The Curry Coastal Pilot

Review HR 4646 then cast vote


Wow! The local political scene is breeding some really entertaining letters. When reading these letters, I try to be open minded, but really I'm not. I have the same fears about the outcome of the coming election that most everyone else on all sides has. I also have an aversion to selective heroism. So how, I ask, am I to weed out the spin and discern the real accomplishments and malfeasance presented in some of these letters. A major undertaking, this. Minutes after reading Mr. Hyslop's theory of Heartless Smarties on the Rise (letters, Oct 23, 2010) I got busy formulating a response to state that his theory cuts both ways. Then I received an e-mail from a highly respected friend out of state that asked me if I was familiar with HR 4646. He assumed correctly that I had no clue. He went on to ask, "What's wrong with you guys out there?" He says that there is a "Quick Quiz"˙ predicted to take place in late November or early December. I read HR 4646. I then re-read a few weeks worth of Letters to the Editor regarding the individual who co-sponsored this legislation. In politics, one's "Aw, heck" will cancel all or most "Atta-boys," Ted Kennedy notwithstanding. I suggest that everyone, especially those who subscribe to Mr. Hyslop's theory of a rise in Smarties, read HR 4646 and then take a long look at their ballot before sealing the envelope.

Neil Hamilton


Can't afford to lose what rights are left


After working on many campaigns in the Portland area, which were clean and honest without name-calling campaigns, then reading the many letters in the Pilot, I decided it was time to clear up the many uncalled for and abusive allegations that have been made.

First, public schooling. If a certain party gains control and does away with public schooling, then we will have a lot of "no child left behind," with no chance for an education, as it will be difficult for the middle and poor classes of people to educate their children, as they will not be able to afford home schooling (computers needed) and expensive private schools which the rich have set up for their children.

Second, do away with Social Security. There are many individuals who depend on Social Security to help them make their mortgage payments, purchase food and medicine, plus pay for supplemental insurance. Social Security benefits are being paid to a lot of people who are not elderly. There are many young adults who suffer from muscular dystrophy, Down's syndrome and other paralyzing effects of accidents or diseases. If it weren't for these benefits they would become a burden on their parents, both of whom are working to make ends meet. If there are no Social Security benefits, then who is going to be responsible for them?

Third, it would be interesting to find out how many of the participants in the tea parties are drawing pensions from federal employment jobs, Social Security, and unemployment benefits.

Lastly, I hope that you, as voters, will think twice before you vote, particularly about whom you are voting for, as we cannot afford to lose what rights we still have. Just remember, this country is in the mess it's in because of the Bush administration and his rich cronies.

J. Roberts


Scare tactics raise red flags


Of course we don't want higher taxes, nor do we want less law enforcement from the sheriff. Red flags come up for me reading the Pilot when I see that the county commissioners didn't hold any public meetings when they approved the measure, and said they would. Another red flag comes up for me when no other solutions or fundraisers have been applied since the changes in amount of timber funds by Congress in 2008. So how did Congress change the 1939 guaranteed timber funding act to begin with? When was it supposed to end? When I read in the Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2010, Curry Coastal Pilot that Commissioner Georgia Nowlin said the proposed levy doesn't solve a lot of problems, I wonder what will. I have been an independent property inspector, and in 2009 I had over 80 properties in Brookings alone that had finance problems regarding their mortgage payments.

The fact is, real estate values have lowered in the last few years and they're not increasing yet. Increasing taxes for anyone that has financial difficulties now could push them into foreclosure, bankruptcy or tax foreclosure. There's got to be some other solutions. Why not apply for grants, ask for donations, do fundraisers, have arrested persons pay for services, charge a flat fee per adult resident in county for law enforcement services, manage funds more efficiently, install parking meters and deputize volunteer sheriffs? We are not the only county having problems. If you look around, the entire country is having financial difficulties.

For all of these reasons, I urge you to vote "No" on the property tax levy. Let's think outside the box, 'cause it has got to change.

Jana Taylor


Aquatic center a priority over police?


Perhaps it's just us, being from the Midwest, but we kind of wonder why Brookings' priorities are for an aquatic center rather than police improvements.

The police log shows a need when half of it is loaded with suspicious conditions, loud noise, fights and frequent shots fired calls. Why not prepare for the future?

