The Curry Coastal Pilot

Emblem fashion show a success!


The Brookings Emblem Club 265 wants to express its sincere thanks for the many sponsors that helped make our fifth-annual luncheon and fashion show a great success.

Special thanks to Fred Meyer, CandK market and Ray's Market. Also, special thanks to Tina at Always In Bloom Florist for the lovely fresh flowers in vases at each table. I cannot begin to list all of the wonderful merchants that donated so kindly, especially in this economy.

My thanks to Seaside Peddler and to Designer Outlet Clothing that dressed our models so beautifully, and to Theresa of Tangles, behind the scenes doing hair in between changes. Thanks also to the U.S. Coast Guardsman escorting our models.

We look forward to the time when we can repay this community with our checks to those in need. My sincere appreciation to all Emblem members who worked so hard putting this together.

Nadine Powers,

Fashion Show Chairman,


Will not erase the Democrats here


Open letter to the cowardly, juvenile, criminal piece of human garbage who decided to rip off our sign on southbound Highway 101: You can take, remove, destroy all the signs you want, but you will not erase the Democrats in this county!

So, to the one and/or two people who did this, you committed a crime. And you also put another black mark on your party, either Tea Party or GOP. As a native-born Bostonian, I can tell you this: these actions have never been reflective of the original tea party in Boston!

ODOT will repost our sign and we will continue to clean our portion of the highway. We will not go away! There will always be a group of open-minded, caring, nurturing, generous, magnanimous folks in every community. They work at many of the non-profit sites in town as citizens, not Democrats. Many of them do not even have to go to one of the 31 churches in town to live good lives. Many are called Democrats and Independents!

Now before any of you readers start screaming at me, I do know some wonderful, moderate Republicans in town. I call them friends. They are such a contrast to the over-the-top right wingers, that I can actually talk to them!

But for you, the sign stealer, there may be no hope!

Ann O'Dell


Local soccer league needs assistance


Thank you for your hard work and your columns.

I especially liked "moron boy editor." I am writing as a call for assistance. I am stepping down as president of the Brookings-Harbor Soccer League. It has been great. I enjoy serving in this capacity, but I have spread myself too thin. Additionally, my wife and kids have been involved, and it's just too much for us to do. Further, it is much easier to replace the president than the registrar.

Our annual general meeting was tonight, and it's clear that we still need more volunteers. About six months ago when Jef Hatch ran the article on this league, it helped get some more people involved, for which we are very grateful. But, to put on this program for approximately 400 kids, still more help is needed, as four people just retired from the board.

Please contact us at or 661-412-BHSL (Yes, 661 area code.)

Finally, some who are involved are also integral to youth basketball, for which they also need help. E-mail us, and I will forward your message. This is a great community. People need to realize that to keep it that way, more of us must get involved in providing opportunities for our children. Even if you don't know anything about being on a board or about the specific sport, get involved -that's what the rest of us have done! Thank you.

Rob Johnson


Thanks for electing me to another term


I wanted to extend my thanks and utmost appreciation to the voters of Southwest Oregon for electing me to serve another term inCongress.

Time has come to put the divisiveness of the campaign season behind us and draw together to meet the challenges that lie ahead. I will continue the work to bring needed living-wage jobs home to our district and to Oregon through my position on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. I will also fight to reform job- killing trade agreements that have shipped millions of jobs overseas and tilt the playing field against American workers.

I am committed to bringing down the massive deficit so our children and grandchildren are not stuck with a big pile of debt. And I plan to continue my work on implementing a sustainable timber harvest in our forests, and on renewing critical federal programs that support our schools and counties.

In the upcoming "lame duck" session of Congress, I have been promised a long overdue vote on a cost-of-living-adjustment for Social Security recipients. Congress must also act before January 1 to extend tax relief for middle income wage earners and families.

Improving Oregon's economy and schools, and standing up for the interests of my constituents is my priority. Thank you for your support.

Peter DeFazio

Member of Congress

Ah, to say what one wants to say


"At the Helm," (Pilot, Oct. 30) - great commentary; there, I said it.

