, Jan Richey, wrote the following poem to recognize and pay

tribute to the Brookings-Harbor Lions Club members who work everyday for

the Kans4Kids recycling program:

In the weeks before Christmas,

All through our town,

Cans and both kinds of bottles

Are shuttled around.

Our "Kans 4 Kids" bins

Wait everywhere,

In the hopes that the Lions

Soon will be there.

Areta in her kerchief

And John in his cap

Add Joe's Expedition,

To the Kings' two day map.

And Bob and Marie Gardner,

With Rich Av-i-la

Bring in discards for sorting

And we all say "Hur-rah!"

The crew's there to process;

They're our version of elves,

Jim, Ron, Garth, and Arlene,

Exerting themselves.

Bob, Dick, Glen and others,

Matt, Steve and George, too,

Sort cans, glass and plastic

Retrieved from the goo.

Then loaded with black bags,

Dwayne's trailer will fly

Like a sleigh full of goodies

Recyclers will buy.

So many good people,

Some are forgotten, I know.

Forgive those not mentioned,

My memory's slow.

Lions give it our all.

It's our way: We Serve,

Earning cash to help others

Have the sight they deserve.

So let it be said,

As we process and share,

That the "Kans 4 Kids" Lions

Work hard 'cause we care.


The cash raised from the Kans4Kids program is used for eye glasses,

eye surgeries, hearing aids, clothes and scholarships, and to support

many community activities.

Garth Richey


Use caution when handling batteries


This is a warning to the public.

Due to the advancement in technology, we now have many different types of rechargeable battery power sources, different than the familiar lead-acid batteries in our autos.

As there are many garage and estate sales and purchases from other persons of model cars, boats, helicopters and aircraft by people who have no knowledge of the correct use and charging equipment andndash; do not attempt to use them without learning how to properly handle them. Learn what you have and how to deal with them before trying to use them. You can find all the info you need on the Internet.

Today, the most common of these are the Li-ion (lithium-ion) in cell phones, Ni-MH (nickel-metal hydride) Ni-Cd (nickel cadmium) and Li-Po (lithium polymer). The Ni-MH and Ni-CD are made in the cylindrical shape that we see in the AAA, AA and C sizes. The Li-ion type are found in cell phones which are thin and flat and have a proper charger built into the phone.

Then there is the Li- Po type, which is a different story. Improper use/charging of this type can result in a serious explosion and fire difficult to extinguish. These are made in a rectangular flat configuration with wires coming out of one end to various types of connectors. They are mostly used in hobby equipment.

Each of these types requires a specific type of charger and charging procedure. The Ni-Mh and Ni-Cd types are generally safe, and usually come with the proper charger. The Li-Po require a specific type of charger and settings.

Use great caution!

Carl Tobin


Such changes in American culture!


Like a lot of older people, I got tired of the stuff being offered on TV, but instead of just enduring it, I took action and built a library of old TV series, minus the commercials.

It's amazing how you can see the changes in American culture since the time when TV was in it's infancy. I was watching an episode of the 1955 "Rin Tin Tin" when a commercial that was missed came on. For 25 cents and a boxtop from Nabisco Shredded Wheat, a kid could order an ink pen shaped like the carbine rifle used by 10-year- old Rusty in the series. I also have a DVD of old commercials that is a real trip into American cultural history. I wonder what the Brookings-Harbor School Board would do to a kid who came to school with a rifle pen, or how about a cap-firing hand grenade clipped on his belt from the "Gung Ho Commando Outfit" by Marx.

Then there are the episodes of the Rifleman and the Virginian where the guys drink milk fresh from the cow and remark how wonderful it is. Raw-milk producers today are federal criminals if they sell their milk in a co-op. They face invasion by armed federal agents as if they were meth producers. They shoot the dog, destroy the milk and lock up the offenders. Seems that a fed judge ruled that the American people do not have the inherent right to eat whatever foods they want. I guess he never heard of "The Laws of Nature and Nature's God."

Art Larason


Many help the Gospel Mission


Once again, the Outreach Gospel Mission is humbled by the incredibly generous people of this community.

