The Curry Coastal Pilot

We can balance the budget by 2011


Can we stop the madness? I did not elect anyone to any office - be it two years, four years, or six years - to do anything but act in our interest.

To receive a pension after one term in office is ridiculous, to accept it is a crime. To get free health care, and additional benefits on our dime is insane. If they do a good job, reelect them and give them a watch. If they want benefits, let them contribute like we do. I have never met anyone who worked in the private sector who retired with full benefits before 20 years service. If you did, good for you.

We can balance every city, country, state and the federal budget by the end of 2011, and not touch Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. I'm dead serious.

Clifton Siemens


'Poof!' There goes another way of life


Once upon a time in a land called Oregon, all was happy and the people were prosperous. There were massive forests, abundant water and oceans and streams teeming with fish.

Then one day, a group of strangers came to Oregon. These strangers called themselves environmentalists. They complained to the government that loggers were cutting down too many trees needed by owls to build their nests. So the government said to the loggers, "Stop cutting down trees." They did, and the timber industry went, "poof!"

Then these environmentalists complained to the government that farmers were damming and diverting rivers which interfered with the freedom of fish to swim where they pleased. So the government said, "Remove the dams and let the water flow freely." The farmers did, and the agriculture industry went, "poof!"

And the environmentalists complained to the government that too many fish were being removed from the waters. So the government said to the fishermen, "We will tell you where and when you can catch fish, and how many you can catch." The fishermen followed the orders of the government, and the commercial fishing industry went, "poof!"

One day, the government came to the people to collect taxes as they so often do. They found that the people had no money. So the government said to the people the often repeated words, "We are here to help you." And, "Since you have no jobs, we will give some of our money to your counties so they may continue to serve you."

There was great rejoicing among the people. But the government soon tired of giving money to the counties. They decided they needed this money that they had been paying to the counties to instead pay for the many other things government spends money on, so they told the counties that this money would no longer be paid. So, soon the counties will go, "poof!"

I find it difficult to understand why the good people of Oregon continue year after year to elect politicians to office who are of the mindset that owls and fishes are more important than human beings, when voters know full well that the same people produce the same results.

Alan Jensen


A holiday thank you to the community


The Brookings-Harbor Red Shirts want to thank our wonderful giving community.

Again this year, our Christmas program and our ongoing mission to send care packages and moral support to our troops and wounded warriors serving in harm's way could not have happened without all of you in our Brookings-Harbor community.

From the Brookings-Harbor High School cheerleaders who helped host our Sept. 11 memorial, to the Brookings Presbyterian Church who made all those wonderful Christmas stockings, we are grateful. To you students at Azalea Middle School and Kalmiopsis who wrote wonderful cards and letters and packed your own care packages, you were awesome. We want to also thank The Brookings Emblem Club 265 for their wonderful support, the Marine Corps League for helping us with gaining local contacts for troops and also for their honoring our mission and supporting us with donations. We also want to thank our local businesses who continue to help the Red Shirts throughout the year. Thanks to Fred Meyer, the Grocery Outlet, Ray's Food place and all the businesses that help support our troops and our local community. We cannot list all the individual supporters who have helped the Red Shirts throughout the year, but you have made such a difference in our ability to sustain this program. A special thank you to our local post office and its great employees for helping us throughout the year, too.

May you all have a blessed Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

Frank Muller and the Brookings-Harbor Red Shirts


TSA? Where is the moral outrage?


Who exactly is running the TSA (Transportation Security Administration these days?

Where are all the big- mouth Obama supporters when it comes to people getting groped and fondled at the airports?

Where is the moral outrage from crazy Keith Olbermann? Maybe Keith was too distracted from his painful one-day suspension from MSNBC, or maybe Fascism is a good thing when it is being promoted by Barry Obama and Joe Biden.

I will take this opportunity to congratulate Keith Olbermann on his ratings going through the roof since his triumphant return. His ratings have tripled from nine viewers to 27!

This means that Keith Olbermann has more viewers than everybody else at MSNBC and CNN!

Speaking of morons, I always hear Glenn Beck talk about his TV show being on at 5 p.m. "at night."

But 6 p.m. is when the evening starts. The Glenn Beck program comes on during the afternoon, not at night!

Maybe Glenn Beck does not know how to tell time because maybe Glenn Beck is still a drunk and an asinine idiot.

Maybe Glenn Beck should change the name of his show and call it the Alex Jones show, because that is who he has been ripping off for the last couple of years.

Don't cry Glenn. I'm buying a round for the house!

Joe Thomas