We see editorials regarding power outages, but C.C.E.C. (Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative, Inc.) refuses to get into natural gas importation, much less solar/wind power alternatives. It takes time (and money) to prepare for things, but yet Curry County doesn't seem to be interested. Gas generators are big here in the Midwest.

As for medical care, clinics are only built when California/Pelican Bay subsidizes them, instead of residents wanting a level-one trauma center, A.S.A.P. Isn't it a little embarrassing to be almost 500 miles from one to the south or north, and not even have a level two to the east?

We hope residents aren't caught with their pants down, all due to low-paying jobs replacing good ones and lack of forward-thinking leaders in the past 10 or 15 years. Just check out the municipal, state and federal jobs being done all over the Midwest to prepare, especially around Denver.

We owned a lot in Harbor for five years to build a retirement home. Then we realized the lack of medical and police services wasn't going to improve due to inadequate leadership and residents who don't seen to care enough about surviving - or about their quality of life. It would just be a lost cause.

Linda and Ken Smith

Hartford, Wisc.

No tricks or treats this Halloween


I am sorry; we are not participating in the Halloween celebration this year.

We love the children and their costumes, and "trick or treating" has

always been a tradition. But we are out of money, and are to the point

we are afraid the far-left and the kooks will chastise us for giving

candy to witches.

I have never worried about curses, and I have offended more than one

deity, but so far I still have most of my body parts, and in the right


I was going to comment on the election, but all the dirty stuff has been said.

When you vote, remember who said what and what is true.

I will say this about donations: If you donate to a party or group,

quit worrying about where the money went. I would rather have a

candidate who doesn't owe his bookie, than one who has two broken legs

and needs a shave and a haircut.

I voted already, but I didn't vote for everybody or everything.

If you don't like 'em, don't vote - maybe they will get the message.

Clifton Siemens


Wrong time for law enforcement levy


The article titled "Voters decide law enforcement's fate" on the

proposed tax levy (Pilot, Oct. 23) failed to shed any light, except for

vague comments quoting Commissioner Rhodes that a failure to pass the

tax levy for law enforcement would make property values drop. And it

seemed to imply that it hadn't been convenient to have public meetings

to explain the proposed tax or explore other options.

Our property values have already drastically dropped due to the slow

economy, and yet our property tax as it stands now still goes up 3

percent on tax assessed value every year. This levy would raise it as

much as 20 percent.

This county has had 10 years to address this problem. This "wait and

see what happens on this vote," and "then address this current

emergency," shows an amazing lack of creative problem solving. There are

always options besides an either/or approach as this article and the

other information about the proposed tax to build a new jail imply.

To make this decision at this time seems irresponsible. This county

of roughly 22,000 people has had virtually no new jobs in these eight

years, and no infusion of major employers into this economy. Fishing and

lumber are decreasing, construction is at a virtual standstill, and

nothing has come to take their places. We counted 10 empty commercial

spaces just in Brookings.

Property owners cannot bear the brunt of this shortfall. There have

to be other solutions. Public meetings to hear ideas from the community

may help solve this matter with a common-sense approach.

If we, as homeowners, can't absorb this tax, neither can renters afford an increase.

Barbara Ziller-Caritey


Open your hearts to wonderful cats


It is getting to be the end of the year, and all the celebrations

will begin. This is the time of the year we think of giving and

receiving and showing the true message of the season we are about to


I am a volunteer for the South Coast Humane Society, and we have been

so blessed to have had the opportunity to place wonderful pets into

loving homes. Our job isn't done yet, and we have a goal that all of you

can help us with. It has to do with sharing your love and getting so

much more back. We have made it our goal and hope over the last two

years to re-home all of our longest term shelter cats. We have only four

left that have been at the shelter the longest, since 2005. They are:

Blair, Soxy, Sweetheart, and Tate. Hopefully, our goal and hopes can be

reached by January 1. What a way for you to start out a brand new year!

They would love to have a loving forever-home - which they deserve.

They deserve a life to share with a family, and would be a wonderful

addition to anyone's life.