A few short days prior to Thanksgiving, our funds available to fill food boxes for people in need were minimal. After a wonderful article in the Curry Coastal Pilot, by Marge Woodfin, many mentions on KURY radio, thanks to Steve Braun and the heartfelt prayers offered by many in our community, around 300 Thanksgiving food boxes were given out!

To all of you who helped, in so many different ways, from Mission residents to volunteers to the many generous individuals, thank you for helping us serve our community. We want to especially mention and thank the boys and girls of the local Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts for their food drive proceeds and the Curry County Cruisers for their money donation.

We are also grateful to the South Coast Gospel Mission (SCGM) in Coos Bay/North Bend for sending their executive director, Rev. Bill Parham, to help us during a season of administrative need of our own. Rev. Parham split his time between the two missions for several weeks and helped us significantly.

We look forward to the day when, through God's grace, we will be in a position to help others like Bill and SCGM helped us.

Finally, we are thankful and happy to be able to announce that a new executive director has been hired for the Outreach Gospel Mission. Michael Olsen has accepted our offer and will be moving here from Salem with his lovely wife, Wendy. He will take the reins around the first of the year. We will introduce him more fully soon and tell you about his excellent qualifications.

Don Sparlin

Board member, Outreach Gospel Mission


Learn more about local yacht club


Did you know Brookings has a Yacht Club?

It is located at 16333 Lower Harbor Road, across from the Chamber of Commerce. We have sailing classes starting Jan. 22, from 10 a.m. to noon, for six consecutive Saturdays, for those interested in being a member or just want to be a safe sailor. It is a free class that starts with in-house training of techniques, rules and safety; taught by some of our best sailors. The Coast Guard will also be present to advise on further safety rules.

Then onto being on-board one of our beautiful sailing vessels for hands-on training. Our annual Crab Feed follows on March fifth. You don't want to miss it. We have ocean, river and RC races from April through October. Crewing on a sailboat for an ocean race is exciting and fun. After a race we have a potluck dinner. It is a laid back atmosphere with a group of fun people. We have many fun activities throughout the spring and summer. Our club is small but we are growing. If you are interested in becoming a member please feel free to stop by the club or contact Mike Wiley at or me at for member information. You can also find us on the web at

Annie Hite,

board member, Chetco Cove Yacht Club

'How Brookings stole Christmas'


For the last three years, driving through our town during the holidays has very much saddened my heart.

Where are our Christmas banners, our sea-life lights that were on our light poles? If it were not for the store owners who put their strands of lights in the windows, you would never know it's Xmas in Brookings (kudos to them). Shame on Brookings. We pay taxes all year round to them and get nothing back at the holidays.

I should head this letter "How Brookings stole Christmas." I would hope I'm not the only one who noticed our city officials are grinches.

Patti Bethany


Class warfare in our own country


Is this the greatest country on earth?

Almost every American will agree that they have had the same opportunity as the most successful among us.

Why then, do the far left want to take money from those that made it and give it to those that don't care how it was made andndash; just give it to me. It's class warfare andndash; and our country wasn't made strong and desirable to immigrants with that type of thinking.

Sixty six percent of the population, according to a Gallup Poll, say don't increase the taxes on anyone, and 52 percent of those are Democrats. It's a widely known fact that 70 percent of federal taxes are paid by 10 percent of the workforce. If you continue to increase that margin it won't be long before over 50 percent will pay nothing. Can you figure out when 44 to 60 percent are paying nothing or very little who's going to rule this country?

Socialism is already poking its ugly head around the corner, and if I were one of the 10 percent paying most of the taxes, hiring the private workforce and paying for their healthcare, I'm afraid I'd be forced to find the second greatest country on earth.

Well, whata-ya know Joe, Mr. Peter DeFazio, on Dec. 8, sided with Socialist Bernie Sanders, Vermont, Anthony Wiener, New York, and Tom Harkin, Iowa against Obama agreeing to keep our taxes at their current level. They have organized a movement to raise taxes. These men are bad for our country! Please take note, DeFazio backers.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach