The Curry Coastal Pilot

By the time you read this today, the unofficial final results of the Nov. 2 general election will be in.

At the local level, the election wasn't particularly exciting - most races were uncontested. However, there was Curry County's Law Enforcement Levy, and the Itzen versus La Bontandeacute; battle for county commissioner.

Curry County supporters of DeFazio and Robinson kept things interesting close to home. And we did vote for governor and state representative.

Statwide, most of the measures were yawners; the exceptions being one about medical marijuana and one that increases sentences for certain sex crimminals and drunk drivers.

Whether you agree or not with the final election results, the fact that more than 70 percent of registered voters in Curry County cast ballots is proof that democracy is alive and well.

Curry County residents can be proud of the fact that our voter turnout is consistently among the highest in the state.

We vote because it's expected of us, but also to preserve democracy - a precious commodity that is rare in many places in this turbulent world of ours.

Democracy works best when as many people as possible participate in elections. Oregon goes out of its way to make it easy with the mail-in ballots, but the first step must be undertaken individually.

Casting votes gives each and every one of us a say in deciding critical issues and who will make the important decisions that affect our lives and the future of Curry County.

The Pilot salutes all those who vote, and more so those who accept the responsibilities - and the slings and arrows andndash; that come with running for and becoming an elected official.