The Curry Coastal Pilot

This is not the time for any concessions


Clay Dalrymple is right. "Forget compromise," (Pilot, Nov. 10).

This is not the time for Democrats to wave the white flag nor give Republicants any concessions.

According to Mitch McConnell, the "Republicants" plan to continue to block as much legislation as they can, preventing the country from regaining its economic status in the world. They tried to block legislation for small business, unemployment benefits and other programs that help the less fortunate. They said during the elections they were interested in jobs. Unfortunately, the only jobs they were interested in were their own.

As we can see, the Republicants first order of business is to extend the 2000 and 2003 temporary tax cuts which haven't done anything for the last 10 years except add to the national debt and the pocketbooks of the most privileged - think trickle up effect.

The Republicants next priority is to kick 2.4 million newly signed-up kids off healthcare and block another five million from getting healthcare and start from scratch (read: block efforts for any healthcare reform like they have since Clinton was in office). I actually like the name Obamacare. At least someone cares.

The Republicants continue to block legislation to improve safety of coalminers and prevent food poisoning, because it might cost corporations a little more to provide a safe working environment and safe food sources. They are listening to their real constituents. Not their local constituents, mind you. The corporate entities that spent millions on their campaigns. Those are their constituents now. Just watch.

Gordon Clay


All kind of lies from multiple sources


It's very hard to be a citizen of this representative democracy we call home.

We have to make so many difficult choices when trying to decide who would do the best job managing this big, complex country, our town, county, state, or region, or who would be the wisest in dealing with other complex, competitive nations.

To make matters worse, all kinds of lies come at us from multiple sources, and scientific research has proved that if they are repeated often enough we will believe them.

Then there is the problem of taxes and how best to pay for the many things we need and can't provide ourselves. Would we be better off depending on the local, state, and national governments the members of which we choose? Or are we going to depend on corporations whose owners we can't choose and whose priority is nearly always making a profit?

It's all up to us citizens.

Betty Crooks


Do we want to pay for CHD's clinic?


Curry Health District, (CHD) which is building a $13.5 million medical clinic in Brookings, wants to annex all areas of Curry County which are not in its district.

That means Brookings, Harbor and all of Curry County could be taxed to help pay the mortgage on their clinic. Port Orford area is already annexed, and has a property tax of $.7425 per $1,000 assessed value, payable to the Curry Health District.

If CHD can manage to annex our areas, they can impose this property tax on all of us who live here. We just refuted the Law Enforcement Levy which would have raised our property taxes. Do we want a property tax for another medical clinic instead? (We could make use of this clinic without being taxed for it).

We may not get to vote on this; Oregon law states that CHD residents and voters living in proposed annexation areas must be given the opportunity to vote on this issue. But Curry Health District CEO Bill McMillan was quoted as saying, "There are people working with Special Districts looking to annex additional territory." They offer three proposals. "We petition to annex all of this territory, up or down." (Pilot, May 3, "Curry Health District Seeks Countywide Expansion"). Other proposals are having the Brookings City Council petition to join the Health District, or petition the county commissioners to annex the rest of the county into the health district. "If they approve, it doesn't need a vote," McMillan said.

That would mean total annexation of Curry County, and you and I would have no input as voters regarding our property taxation by CHD, now and in the future.

In contrast, Sutter Coast Health Services has planned a medical facility in Brookings-Harbor since before CHD made their plan public. They have the backup money to lease their space and not tax us for their services.

Do we want to be annexed and taxed to pay for CHD's health clinic? What medical benefits would compensate for our increased property taxes? If we're allowed to vote, please consider this carefully!

Mim Lagoe


Learn more about the aquatic center


The Friends of the Brookings-Harbor Aquatic Center (FBHAC) continue to work toward our mission of developing a sustainable indoor community aquatic center for all members of the community regardless of age, fitness level or physical capabilities.

We are currently establishing the infrastructure for our aspiring non-profit organization and tentatively will file for incorporation with the State of Oregon in January 2011. We have had one of four scheduled organizational work sessions in which we are developing the foundation on which our organization will run.