Without a doubt, I know there are giving, wonderful, caring people

who would be more than happy to open their hearts and arms to these

phenomenal cats. The adoption fee is only $25; they are all vet-checked,

spayed or neutered, and their shots are up to date. You would be

getting more than $25 worth of love from any one of them. They are


Beverly Duncan


Financial cows for our county officials


To every voter in Curry County: Curry County officials are constantly

badgering the voters (especially property owners) to raise taxes and


The property owners are always targetedandhellip;like we are the "financial

cow" for our county officials. The people who rent get angry at the

landlords for raising their rents when, in reality, it is the county

officials who are the real culprits here. The people have seen $6

million wasted for a "visitors center" which is an eyesore to the coast.

The "visitors center" across from Harris Beach worked just as well, and

the setting was better.

Another huge waste was the deformation of the Highway 101 weigh

station in Brookings. It was fully usable. Remodeling would have been

more appropriate.

So, until our county officials practice good judgement for our

functions in this county, I recommend for all voters to vote "No" on

county Measure No. 8-66. One of the biggest lies of these proponents is

that there is going to be a shortage of law enforcement. Why didn't

these proponents think of this "foreseen shortage" when they were

wasting $6 million on a coastal eye sore, and wasting money on an

unnecessary weigh station?

Clarence and Elena Scott


DeFazio not the man I want in office


DeFazio has just proved how left of center he is.

On a recent radio show he said he is involved in preparing papers for

the impeachment of Chief Justice Roberts. He feels Robers perjured

himself in his decision on the Supreme Court to strike down portions of

the campaign finance law.

It is getting pretty desperate when a Congressman resorts to

impeachment when the Supreme Court issues a decision with which he

disagrees. This is not the kind of man I want representing me in


Myron Whiting


Grateful for the community support


The Antunes family would like to convey their deep appreciation to

the communities of Gold Beach, Curry and Coos Counties and beyond for

the emotional support and the letters submitted to the Oregon Board of

Parole and Post-Prison Supervision. This has been a difficult time for

our family. Reliving the nightmare of losing Dodi has shown us there are

many people ready and willing to walk through the dark times with us.

There are no words to describe how grateful we are for the letters and

kind comments.

We want to thank Steve Doell for his support and guidance in

navigating the course we found ourselves in as we tried to address this

hearing for Marvin Sherman. We can not thank Janine Robbins enough for

all the hours spent on this case and for representing our father at the

hearing in August.

Thank you to the newspapers for the coverage of our story and getting

the word out about our fight and the process we found ourselves

navigating. We would have struggled to reach people without your


Finally, we wish to convey to the brave women that took a stand and

submitted their letters along with ours our deepest gratitude. We

realize how difficult your decision was and how hard it was to put the

terror you lived through into words.

To other crime victims reading this, sign up for VINE (Victim

Information and Notification Everyday) Don't be caught


We are preparing ourselves in case Marvin decides to petition the

board again in two years. This is a life long quest for us now. While we

prepare, we will continue to conduct our lives in ways that Dodi and

our mother, Joyce, would want us to. We will continue to live, laugh,

love and dance.

The Antunes Family

Gold Beach

The best choice is Lucie La Bontandeacute;


The best choice for county commissioner is Lucie La Bontandeacute;. I have

seen her in action, performing her duties with intelligence, honesty,

fairness and understanding. She has the experience, knowledge and

dedication necessary to lead our beautiful county's way into the


We need her unbiased, non-partisan, common-sense approach to problem solving.

I urge you to vote for the most qualified, experienced and ethical

candidate for Curry County Commissioner Position 1, Lucie La Bontandeacute;.

Ann MacLean


The government you deserve


Normally I would be writing to question the memories, values and

intelligence of those who would vote to return to political power those

who foisted the current mess on us in the first place.

Irresponsible tax cuts for the rich and deregulation for the banks,

unnecessary wars of choice put on the nation's credit card, ignoring the

nation's infrastructure problems were (and still are) policies of the

political party that people want to return to power.

This election cycle is different. I think that it would be very

interesting and instructive if the crazies were elected and the inmates

were allowed to run the asylum. Then, perhaps, just maybe, the so called

moderates and independents will see and understand what the

Republicans/teapartiers/conservatives really want for the US.

If not, well, it's is often said that a people get the government they deserve.

Harry Freiberg


Mike McFarland is a hero


Credit is due!

I would like everyone to know what a hero Mike McFarland is.