I have written many letters, some were never mailed, some of those

mailed were not printed. Every time my letter is shelved, I sink into a

funk; depression sets in, I am unable to cope. Usually, in about 10

minutes I am OK and write another letter. As the captain of your ship, I

know the pressure must be overwhelming. I'm sorry. You have no idea the

pressure we writers are under.

Fifty percent of the time you are on the other side of my fence.

Thirty-five percent of the time you agree with me. Ten percent of the

time I want to mail you a dead fish. It's not worth the postage and I

hate to waste food.

Five percent of the time I have no idea what you are talking about, and assume you are filling space.

I mentioned pressure. We writers have to be accurate, timely, spell

correctly, use appropriate language and keep it under 250 words.

I know more than 250 words you will not print.

Actually, the real problem I face is posting a letter before someone

mirrors my thoughts. One of the local writers must be looking over my


Ah, to say what one wants to say.

Ninety-nine-point-five percent of this letter is in jest.

Clifton Siemens


Ultra-radical, very expensive antics


The "annointed one," our "beloved leader," President Obama is traveling to India on Friday.

It is reported that his entourage includes 3,000 people, airplanes,

cars, and the take-over of a complete hotel at a cost of $200 million

per day.

What could possibly justify this expense considering the financial straits this country is in?

Does his unbelievable ego tell him that he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, with our money - of which we have none?

Can someone tell me that this is incorrect? If correct, it should be

the "straw that breaks the camel's back" for anyone who supports Obama

and his ultra-radical antics.

Lee Forrest


Foxes in charge of the hen house


Now you did it. You Republicans and Tea partiers put the foxes in

charge of the hen house. Guess what? All of that unknown donor money

from the corporations will exact a pound of flesh from the folks they

supported. And, these unknown donors to the Reps and Tea partiers are

the very people who are sending middle class jobs overseas. Democracy?


Rightists just don't get it. Harley Davidson just announced they

would start assembling their motorcycles in India for export markets.

Bye, Bye jobs!

The Reps and Tea partiers have no plans as to how to fix our

problems, except give themselves a tax cut extension. How do you give

tax cuts, balance the budget and eliminate the deficit? Keep drinking

the Kool-Aid all you so-called conservatives.

We are now definitely headed into the third world arena. Talk about

"grid lock," none of the peoples business will get done for the next two

years. Boehner has said, "No compromise" and McConnell says his only

mission is to sack the president. Wow! That's really looking out for us.

Another subject: Why do candidates spend money on signs? If one is so

stupid that they vote because of a sign, they shouldn't vote. Think of

all the money that could be saved and donated to food banks. Now the

money simply goes to a landfill.

Art Robinson must have had several container loads of signs shipped over. I am guessing he had them made out of the country.

Mike Schrum


Work of the Mission goes on


As a member of the board of directors of the Outreach Gospel Mission, I'm writing with good news about our mission.

The board recently chose to accept a very generous offer from the

South Coast Gospel Mission board in Coos Bay to have their executive

director, Rev. Bill Parham, serve part-time as our interim executive

director. Bill has already been on site helping in various areas. He has

over 20 years of Gospel Mission management experience and comes highly


Dennis Knauert, the chairman of our board, stepped up to serve as the

interim executive director after our former director resigned nearly a

year ago. Dennis' term on the board ends in December and I personally

want to express gratitude for the sacrifice of his time to serve in this

capacity for such an extended period. Dennis had just retired and spent

most of his first year of retirement serving our mission! The whole

community owes Dennis a great big thank you for his service. Not many

people would give up their first year of retirement so selflessly.

We are actively searching for our next permanent executive director

and are very encouraged by the quality of individuals applying.

Additionally, and just as with our Shabby To Chic retail thrift store in

Brookings, we also owe a big thank you to the wonderful volunteers and

residents of the mission in Harbor who have kept it running so well.

The work of the mission goes on and will continue to go on.

Don Sparlin