The Curry Coastal Pilot

Photo tells an interesting story


Interesting picture on the front page (Pilot, Saturday, Nov. 13).

I wondered why one of our local heroes was pointing his assault weapon at the Oregon State Trooper.

I also wondered as to how many more officers from our woefully understaffed law enforcement agencies were at the incident but not in the photo.

Rafael Kosche


Bring back bench to Railroad building


To whomever this pertains to: We would like you to bring back the bench that has been outside in front of the old skating rink building for a very long time at 745 Railroad Street.

Thank you,

Milt and Betty Lou Gowman


Need kidney dialysis center in Brookings


I am definitely an advocate for having a kidney dialysis center located in Brookings-Harbor.

My very important person (VIP) has been having these life-saving treatments up north. He is not the only person that has to travel three times each week to receive this.

If we could just have the "powers that be" listen to us and act upon it.

Please remember that people that need this treatment cannot move here now without a facility, and some are having to move out of town. And remember, too, that many tourists and people on vacation pass through town. They would then have the opportunity to have their dialysis treatment here. Therefore, they'd stay at our motels and RV parks and shop, or even end up purchasing a home here.

I had heard from a good source that Curry General Hospital with their new Brookings Medical Center is trying to get this set up in the spring of 2011. We desperately need this so people can stay here and not have to find other alternatives.

If the cruise lines can have dialysis accommodations and make it work, surely our medical community can and will make this happen!

Judi Klein


Send your turkey to local soup kitchen


As the holidays approach, the volunteer staff of the St. Timothy's Soup Kitchen would like to thank the community of Brookings-Harbor for all of the support we have received over the past year.

We are averaging over 55 meals each Tuesday. Even though we call ourselves a soup kitchen, we serve much more than just soup. Our entrees vary from salmon to spaghetti with meatballs. But, the most important thing that we serve is love and hope.

If anyone needs a home for an extra turkey or ham this holiday season, please bring it by on Tuesdays from noon to 1 p.m., or you can call the church, 541-469-3314 to arrange for a drop off. And remember that everyone is welcome to come, eat lunch, and share in our blessings.

Rev. Bernie Lindley

St. Timothy's Episcopal Church


This could be the demise of the party


Democratic strategists Pat Cadell and Dough Schoen are quickly moving away from President Obama's far left liberal ideals, while Democrats are saying, "So what, listen closely and we'll educate you."

Both men have had close ties with previous presidents: Cadell with Carter, Schoen with Clinton, and both are now employed by Fox News, explaining the weakness of this administration and being coy while doing so.

Every news source agrees with them. Obama failed miserably on his recent far east trip. Accounts of the trip shows a failure rate of 100 percent at the cost of over $1 million a day. Normally our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would make that tour first and then report back that some countries are willing to work with us. President Obama wanted all the accolades and went first because in his arrogance he expected India, Indonesia, South Korea, and Tokyo to fall in his lap - but no such luck for the anointed one occurred.

President Obama will now back away from blaming George W. Bush, accusing him for our demise, and will slowly throw jabs at Bill Clinton, just you watch! Democrats behind the scene are now trying to organize a plan to keep him from running another term, and Hillary, of course, will be one of the saviours named.

As long as liberals let the far-left media pick their candidate without checking their past - Clinton with women, and Obama's old friends -you will be hard pressed to find a candidate that's interested in the future of this country. The left-wing press pushing for a fresh face, virtually unknown, and unwilling to expose them for who they truly are, could be the demise of the party.

Teri Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Not fear, but disgust of our government


Below is my perspective on your editorial "Voters more afraid of tax bills than crime" (Pilot, Nov. 6).

For me, it was not fear but rather disgust and distrust of government. The mentality and arrogance of government was eloquently stated in 1995 by Mark Johnson of Milliman and Robertson, the then State of Oregon pension fund actuary. When asked what would happen if the fund could not meet the 8 percent guarantee, Johnson responded that the rates charged to government agencies (taxpayers) would simply be increased. "There is something to fall back on," Johnson said. "And it is the taxpayer."

A must read article titled "Class War: How public servants became our masters", focuses on the enormous growth in government hiring, pay, benefits, vacation, holidays, sick days and the pending public employee pension tsunamis. The article refers to with charts created from Bureau of Labor Statistics showing the growth in state and local government employees since 1946. "The number has increased from 3.3 million then, to 19.8 million today - a 492 percent increase as the country's population increased by 115 percent."

This has resulted in more agencies, more regulation, more waste, more control, more entitlement programs, more fraud, higher taxes and unsustainable levels of debt. This must stop and be reversed.

Editor, nowhere in all the months of commissioner meetings, trips to Salem, news articles or $100,000 taxpayer paid studies evaluating the viability of even placing the tax levy on the ballot has one word been mentioned about public employee concessions. Next year the county will add hundreds of thousands of dollars to the budget to offset employee pension losses and reduce public services by an equal amount.

It is not fear of the tax bill but rather how the taxes are used.

Thomas Huxley