In tandem with our organizational development, we continue to work on ways to encourage and facilitate community input with reference to the proposed indoor aquatic center. Our Facebook page, "Friends of the Brookings-Harbor Aquatic Center," remains available as a means to keep in touch. However, for non-Facebook community members, FBHAC now has a website: The site includes quite a bit of information about FBHAC and our mission and vision for the Brookings-Harbor community. The two newest additions to our website are the blog and forum. We will provide updates from time to time on our blog to keep community members current with our progress. The forum has been designed to encourage conversation about the proposed aquatic center and enable the community to provide input on what features and programming they desire in an aquatic center. We have included many informal polls, and will continue to add more, on a variety of issues to better understand the community's fitness and recreational needs, and how an indoor aquatic center would serve to meet those needs.

For those who do not have computer access, we do intend to host additional community forums to provide yet another means to gain community input on the proposed aquatic center.

On behalf of FBHAC,

Juliane Leighton


Thank you, Marjorie, keep up good work


The Brookings-Harbor Garden Club wishes to express thanks to Marjorie

Woodfin for her continued excellent coverage of club events and


Marjorie provides accurate, interesting and informative articles in

her tantalizing writing style. We especially appreciate the press

coverage for our recent Country Store event both prior to the bazaar and

announcing the success of the event.

We also welcome her articles about the renovation of the botanical

garden as this will be a work-in-progress for some time to come.

Thank you to Marjorie and to the Pilot for keeping the community informed about the work of the Garden Club.

Judy Seyle, corresponding secretary

Brookings-Harbor Garden Club

Today's children will be future peasants


I do not now, nor have I ever had a child in public school, so I do

not have a dog in this fight, but I am an American patriot and defender

of the truth.

I can understand how the incompetent Curry Pilot could print such a

ridiculous story. I can understand how a school board in America could

raise a bogus claim such as this. What is hard to explain is why a

teacher would allow a couple of pre- teens to complain about a history

lesson. I watched the video in question twice and found it to be 100

percent accurate. The accusations that this video is biased and mis-

represents the American form of government is total nonsense. It clearly

points out the difference between our constitutional republic and a

democracy. Your accusation that the John Birch Society (JBS) is an

"ultra conservative group" is not a statement of fact, but is the

opinion of most of the corrupt American news media. Millions of

Americans find the JBS to be a fine American institution that has been

educating the people for over 50 years. They have a proven record of

reliability and honesty. Your accusation that because something comes

from JBS it is automatically bad and wrong really stinks, and it shows

who is really putting out the bias and misinformation.

I will bet that you people have no idea what the JBS really is. You

have no idea who founded the JBS or why. You have no idea who John Birch

was and that is a tragedy. I know what is going on here. Some of the

local world-government fools got wind of this and they want to stop it

because they do not want children to know about these things. After all,

they want to abolish our constitution and inalienable rights and put

America under a socialist world government. I don't know what you people

call that - I call it treason!

Keep it up people, and you will insure that today's children will be tomorrow's peasants.

Art Larason


Many make this time of year wonderful


Merry Christmas to all of Brookings and to all the world.

It's amazing - Christmas comes earlier every year - doesn't it?

According to my calendar, it should still be July firecrackers instead

of candy canes and carols.

But, no matter the time, Christmas is still the most beautiful and wonderful time of the year.

What makes it such a lovely time is due, in part, to the great people in Brookings.

Again, as in years past, I have asked for help with our military mail

- and again, I have had such an eager and gracious response.

My heartfelt thanks go out to everyone at Sterling Bank, Coos Curry Title Co. and Edward Jones.

This year, I asked each of my friends who helped me so much to sign

the letter I sent. I felt they were very much involved and the troops

should know how many people love them and think about them.

May the New Year - 2011 - be one of peace, and may we see the return of all our men and women.

And to all of you, a blessed and serene new Year.

Gold bless you.

