The Curry Coastal Pilot

Share your homes for Habitat tour


For the past several years Habitat for Humanity's annual home tour has been a much anticipated holiday ritual for me.

It has been an opportunity to share in the special homes and hobbies of fellow area residents and contribute to a worthy cause. Unfortunately, when I spoke to one of the organizers a few weeks ago, there were not enough homes signed up to make a tour possible.

I had planned to make my tiny home part of the tour this year, but unexpected surgery has put that off until next year. I sincerely hope that a few willing folks will find it in their hearts to share their homes on behalf of Habitat for Humanity. The contact number is listed in the phone book.

Cathleen Witt


'Oklahoma' offers high energy fun


I joined friends last Friday (Nov. 5) to see the opening performance of "Oklahoma" at the Brookings-Harbor Community Theater.

From the beginning, the commanding voice of Mike Vest (Curly), the beautiful singing of Megan Walters (Laurey), and the uplifting rendition by Sarah McDonald (Ado Annie Carnes) of, "I Can't Say No," the production was a huge success!

There was the comic high energy of Ira Tozer (Ali Hakim) as well as the graceful dancing of Eileen Goodwin (Suzie-Ballerina Laurey), as the performers sang, acted and danced their way through an amazing musical.

I highly recommend seeing "Oklahoma" when you can, and congratulate the entire cast and crew for such an entertaining evening.

Mike Wiley


Appreciate support of Bruin volleyball


The 2010 BHHS (Brookings-Harbor High School) volleyball season has now come to a close.

We would like to thank everyone who attended our games and supported our team. We would especially like to thank Wild River Pizza, Daryn Farmer, Chetco Appliance, New Hope Plumbing, and Tidewater for their generous contributions. Also, a big thanks to Linda Hadley, who sang the national anthem for us at every home game.

Go Bruins!

Lori Cooper and Vanessa Nidiffer,

BHHS volleyball coaches

Time for annual Turkey Shoot


Dear golfers: My dog Maggie and I were out and about early Sunday morning heading for the golf course in the rain.

The chance of a traditional Sunday morning skins game looked pretty bleak. But with the election of the 2011 board of directors coming up, I had to deliver a sealed ballot box to the club house.

All members were mailed ballots. Please vote and return your ballots ASAP. Also, don't forget the Nov. 17th Annual Turkey Shoot. All members signing up will get a turkey. Also, there will be a raffle with $1,200 in prizes, food, and closest-to-the-pin contest.

The sign up sheet is at the club house, or call the Tournament Chair, Bob Alamada at 541-469-2971.

Ron Sloniker,

president, Salmon Run Men's Club

Officials, stop being Chicken Littles


County officials need to quit being Chicken Littles and crying, "The sky is falling," on an endless basis, and put their sharp minds to work for what they were elected for.

We all know the economy bites. We all know presidential elections bring more money - just like the last one. Get over it and get back to work. Channel 99's 2010 Award of the Year for Scaremongering and Bickering goes to: Curry County!

Raymond Connors

Gold Beach

Our veterans worth a simply thank you


Veterans Day recognizes the "service above-self" of military veterans who served our country, so you may want to seek out veterans among your friends and neighbors and offer them a simple thank you!

My approach this year is to honor the memory of "The Breadman," a USAF veteran who left us last Veterans Day. I will make a tax-deductible contribution in his name to the Curry County Veterans Memorial Association, a 50l (C)3, which has started to raise funds for a memorial honoring Curry County military service veterans and first responders who died in the line of duty. See the CCVMA website at:

A proud USAF veteran,

Emily Francona,

Port Orford

Officials should get better educated


In the article on the failure of the law levy to pass, a county commissioner was quoted, "I don't think people were informed," and that next time they hope to "educate" the public more (Pilot, Nov. 3).

I've got news for you: the commissioners had better get informed and educated. The people have heard what you have to say. They have also seen what has been done with the money that you have been entrusted with, and have made their decision. Here is the word that you will continue to hear from taxpayers, "No."

Jake Pieper