When I found out my son-in-law (Mike Gaines) was missing, McFarland

was the first one I called. We were waiting for search and rescue to

come see us, but I knew, after family and friends searching all night,

that within an hour that Mike got word that our Mike had been seen out

of gas. He met authorities and led them to our Mike's truck, then he

proceeded to look for him and found him!

Within four hours our man was on the way to the hospital.

Thank you mike McFarland and officer Joel Hensley. You two are great.

Our Mike is home and doing well, and trying to forget the nightmare.

Elizabeth McDonough


Police do more than write tickets


I very much disagree with the Gold Beach letter writer (Dave Duffy)

in the Wednesday, 10/27 issue of this newspaper. Although his main

reason for writing seems to be to encourage a "No" vote on the law

enforcement levy currently in progress, it's his statements about

Brookings and Gold Beach being "saturated with police" and "they're not

solving violent crimes but issuing traffic citations," that I feel

should be challenged.

In fairness to our law enforcement officers, all one has to do is to

read the city Police Log and Sherriff's Log in this newspaper to find

out that they do a lot more than just trying to cite tourists and


I'm personally glad to see several officers on the look out for

dangerous drivers. I happen to believe that anyone who does not want a

traffic citation should simply obey the law! Our laws are all written to

protect the general safety of the public. It really bothers me that

innocent victims get hurt or killed because some others are willing to

take a chance that they probably won't get caught driving too fast or

under the influence.

The more citations written to discourage breaking the law, the better as far as I'm concerned!

John Mathison


Be more concerned about DeFazio


B. Hilyer (Oct 9) implies that the first amendment establishes the

separation of church and state. It doesn't mention the word "separate"

or the word "church."

The first amendment forbids the establishment of a state religion.

Why does Ms. Hilyer contend that Robinson doesn't acknowledge this?

Contrary to establishing a separation between the state and religion,

the constitution shows the government's concern for religion insofar as

it prohibits any law prohibiting ones free exercise of it.

The only evidence Hilyer offers (her next sentence) is that "He makes

money producing a Christian-based home-school curriculum." Anything

wrong with that? There are safeguards to prevent Robinson from voting

on bills that would influence his school business but these would be the

same as restrictions on legislators selling computer chips, or

tractors, no?

Should we not be more concerned about DeFazio's disregard for the

constitution? His words and voting record indicate that he forgets or

denies its very purpose. This purpose is stated in the second paragraph

of the Declaration of Independence - to secure the rights with which

our Creator endows us. The first-mentioned is the right to life.

Ask DeFazio by what logic he considers killing a baby after birth to

be a public matter while killing a baby of the same age before birth is a

private matter. (According to his writing and voting record.) His

answer should surprise you.

Ed Kelly


A red, white and blue Christmas


Let's make it a red, white and blue Christmas for our troops.

After receiving a few emails from Afghanistan, The Redshirts where

surprised to learn that all the troops wanted for Christmas were

Christmas items to make it feel more like home. They are asking for

Christmas trees, with lights, from 1 to 3 feet; Santa hats and

stockings; fruitcake; nuts with shells; gingerbread cookies; canned

eggnog; candy; Christmas CD's and DVD's; scented pinecone air freshener;

flavored coffee and cocoa.

I really felt a lump in my throat when I thought about how important

it is to keep their spirits up, especially for the Holidays.

Mainly Christmas, when they miss their families and home so much. Our

hearts go out to the young men and women who are so willing to bravely

give their lives for our country. They deserve the best that we can give


The Redshirts will try to send as much as we can, and are asking the

community for whatever help they can give to insure that these wonderful

men and women who are fighting for our freedoms will have a merry

Christmas. We will be sending gifts to two MASH units (hospitals) and to

our local soldiers from this area.

Our Christmas shipping will be on Nov. 18, at 8 a.m., at the

Brookings Post Office. You do not need to be a member to participate in

this mailing. We average 150 or more boxes for our Christmas mailings.

It's a lot of fun! The deadline for donations is Nov. 10.

We thank everyone for everything they continue to do for the troops.

If you have any questions, or would like to make a donation of items or

money, please contact Sharon at 541-412-8968. You can also visit our

website at

Sharon Hitzman,

for The Brookings-Harbor Redshirts