Rosemary Link, past president, Brookings Emblem 265

Kudos to teacher and excellent video


Kudos to sixth-grade teacher Ms. Chew for educating future citizens

that America was founded as a republic, not a democracy, and the

consequences from the different types of government. The U.S.

Constitution, Article 4, Section 4, states: "The United States shall

guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government


The "raised eyebrows" are expected after a century of compulsory

government educational monopoly indoctrinating children that America is a

"democracy." The video content was excellent regardless of the

"ultra-conservative" source. Just a surface reading of the life and

ideas of John Birch ( would reveal him as an admirable

American hero.

James Atherton

Gold Beach

Nothing wrong with classroom video


Raised eyebrows! For what? For criticizing a sixth grade teacher for doing her job - teaching?

For showing an unbiased description of the different forms of government and how citizens are treated?

Gordon Clay was quoted in the Pilot (Nov. 20) as saying, "The video said that democracy is wrong."

Yes, it is wrong for the United States.

Our constitution was written for a republic, not a democracy. A republic is rule by law, not by mass majority.

I looked at the video in question and could see nothing wrong with

educating young people about the different forms of government and why

the United States is a republic.

"If you can keep it." - A famous quote by Benjamin Franklin.

If the four concerned people knew their history and why we are living

under a constitution for the republic for which it stands, the school

board wouldn't have been asked if the video was appropriate to show

youngsters. Also, nowhere in the video I reviewed on does

it advertise or say the John Birch Society produced and distributed it

to the website.

Our laws are what have made our country great, not mass majority. We

should all view that video to understand just why our country is great.

Our present society is constantly being eroded by those who want power

and oppose the Constitution of the United States.

Dale Coleman


Habitat Hammers put on great show!


I would like to thank everyone involved with the Harlem Ambassador's Basketball Show that was held on Friday night, Nov. 12.

The show was hilarious, and our Habitat Hammers put on a great show!

Although they didn't win, they put up a good fight (I think the deck was

stacked, however!).

We owe all of those listed below a huge thank you for their support!

We couldn't have done it without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dave Mahan, Coach, Kahi Kaaua, Asst. Coach, Geoff Bowman, Referee,

Ashley Juarez, clock/scoreboard, Michaela George, singer, and players:

Kevin Bane, Charlie Blozinski, Matthew Curl, Lupe Florez, Chris Hart,

Dustin Gribble, Sean Port, Randy and Steve Scruggs, Suzanna Stoike,

Stephanie Webb and Derek Webb, sponsors: Curry Health Network, Smith

River Lucky 7 Casino, Coos Curry Electric Cooperative, Inc., Fred Meyer

Store, Coast Auto Center, Inc., Cal-Ore Life Flight, Holmes Sea Cove Bed

and Breakfast Inn, Commissioner Bill Waddle, Umpqua Bank, Randy

Scruggs, Chetco Pharmacy and Gifts, KURY Radio 910 AM and 95.3 FM,

Barron's Fine Furniture, Blue Pacific Realty, Inc., Juliet and Gregory

Applegate, Best Western Beachfront Inn, Coastal Copiers, Sea View

Senior Living Community, Marge Woodfin and Jef Hatch of Curry Pilot,

Custom Wearable Creations, Active Life Physical Therapy Center, Words

and Pictures, Earl E. Books, and The Book Dock, Board Members and

Volunteers: Barbara and Bill Conner, Jim Collis, Luella Harder, Joe

Donahue, John Bischoff, Don Dougherty, Judi and Jerry Babb, Gaylene

Henderson, Dave and Joan Marino, Brenda Fields, Joy Middlebrook, John

McDonough, Sylvia Brics, Curtis and Suzanne Williams, Denny Doyle, Judy

Shafer, Phyllis Gard, Kelly Sterling, and the most important persons -

our great fans - and the Harlem Ambassadors.

Please watch for our next fund raising activity in the next year and support us as much as you are able.

Darlene Thomas Event Organizer/Treasurer